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Bears, Everywhere

I’m writing this letter about a well known topic for many. I will have to admit, two years ago it was a thrill to take a picture in my backyard of mama bear and her four cubs and have that picture and story put in the County Transcript. She came and went all summer.

But now, I’m not thrilled anymore. One day, a week ago I had four different bears show up, seven different times! One of them, a large male came on my back deck and stared through the windows at me!

It’s not their fault that people are building homes in their habitat. They are being transported to other places, whether they want to or not. What about mountain lions, bobcats, and only God alone knows how many other species?

We’ve all been asked to alter our lifestyle of many years, to fend off these predators.

What else can be done, before someone is mauled and killed?

As I write this letter, I have had to show up this morning.

I love wildlife and respect it, but this is a problem I feel is out of control.


JoAnn Shofkom

Susquehanna, PA


I’m Now Very Proud

I am offering congratulations to everyone involved with the repair and cleanup of our town (Susquehanna). I thank you, very much. This town has needed help for many years.

Now, as I walk through town and see all the improvements that have been made – the new sidewalks, and the old torn down buildings that needed to be gone for many years – it gives me a lift, and new life to this town. It has a new look now, and I know we all (the town’s people) love what has been done. To the ones that are involved in "waking up" this town the way you have, I commend you. I hope and pray you feel the same way.

Please don’t stop. The town is still in need of your help.

I an now very proud to be one of this town’s people.


Marquita Hawkins

Susquehanna, PA


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