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Ron Hall Receives Pearson Award
New Dairy Princess Begins Promotion
"Lest We Forget"
Now Available At The SPCA!
PA COG Rep. Visits Susquehanna County
Susky Fire Dept. 150 Club Winners


Ron Hall Receives Pearson Award

Commodore Ron Hall of Sea Scout Ship 90, New Milford, PA was one of only seven winners of 150 applicants worldwide for the Pearson Community Award for 2004, and the only winner from the United States.

Ron Hall was awarded a special, one-off prize for the applicant with the most long-standing contribution to his community. Ron has been working with Sea Scout Ship 90 and the BSA for forty-eight years. The New Milford organization teaches sailing, boating, leadership and self-confidence to young people, aged 14-21. Ron is currently the Financial Officer and Council Commodore and served as Skipper for Ship 90 for 35 years. He has helped on numerous Sea Scout training courses and events on council, regional and national level and also contributed to writing the 1987 edition of the Sea Scout Manual, published by the Boy Scouts of America.

Ron is employed by the Penguin Group (USA), Kirkwood, NY, a branch of Pearson, world book publishers and distributors.

He received a letter and $500.00 from Marjorie Scardino, Chief Executive of Pearson, London, United Kingdom, for his steadfast commitment to Sea Scout Ship 90.

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Bridge comm. Honors "Retired" Members

The Susquehanna County Veterans Bridge committee (spanning Susquehanna and Oakland) on Tuesday, June 29, 2004, honored two of its former members at a meeting in the fire department complex.

Honored with plaques were former treasurer Edward (Ted) Gordon and secretary William (Bill) Hand. Each received a plaque in honor of the work and dedication they contributed over the years.

The committee, formed in 1993, has overseered in keeping the bridge in good condition. They are, more or less the "watchdogs" who keep the bridge in first class condition. They put up flags on holidays, etc.

The plaques read: "The Susquehanna County Veterans Bridge Committee hereby recognizes the contributions of Edward (Ted) Gordon and William (Bill) Hand for their exemplary service to our organization." (Signed: The Bridge committee).

Bridge chairman Anthony Napolitano, prior to the presentations extolled the work that Mr. Gordon and Mr. Hand contributed to the naming and building of the Veterans Bridge. He also acknowledged others who had a part in naming the bridge, built in 1995.

Committee members present were: Chairman, Anthony Napolitano; Treasurer, Charles Glidden; Joseph Canini, Jerry Vail, Robert McNamara, Sr., Lee Smith. Absent: Carol Rockwell, secretary, Ray Rockwell and Lois Singer.

Guests were Beverly Everitt and Marilyn Hand. The committee also announced that they receive $100.00 from each of the three boroughs, each year to help them maintain the upkeep of the bridge.

The committee enjoyed refreshments of pizza, coffee, soda and donuts.

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"Lest We Forget"

(NOTE: The following article – written by the late editor U.G. Baker in 1945, at the end of WW 2 – lists the names of men killed in action. In September, 1994, the article was reprinted with additions by Edward (Ted) Gordon and other members of the American Legion Post 86. The article is the property of Tony Napolitano.)

(By U.G. Baker – 1945)

"Lest We Forget"

It is with great reverence and humility, Strider Teskey Post 86, American Legion, Susquehanna, PA, herewith republishes an article that appeared in the Susquehanna Transcript at the end of World War II, August 1945.

Gold Stars On The Service Board On Main Street, Susquehanna

Republished From Special War’s End Edition Of The Transcript

The Greatest Contribution to the Allied Cause in the spirit of Freedom, are the Names on Service Scrolls throughout the Nation. The names marked with Gold Stars signify Supreme Sacrifice, man’s greatest offering to his fellow men, and his homeland. Here are the Gold Star names on the Susquehanna Service Board: B.L. Ayres; Maeland Balmer; John L. Brown; Harry W. Benson; E.E. Burchell; C.R. Curran; Robert Dineen; N.S. Decker; Victor Dubanowitz; W.R. Hollis; C.A. Skinner; M.C. Spangenburg; W.F. Skinner; Stuart Leonard; Patrick MacNamara; Gerald McNeeley; C. MacConnell; Donald K. Norris; Charles Roe; J.D. Pickering; S.L. Spoonhower; L R. Spoonhower; Robert Tuskey; G.P. Vermilyea; Alex Wall; A.S. Welch; Wayne Yale; Harold White.

A very simple statement, "man’s greatest offering to his fellow man and homeland," says it all.

(By Legion members September 1994)

Susquehanna County, at the present time, has no outstanding memorial to its veterans, as do many counties throughout Pennsylvania, as well as neighboring New York State (Example: Broome County Veterans Arena, Binghamton, NY).

Strider Teskey Post 86, American Legion, at their regular monthly meeting, August 17, 1994, passed a resolution indicating their desire to have the new Susquehanna-Oakland bridge, when completed, named and dedicated as "the Susquehanna County Veterans Memorial Bridge."

This, as a memorial, will be a great honor to every veteran of this county, as well as their families. It would cover all wars, declared and undeclared from 1917 to the present time, and any unforeseen future hostilities involving the armed forces of the United States of America.

It is also fitting we mention our two fellow comrades who gave their lives in World War I, John C. Strider and Jay Teskey, for whom our post is named. We also revere the name of Albert Patrillo, a victim of the Vietnam War, and who ironically was laid to rest in St. John’s Cemetery on Memorial Day, 1967.

This will be an outstanding memorial to all Susquehanna County veterans, living and deceased.

Further it will be a great tribute to the many veterans throughout this county who suffered crippling handicaps from the rigors of war, as well as the many who experienced the anguish of being POWs.

It is with these memories, a fervent appeal is being sent to all the residents of Susquehanna County to come together, and demand of our legislators to recognize this resolution. Many veterans’ Posts and their auxiliaries have followed by passing such a resolution. Further, the 15th District of the American Legion, comprising several counties has also adapted a resolution to this effect.

We urge our politicians, state and county, as well as PENNDOT officials to remove politics from this issue.

It is a rightful and moral obligation on every person in this county, including those who are politically motivated, to support those "who gave so much and received so little."

Simply put, this is nothing more than "Social Justice."

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Now Available At The SPCA!

Five Beagle/Hound mix puppies, ten weeks old, male and female.

Border Collie mix puppy, 12 weeks old, male.

Beagle mix puppy, 12 weeks old, male.

Lhasa Apso mix, four years old, white, male.

Spaniel/Beagle mix, one year old, female, white and black, spayed.

Hound, three years old, female, brown.

Lab mix, four months old, black with white on chest. Found in Great Bend area.

Rottweiler, two years old, female. Found in the Silver Lake area.

Lab mix, one year old, male, black with white on chest. Found in the Dimock area.

"Coco," Lab mix, four years old, chocolate brown, female. She’s spayed and housebroken!

Shih Tsu, five years old, male, buff and white. Housebroken and neutered.

"Kiska," Husky mix, eight years old, female, black/gray/white.

"Mongrel," Collie mix, two years old, male, black/brindle.

Beagle, one year old(?), male. Found on Rte. 171 in Thompson.

"Maggie," Lab/Eskimo mix, seven years old, white. Spayed and housebroken.

Pit mix, approximately three years old, male, white with golden eyes. Found with the Beagle mix puppy on Rte. 106 in Kingsley.

"Kile," Lab/Dobe mix, four months old, male, chocolate brown.

Lab/Newfoundland mix, four and half years old, male, black. Housebroken.

Pit mix, two years old, male, tan/red. Abandoned in the Hallstead area.

"Rocky," Shepherd/Husky mix, two years old, male. Housebroken.

Saluki mix, age unknown, male, golden red. Neutered.

The shelter also has wonderful adult cats and kittens just waiting for that special home. Please give all these terrific animals a chance!

Please come see them at the Susquehanna County Humane Society Shelter, in Montrose, (570) 278–1228.

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PA COG Rep. Visits Susquehanna County

Bill Fontana of the Association of PA Council of Governments and the PA Downtown Center came to Susquehanna County on June 30 to share advise on economic development. Mr. Fontana came at the invitation of the Susquehanna County Planning Commission. Studies by the Brookings Institute, among others show that some of the problem in PA lies with an antiquated political system trying to deal with the 21st Century economy. When 2,566 communities vie for a piece of the economic pie, some are bound to come away with an empty plate. To survive in a global economy, the state must encourage regional partnerships. Currently, Susquehanna County residents would appreciate the interest of any broad spectrum merchandise mart. In the long run, studies show that such businesses result in a net loss of jobs and tax base. Very few new jobs are created when a nation wide retailer moves into a community. For every person hired by a national retailer, one and one half jobs are lost in other areas of the community. Smaller businesses close and those employees may or may not find jobs with a living wage at the larger enterprise.

In almost every survey taken in Susquehanna County you find the comment that we must find a way to bring our young, educated people back to Susquehanna County. This means job opportunity. It is almost a chicken or egg question. Corporations go where there is an abundance of highly skilled people. Find a way to keep creative young people here, and the corporations will flock to our region.

The USA is moving from a traditionally based economy to that of a knowledge-based economy.

Bill Fontana’s message for Susquehanna County was not particularly easy to swallow. He warned that there are no easy solutions to our economic questions. It is not a simple matter of offering tax breaks and infrastructure to out of area companies who move in with the promise of jobs. It makes more sense on a state level to financially support community businesses that want to expand. The good news is that Susquehanna County has an environment desired by the creative class of young people we want to both keep and attract. These educated young people are looking for an area that is physically attractive. They want a community that has its own character; is not "anywhere" USA. The community must accept diversity. The 3T’s of economic development are Technology, Talent and Tolerance. While our core economy of Bluestone, Agriculture and Timber will always need muscle, the 3T’s are an increasing part of those industries.

Bill Fontana emphasized that today’s reality is that most people reside in a municipality but live in a region. What is the place of our local government in this new world? The County Commissioners already support educational initiatives. The Planning Commission sponsors forums on a number of subjects and gives valuable technical advise to newly forming, multi-municipal coalitions on both sides of Rte. 81. The Susquehanna County Conservation District is a wellspring of information in the care of the environment. A healthy countryside is vital to attracting the employees of large corporations. The Department of Economic Development is open to exploring non-traditional ways of increasing and supporting business in the county. The newly formed Rail Authority may one day allow the new, creative class to work in New York and reside in Susquehanna County.

More information on understanding the regional economy may be obtained by contacting the Susquehanna County Planning Department or, the Department of Economic Development.

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Susky Fire Dept. 150 Club Winners

Following are the Susquehanna Fire Dept. 150 Club 26th week winners: Sue McFadden $100.00; Gene Delsandro $100.00; Lucy Parrillo $500.00; Bill Kuiper $500.00.

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