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Fire Chief Targets Volunteer Need
League Examines The Non-Voter
Little Meadows Bridge Replaced
"Another" Kitty
Engagement Announced Durso - Bentz
I'm Waiting For You!
County Entrepreneur Club Is Launched
Seniors – Be Wary Of Home Repair Scams
Legion Post 357 Dedicates Memorial
October Jurors Drawn
Susky Fire Dept. 150 Club Winners


Fire Chief Targets Volunteer Need

Gathering of Hop Bottom Borough community members to continue a tradition started after the September 11, 2001 terrorist bombing in New York City brought out about 25 local people.

Rev. Patricia L. Novicke-Schwoebel opened the evening with a prayer and introduced Rev. Guy Burt, the (new) United Methodist Pastor of the Hop Bottom Charge that includes Hop Bottom, Brooklyn and Kingsley. Rev. Burt spoke about his experiences when he volunteered to drive an ambulance from the Trade Center disaster area, as rescue members brought the deceased from the rubble of what remained of what was once billed the tallest building in New York City. He provided an eye-witness perspective of what workers, many of them volunteers, did at the site of the tragedy.

Bonnie Lippart, secretary of the Hop Bottom council, represented Eric Lynn, the Borough President, who could not be present that evening. Bonnie shared information about the Emergency Plan for Hop Bottom and thanked all volunteers who offered help in the community in case of a disaster. She noted there are special emergency Life Information vials available at no charge from Hop Bottom Borough. The vials will be distributed to cover the borough limits in the near future. She also gave special recognition to Hop Bottom's local community service volunteer team from the Ma Barker Association. The association has been instrumental in many local events and, most recently, with the help of donations from individuals in the community, supplied Hop Bottom with the American flags that hang from all the poles in the center of town.

Mike Kahrnak, Hop Bottom Fire Chief, read the names of all currently serving as part of the Hop Bottom Hose Company. He noted in his closing remarks that there is a great need for volunteers in the community and thanked all the people who share in this undertaking. Anyone who wishes to step forward and contribute their time and talents to Hop Bottom Hose are invited to come to its regularly scheduled work meetings on Thursday evenings at 7 p.m.

Prayers were given by Rev. Kim Bode, Grace Lutheran Church, Rev. Novicke-Schwoebel and Rev. Burt for the protection of all the volunteers who serve in some fashion in Hop Bottom. Following the prayers, a CD recording of "Into the Fire," by Bruce Springsteen, was well received by all in attendance.

The conclusion of the evening was filled with enjoying baked goods provided by local United Methodist Church members. A donation of a delicious and wondrously decorated cake by Barbara Yanvary was enjoyed that evening and given to the local Peoples Bank to distribute to people stopping by the next day.

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League Examines The Non-Voter

Shawn Murphy knows all the reasons most Americans don’t vote, but she hasn’t given up the fight. As a guest speaker for the League of Women Voters of Susquehanna County forum, The Vanishing Voter on September 15, she reported that 22 percent of Americans eligible to vote never register, and 42 percent of the remainder choose not vote. This leaves the decision of electing the leaders of the world’s most powerful nation in the hands of a minority.

"If we told them they couldn’t vote, we’d have a revolt," she says. "But they have the power, and they just don’t use it." As a striking contrast Murphy showed a photograph of a meandering mile of South African voters who stood in line for three days to cast their first free ballots.

Murphy’s research shows that for 35 percent of American non-voters "life is just a bowl of cherries" and they see no need to do a thing to change it. Another 22 percent, the "politically impotent", admit to a feeling of having no control and being helpless. Eighteen percent are considered physically or mentally disenfranchised, unable to access the polls or understand the process. Thirteen percent are the very poor people, often in remote areas, with little education. They are the hardest to get to vote. Six percent are "naysayers" who take pride in not voting as an act of defiance and believe "all politicians are corrupt." She describes five percent as "cross pressured". They have heard and studied all sides, can’t make up their minds, so they don’t vote. One percent of ballots is disqualified or can’t be counted due to voting machine error or voter error.

Murphy voiced her candid perception that most politicians in office are happy with low voter participation. They realize that new voters would dilute their base of voters and add an unpredictable unknown to the outcome of elections. This leaves the task to grassroots, non-partisan efforts such as the work being done by League of Women Voters of Susquehanna County. The League has a voting website, has been circulating voter guides, targeting young voters at schools, giving out voter registration forms and absentee ballots at the Apple Festival, running ads and hosting events such as The Vanishing Voter discussion.

Upcoming voter events: October 6 at 7:30 p.m. District Attorney Jason Legg will discuss Election Irregularities at 78 Grow Ave, Montrose. Wednesday October 27 State Representatives Sandra Major, Tina Pickett and Jim Wansacz meet voters at New Milford Borough Building 175 Main Street. The last day to register for the 2004 general/presidential election is Monday October, 4. Election Day is Tuesday, November 2, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information call 278-4600 ext. 220.

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Little Meadows Bridge Replaced

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held recently on Tuesday, September 14 to mark the completion of a bridge replacement project along Cemetery Road in Little Meadows Borough, Susquehanna County.

Officials from Little Meadows Borough, state officials, representatives from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT), and representatives for the design consultant and construction contractor were on hand for the ceremony. A ribbon with the words "Cemetery Road Bridge, Little Meadows" printed on it was cut to celebrate the completion of the project.

The $375,000 construction project on Cemetery Road in Little Meadows, Susquehanna County involved replacing the old single-span bridge over Dewing Creek with a concrete box culvert.

The $375,000 construction project involved replacing the old single-span bridge over Dewing Creek with a concrete box culvert (a type of large rectangular concrete pipe). Work also included rebuilding of roadway approaching both sides of the bridge, guide rail and drainage. A temporary run-around was built and the stream diverted to maintain traffic during construction of the new bridge. Work began in the spring of this year.

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"Another" Kitty

Pictured above is a photo of an adult bobcat and her young (concealed in the brush) taken by Chuck Wiseman, Great Bend, Sunday, 9/12/04 near the border of Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties on Rte. 92. Chuck thought our readership may have interest in the sighting.

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Engagement Announced Durso - Bentz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Josefita) Bentz of Susquehanna, PA announced the engagement of their son, RJ, to Jessica Durso, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel (Margaret) Durso of East Hartford, CT.

RJ graduated from Southern Connecticut State University’s Graduate School with a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. He is working at both Backus Hospital and Cardiology Associates of Norwich, CT.

Jessica graduated from UConn with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She is attending Central Connecticut State University’s Graduate School while working for both East Hartford High School and Home Depot.

A May, 2006 wedding is planned.

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I'm Waiting For You!

Please come see me at the Susquehanna County Humane Society Shelter, in Montrose, (570) 278–1228.

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County Entrepreneur Club Is Launched

The Susquehanna County E-Club was launched on Tuesday, September 14 when the owners of eleven small businesses in Susquehanna County met at Peoples Bank Administrative Office in Hallstead to learn about the process of forming an entrepreneur club. Elizabeth Janoski, Director of Susquehanna County Department of Economic Development, Karen Ostroskie, Business Development Manager for the Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance, and Madonna Valentine, who was instrumental in organizing the Pennsylvania Entrepreneur Club of Pennsylvania network, spoke about the organizational structure and the benefits of an Entrepreneur Club to those in business, and those thinking of starting a business.

Jim Bralla, who is a counselor for the Susquehanna County Chapter of the Service Corps of Retired Businessmen (SCORE) explained that his group offers free, confidential counseling to businesses in need of assistance with questions raising from accounting structures to marketing. He added that individual appointments with SCORE counselors may be made through the county’s Department of Economic Development.

Tom Mailey, who is working with the county Department of Economic Development to formulate a strategic and operations plan for a business incubator in the county talked about the benefits of sharing problems and solutions through the E-Club and also noted that entrepreneurs need to identify and concentrate on their areas of strength, then locate people and services to fill in the gaps to help their business grow.

The next meeting of the E-Club will be held at Peoples Bank Administrative Office on Tuesday, October 5 at 6 p.m. The planned topic for the meeting is Taxes.

New members are welcome. For more information, contact the Susquehanna County Department of Economic Development at 31 Public Avenue, Montrose, PA 18801. (570) 278-4600-ext. 558.

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Seniors – Be Wary Of Home Repair Scams

Harrisburg – Secretary of Aging Nora Dowd Eisenhower urges older Pennsylvanians to protect themselves against home-repair scams.

"Although it’s a good idea to fix problems around your home before winter arrives, you should treat with caution any individual who comes to your door uninvited and offers to do repairs around your home," said secretary Dowd Eisenhower. "It’s possible they have no intention of helping you and are only there to take your money."

Door-to-door con artists are skilled at tricking older adults into believing they are there to help. They are confident, sincere and friendly and may exploit the fact that many older adults may need help around their home.

A safe and easy way to avoid door-to-door con artists is to never allow an unfamiliar person into your home. It is much easier to turn someone away than to get them out of your home once they are inside.

For assistance or additional information about avoiding home repair scams, contact one of Pennsylvania’s 52 local Area Agencies on Aging, found in the Blue Pages of most telephone directories.

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Legion Post 357 Dedicates Memorial

Saturday morning, September 11, 2004 – three years after terrorists killed thousands in the United States – people of the Hallstead area came out in full force – approximately 1400 – to help the Hallstead–Great Bend American Legion Post dedicate its Freedom Memorial Park, a tribute to veterans of all wars. Although a "bit cold" the Memorial ceremony was not only a tribute to the veterans, but also to the men and women of Post 357, who over the past several months, with "sweat and tears" worked to get the Memorial ready.

The Memorial is one of the most handsome and well-built you will see anyplace in the United States. Words just can’t describe the structure. One of the speakers, while approaching the Memorial, said it in one word, "Wow!" The Memorial in on the Legion’s 18 acres in Hallstead, just a few feet from their Post.

There were so many donations of stone, granite, food and labor that the Post would like to sincerely thank all those that had any part in the building and dedication of the Freedom Memorial.

Raising of the Flags – eleven of them – for all branches of the military were described by District Past Commander, Jack Bennett. First the American Flag by Walter Woolbaugh, followed by State Trooper Greg Deck; Irene Welch (for her deceased husband, former POW/MIA, Paul Welch); Commander Richard Rood; Edward Echenrod; Ken Wescott; Robert Lynch; Glenn Decker; Robert Wiseman; Judy Chauncey; Andrew Kovitch; Trooper Jeff Winters placed the wreath; Mike Welch, 33 years a volunteer fireman and Army veteran 1973–1976.

Former Past Vice Commander of the State, Jack Bennett, described the reason of the POW/MIA Chair and gave a capsule report on "911." He reminded the attendees that the 3000 killed in the World Trade Center was the worst tragedy to ever hit the United States. He also suggested we teach our children that they must always guard our freedom and fight terrorism.

With Russ McCracken serving as Master of Ceremonies (doing a masterful job) the speakers of the day were introduced.

First to the podium was Great Bend Township Supervisor, Robert Squires who said, "We are not through with the Memorial. We will keep adding. With the help of the men, women, children and Legion members, we will continue to make it one of the best."

Roberta Kelly, County Commissioner, commented, "I feel deeply honored to be asked to attend any veteran affair, especially the dedication of this wonderful Memorial to the Veterans."

Sandy Major, State Representative, said, "I sincerely appreciate the invitation. This is a great tribute to the veterans on this day. Today, we are stronger than ever and plan to stay that way."

Roger Madigan, PA State Senator, stated, "I would like to commend all that had a part in building this beautiful memorial. We will keep fighting terrorists because of our love for our country and to preserve our country, a ‘Beautiful Jewel.’"

Betty Booth, Past Auxiliary President, said, "I am very honored to be past president and giving a little history of the Auxiliary. We have a great, dedicated group of mothers, daughters and grandmothers."

Don Sherwood, PA Congressman, stated, "It’s very important for me to be here on a day like September 11, to take part in the dedication. It’s a most lasting Memorial not only to the veterans, but also to our police and firemen, who help protect us year after year. This is a day of pride for such a small community to produce such a monument. My compliments to all members of Post 357."

Don Horvatt, District SAL Commander, said, "I am proud to represent the Sons of the American Legion of District 15 and am so very proud of our Freedom Memorial Park."

Manny Mirailh, District Commander 2004, stated, "Wow! This is an unbelievable Memorial Freedom Park. We have a free press, freedom of religion, freedom of speech. We never again want to see the horrors of September 11. Let every nation know we will always fight for our freedom."

Regrets were received from the offices of Governor Ed Rendell and President George Bush, who were unable to attend.

Commander Rick Rood, on behalf of Post 357 welcomed, with great pleasure, one and all for attending this most inspiriting event. Mr. Rood went on to explain how the building of the Memorial Monument came about, which was no easy task. Thanked and complimented were the building committee: Ken Wescott, Ed Eckenrod, Glen Decker, Judy Chauncey, Commander Rood, Dan Dooley, Marilyn Young.

The POW/MIA ceremony, in honor of the late Paul Welch, a POW during World War II for 27 months, was commenced with the raising of the POW flag by his wife, Auxiliary member, Irene Welch.

The National Anthem was sung by Elizabeth Gaughan, Blue Ridge Class of 2004.

Taps was rendered by Post 357 veteran, Dan Dooley.

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mater of Ceremonies Russ McCracken.

Opening Prayer was by Susan Nelson, Chaplain of Post 357. An Army Reserve Private, 1982.

Post 357 (now adjutant) Jack Bennett, gave a superb history of the eleven flags inside the Memorial.

The closing prayer – to a wonderful day – was given by Father Louis Kaminski of St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Great Bend. Father Kaminski, a Second Lieutenant in the Reserves, was in his uniform.

Food galore, with all the trimmings, was available at the post grounds for all that took part in the festivities.

A parade, second to none, was sponsored by the Legion. There were so many units participating, that it is impossible to list them all. But a great big thank you for participating. The sound system was supplied by Joe Collins.

In closing let me offer: "Let us not forget those who gave their lives for this great country. Let us not forget those who served and those who continue to fight for the freedom of this great nation."

(To our readers: if you haven’t yet seen the Freedom Memorial Park Monument, please go see it. You will marvel at the beautiful structure.)

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October Jurors Drawn

Following is the list of names drawn to serve as Petit and Traverse jurors for October, 2004, to appear in the Court of Common Pleas, Susquehanna County Courthouse, main courtroom, Montrose, PA on the fourth day of October at 9:00 a.m.

Apolacon Twp.: Veronica Deffler, Curtis L. Eshbaugh, Diane L. Thorne.

Ararat Twp.: Angela Lyckowski.

Auburn Twp.: Linda Place, James P. Teetsel, Jr.

Bridgewater Twp.: Mark L. Andre, Diane Myers.

Clifford Twp.: Ronald Lahnemann, Mark Rouilliard.

Dimock Twp.: Jessica Hein, Cecilia M. Hibbard, Mary G. Hotchkiss, Lawrence R. Lyons, Edward D. Miner, Debbra L. Nagle.

Forest City Boro 1W: Barbara Antonyak.

Forest City Boro 2W: Mary Anne Gliha, Carla A. Stackhouse.

Forest Lake Twp.: Robert F. O’Reilly.

Franklin Twp.: Felix Delsordo, Jr., Pauline Stevens.

Friendsville Boro: Carol M. Saravitz.

Gibson Twp.: Dennis H. Canfield.

Great Bend Boro: Loreen P. Parsons.

Great Bend Twp.: Sally R. Markarian, Jeremy Perry, Sr., Ethel Ann Post.

Hallstead Boro: Penny A. Bruno, Linda M. Fields, Jack M. Rood, Jr., Mary E. Rudock.

Harford Twp.: Louis F. Alquist, Debra Daniels, Suzanne M. Schermerhorn, Bonnie E. Wormuth.

Harmony Twp.: Paul W. Downton, Mark Sciba, Augustus J. Williams.

Herrick Twp.: Richard A. Suraci.

Hop Bottom Boro: Asa Pratt.

Jackson Twp.: Hope Y. Cottrell, Francisco Martinez.

Jessup Twp.: Cheryl A. Arnold.

Lanesboro Boro: Maria L. Maby.

Lenox Twp.: Kathleen A. Clark, Maria Grisafi, John Kashetta, Nicholas Polifko, Victoria B. Ross, Carolyn Sokolowsky.

Liberty Twp.: Melody A. Cunningham, Cheryl A. Onuska.

Little Meadows Boro: Patricia A. Corcoran.

Montrose Boro 1W: Dorothy E. Baldwin, Harvey W. Bateson, Jr.

New Milford Boro: Jerome Cox.

New Milford Twp.: Brian Carpenetti, Amanda Weaver.

Rush Twp.: Harry Brown, Laurel Delong.

Silver Lake Twp.: Albert M. Knapp, Jr., Larry Stephen Rajnes.

Springville Twp.: Kevin D. Dyson, John Filer, Ronald W. Howell, Thomas Konopatski.

Thompson Boro: Vicki Hines.

Thompson Twp.: Robert L. Gaffey.

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Susky Fire Dept. 150 Club Winners

Following are the Susquehanna Fire Department’s August 150 Club winners.

Aug. 7: Jean Hall, Steve Frederick, Sue Gumaer.

Aug. 14: Helen Bronchella, John Ball, Rachael Adornato.

Aug. 21: Andy Cizike, Mary Brown, John Graves.

Aug. 28: Tom Lyden, Ted Gordon, Chuck Glidden.

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