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Memorial Day Parade Tribute to WWII Vets
Community Supports Code Enforcement
Amanda Zembrzycki Is New Dairy Princess
Kathryn Fuller Gets LFL Appreciation Award
Litwak - Hopkins Engagement
4-H News
Making A Difference
TOPS Members Lose 74,359.69 Pounds


Memorial Day Parade Tribute to WWII Vets

It was fantastic!

It was great!

It was one of the best I’ve ever seen here!

It was World War II veteran Carl Lawrenson leading the parade, as it’s Grand Marshal.

The above comments – along with many others – were heard expressed in regard to the Memorial Day parade sponsored by the Susquehanna American Legion on Monday, May 31, 2004.

What made the day and the parade "really great" was the fact that the day started off sunny, got a little dark as the parade started, but the weather held off just long enough to finish the program.

With American Legion officer Jesse Gow serving as Master of Ceremonies, welcoming the huge crowd (estimated at better than 300), the program opened with a musical selection by the Susquehanna Community High School band, under the direction of Ms. Maria Arneil.

The program followed with the National Anthem, sung by Ward Stanford and the Pledge of Allegiance, by Cub Scout Pack 81. Invocation was by Rev. Ken Bitler, of United Methodist Church, followed by "I’m Proud to be an American," sung by Ward Stanford.

Speakers included John Bronchella, Susquehanna County Director of Veteran Affairs; Peter Janicelli, American Legion Post 86 commander; Maurice Burke, Post 86 World War II veteran; Nancy Hurley, Susquehanna Mayor; Roberta Kelly, County Commissioner; Ken Seamans, Judge of Susquehanna County and the featured Speaker; Michael Lisowski, Susquehanna Community High School Principal. Benediction was offered by Father Robert Simon, Pastor of St. John’s Catholic Church; a Memorial Prayer was offered by Post 86 Chaplain, Stanley Lindow.

Placing of wreaths at the monuments was complimented by Joseph Bucci of Post 86 and Frances (Cole) Williams, with the Post 86 Honor Guard offering a gun salute.

The Parade lineup included: Susquehanna Policemen; Legion Honor Guard; Grand Marshal Carl Lawrenson; American Legion Post 86 and it’s Auxiliary, WW 2 Vets riding in National Guard truck; High School band; District Attorney Jason Legg and Sheriff Lance Benedict; Stone Bridge Lions Club; Susquehanna Fire Co.; Susquehanna Little League; High School Principal, Mike Lisowski; County Judge Seamans; Canawacta Masonic Lodge #360; Order of Eastern Star, Gill Chapter #12; John Bronchella, Veterans Representative; Mayor Nancy Hurley; Cub Scout Pack #81; Robert Keyes, Elementary School Principal; Roberta Kelly, County Commissioner; Sue Eddleston, County Prothonotary; High School Float; Susquehanna Fire Company.


The Airplane salute, with four planes, flew West over Susquehanna at exactly 10:40 a.m., in perfect formation.

The Army Truck, manned by Joe Schell led the parade with WW II veterans aboard, General Miller Perry, Les Schell, Art Schell, Eddie Wilmot, Peter Maney, Dom Battisti and Paddy Kane.

Taps were sounded by High School students Amanda Russell, 12th grade and Ellen Matis, 7th Grade.

By actual count, 96 motorcycles manned by the "Stinky Boys and Girls," along with six scooters, were a magnificent sight to see. At least 10 cars carried local and county dignitaries.

What could you do for a program, without a sound system? So, it’s thanks to Cal Arthur for setting up the system.

Dawn Arthur, owner of the Gifts n’ More store, donated and hung the balloons seen flying around the speaker’s chairs.

A big thank you is in order for all the people that donated food and helped with the serving. In charge of the kitchen help were head chefs Tom Hurley and Mike Vaccaro, along with Jennifer Grausgruber, Rose Hendrickson and Mary Ficarro.

A nice touch: Accompanying Ward Stanford as he sang "I’m Proud to be an American" were Carol Jackson on guitar and Kathy Matis.

Standing together and taking a "bow" were Prothonotary Sue Eddleston, Sheriff Lance Benedict and District Attorney Jason Legg.

The Theme for this year’s parade was "A Tribute to World War II Vets."

Another nice touch during the day was Commander Pete Janicelli giving each and every WW II veteran present a white cap with the Legion Insignia and Red Lettering, "WW II Veteran."

Guesses were that over 300 people were present, a tribute to the Veterans and the American Legion. All were served luncheon at the Legion with remarks like: "What a delicious meal your post puts out."

Last, but not least, a function like the Memorial Day parade must have a leader of some sort. The leader this year was Jesse Gow, local post officer. Many hours and phone calls were spent in arranging such a fantastic parade. Even prior to the starting of the parade, Monday morning, Mr. Gow had many details to attend to. First, a little worry about the weather didn’t set too good. But as it turned out, Mr. Gow’s fine work in arranging the parade was rewarded with the rain holding off just long enough for a photo session.

I, personally, would like to compliment Jesse, on a "job very well done."

(Personal Note: War is hell! Here are some figures: World War one deaths 53,513; World War 2 - 292,231; Korean War - 33,651; Vietnam - 47,369; Persian Gulf - 148; Iraq - over 800. The above figures include only those that died in battle - not those that died from injuries later.)

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Community Supports Code Enforcement

Representative Sandra Major recently presented a check for the Oakland Borough/Susquehanna Borough joint municipal codes grant. Members from the Susquehanna Community Development Association, Mayor Nancy Hurley, and members of the business community and residents came out to support increased codes enforcement. Both boroughs are taking a tough stance on "taking back our neighborhoods." The current, part-time program has already seen benefits with 14 dangerous eyesores demolished, at no cost to the taxpayer.

Neighborhoods are cleaning up and assessed valuations have begun to rise, after years of declining. The increased codes program will allow both boroughs to address many additional building and codes problems that could not be taken care of on a part-time basis.

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Amanda Zembrzycki Is New Dairy Princess

Princess Shana Mack handed down her reign to Amanda Zembrzycki, daughter of Bernard and Linda Zembrzycki of Union Dale. Amanda is a student at the Forest City Regional High School and enjoys skiing, snowmobiling and soccer. Amanda and her siblings, Brian, Bernie John and Katelyn live on there family’s 110 cow dairy farm near Union Dale. The Zembrzycki’s milk 65 cows and raise 65 heifers and calves. Amanda works on the farm milking cows and operating tractors and field equipment. Amanda commented at Pageant, she intends to educate people about the health benefits of dairy products in one’s diet, reminding everyone "not just an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but three-a-day of dairy foods, milk, cheese and yogurt is also a very important part of keeping the doctor away."

Our Pageant began with an invocation and flag salute led by Gerald Carlin. The evening’s music was provided by pianist Sandy Garnsey. Jessie Puzo was photographer for the evening capturing many lovely photos.

Evie Goff, County Chairperson introduced each of the girls and their escorts. Each of the Dairy Maids and Dairy Ambassadors gave excellent speeches about their dairy promotion experiences.

Dairy Ambassadors Ashley Franklin, Abbey Puzo and Alyssa Sprout from Montrose and Amanda Miner from the Elk Lake area took their turn at the microphone to define their year of service as well.

Mary Puzo, county booking chairperson reported on the County record breaking number of promotions completed by the 2003/2004 Dairy Princess, Ambassadors and Dairy Maids. Peggy Empet presented a college scholarship award to Shana in recognition of her service to the program over the past year. Each of the nine girls participating in the County dairy promotion program kept a scrapbook. The scrapbooks were chocked full of their own dairy promotion memories. It was a difficult decision for the judge, committee member Cindy Tompkins to choose the best scrapbooks, however the top three scrapbook awards were presented to Shana Mack, Abbey Puzo and Amanda Miner. These girls each received a ribbon and a gift certificate.

Shana gave her farewell speech telling how she has grown through her involvement in the Dairy Promotion Program particularity in public speaking and writing her many news articles.

Junia Isiminger, Executive Director, PA Dairy Princess and Promotion Services commented on the excellent job Shana has done as well as praising all the work done by the Dairy Ambassadors and Dairy Maids in Susquehanna County. Pennsylvania Alternate Princess, Pam Werley thanked Shana for all of her promotion work and wished Amanda and the new court, "best of luck" in a new year promoting dairy.

Crown bearer, Kayla Mosier presented the crown for Shana to crown the new Susquehanna County Dairy Princess Amanda Zembrzycki. After Amanda’s crowning everyone was invited to a reception held for all of the girls.

Each of the girls received an embroidered fleece shirt and an incentive check for their contributions to the dairy promotion program. Shana also received an engraved ring as a thank you for a job well done.

Along with the 2004-2005 Dairy Princess Amanda Zembrzycki; Ashley Franklin, Karley Mosier and Karin Mowry will serve as Ambassadors. These girls are eager to begin better acquainting residents in Susquehanna County with dairy farming and the importance of milk and dairy products in a person’s diet. Any Susquehanna County organization, business, school, etc. interested in having the Dairy Princess or an Ambassador(s) present at an event to speak and/or serve dairy products can call our new Princess Amanda Zembrzycki (679-2490), Evie Goff (278-1212 home or at 278-1158 work), or Mary Puzo (278-4704) to make arrangements.

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Kathryn Fuller Gets LFL Appreciation Award

Kathryn Fuller teaches fourth grade at Susquehanna Community Elementary School. Kathryn is also a prominent scouter with Troop 89, the Delahanna District (Susquehanna County) and the Baden-Powell Council, Boy Scouts of America. On April 27, Kathryn attended the scouting district’s annual Leader Recognition Dinner at the Montrose Bible Conference where she received the Learning for Life (LFL) Appreciation Award for providing ten consecutive years of programs to the children of Susquehanna.

Learning for Life is a teacher friendly program developed by the Boy Scouts of America and distributed to school systems throughout the country and abroad. This program is designed to give schoolroom classes the opportunity to practice applying ethics and values in coping with life. The program has been fully integrated into the curriculum so that each child in the school system who passes through the fourth grade has the opportunity to participate. Children apply their Learning for Life lessons in Social Studies, Science, Bully-proofing and Alcohol Awareness. The fourth grade teachers delivering the program are Kathryn Fuller, Carolyn Homer, Kathleen Hinkley, and Sue Stanley. Carol Dubas is the learning support teacher for the fourth grade.

The cost of sustaining the Learning for Life program is met by local sponsors for each LFL Group. In Susquehanna, PA that cost was first picked up by Joseph Schneider, founder of Schneider’s Market. Joseph considered the scouting program to be a valuable component to community life so he supported scouting in many ways. In recognition of his support, Joseph received the Distinguished Citizen Award from the Delahanna Scouting District in 2000, singling him out as a leader among county leaders who work to make life better for all. Joseph passed the family business to Carol, his daughter, and her husband, Ron along with the tradition of sponsoring the Learning for Life program in Susquehanna. Carol and Ron have sustained that tradition to date, ensuring that fourth grade teachers like Kathryn Fuller have the opportunity to deliver the Learning for Life program to each child passing through their grade. They have also received the LFL Appreciation Award for their contribution, which you can view, framed, in their store.

The fourth grade of Susquehanna Community Elementary School will conduct a three day environmental education and outdoor education experience this spring at Baden-Powell Council’s Camp Tuscarora where they will face a simulated oil spill situation and the practical clean up problems that it involves.

For more information on the Learning for Life program, how to get a child into a scouting, or how you can support scouting in your community, contact the Baden-Powell Council at 877-674-8876 and ask for the district executive for your area.

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Litwak - Hopkins Engagement

Matthew and Christine Litwak of Binghamton announce the engagement of their daughter, Anastasia M. Litwak, to Christopher G. Hopkins.

The future bridegroom is the son of Barbara Hopkins of Apalachin and the late Robert G. Hopkins.

Miss Litwak graduated from Binghamton High School and State College at Oneonta. She is a Graphic Designer with The Susquehanna Transcript, Susquehanna, PA.

Hopkins graduated from Vestal High School and Binghamton University. He is an Associate Software Design Engineer with BAE Systems, Johnson City.

A July 31, 2004 wedding is planned.

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4-H News

North Jackson Ag & Community

North Jackson horse kids met at Kelli Agler’s house on May 16. We have had a very busy year this year and the summer will be just as busy.

The county’s Western and English on May 15th was a great success thanks to Adele Kreger.

The Trail and Gaming clinic in April was also a great success thanks to Karen Moyer and MaryAnn Newswanger.

Our last hoagie sale was a great success. We sold 385 hoagies. On May 13th we had a club trail ride with our parents. A great day was had by all.

We will be doing the concession stand for Susquehanna County at the Five Series Shows on June 27 and August 8, at the Harford Fairgrounds beginning at 8:00 a.m., rain or shine.

Barnes Kasson is celebrating their 100th year. We have been asked to ride in their parade on July 10. Amanda and Ashley Boman’s grandmother has offered to make sashes for our horses.

Our next meeting will be held on June 13, at BJ Carey’s from 12:30 to 3:30. We will be painting our new jump standards for the Harford Fair. They were graciously donated by Blue Ridge Builder, C & A Acres and also by an anonymous family. We were also donated a new mail box from New Milford Hardware for our trail classes. We thank you all for your support.

The meeting was adjourned and snacks were served.

For more information on the Susquehanna County 4-H program, call Penn State Cooperative Extension of Susquehanna County at 278-1158.

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"Every once in awhile I get a chance to curl up with a good book and relax, but I'm a great one for reading the newspaper or an article in a magazine while having my morning coffee. As a kid growing up in the country, books became our entertainment and our way of learning about our big world. Too often we take for granted the simple pleasures in life, like reading. That is why as a member of the Board of Directors of the United Way of Susquehanna County, I feel strongly about the Susquehanna County Literacy Program, which was established in 1982", said Alice Deutsch.

Their mission is to provide life skills education and promote lifelong learning to residents of Susquehanna County. They are offering instruction to all residents based upon the learner's goals, working with the individual or the family to set a plan on how to reach that goal. Tutors and paid instructors offer one-on-one tutoring, small group sessions, GED preparation classes, one-time clinics and workshops on specific topics, family educational activities, parenting classes and support groups, summer reading programs - including Before You Go to School Camp, "Tween" program-tutoring and workshops for students ages 9-15 and correctional facility instruction.

Marilyn Talboys, Director of Susquehanna County's Literacy Program stated, "This year we served 398 adults and 529 children with 36 learners receiving their GED. This year we added three new programs: 1. After school tutoring at two elementary schools; 2. Basic skills computer classes; 3. Child care provider resources and education provided through the C.A.R.E.S. program."

Thanks to your contributions the Susquehanna County United Way helps to support the programs listed above.....helping to Make A Difference.

For more information regarding the Susquehanna County Literacy Program call (570) 278-9027 or write to Box 277 Bendix Road, Montrose, PA 18801. For more information regarding the United Way of Susquehanna County contact Joe Burke at 36 Lake Avenue, Montrose, PA 18801.

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TOPS Members Lose 74,359.69 Pounds

Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the US. The health care costs associated with obesity were over $92 billion in 2002 alone. One local organization that is doing something to combat this trend is TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly). TOPS is a nonprofit, international weight loss support group with local chapters in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

In 2003, TOPS members in PA lost 74,359.69 pounds of weight with the support of TOPS. TOPS members meet weekly in local chapters in US, Canada and internationally.

"The costs, both in dollars and in health, of obesity, make this a very serious subject," said Lillian Moyer, TOPS Coordinator. "Losing weight means gaining health. Our members know that to do this effectively and for weight loss to last, you have to have support. That’s what we offer at TOPS."

To learn more about chapters meeting in your area, call Lillian Moyer (570) 379–3374 or toll-free 1-800-932-8677.

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