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Angels In Disguise

This past Thursday, January 8, I was in a horrific car accident on Rt. 167 in Bridgewater Township. I hit 'black ice' and rolled my Ford Expedition. It was late at night, around 9:30 p.m., I was by myself. My vehicle came to rest on its side, the driver side, and I laid there still strapped in my seat belt. I was able to collect my thoughts, my purse and I climbed up towards the passenger side door. I climbed out the window, and jumped down into the snow to safety. It felt like a scene out of a movie, I couldn't believe it was actually happening to me.

I want to publicly thank, first of all, the grace of God for surrounding me with his love and protection during the most terrifying moment of my life. I didn't get hurt at all: not any broken bones, no cuts, no bruises, not even any body aches afterwards. I want to also thank Mrs. Hoffa for driving along at that precise moment when I needed assistance the most. Mrs. Hoffa drove me to the nearest home and volunteered to turn right back around and go back to where she came from so she could complete my original mission of picking up my daughter from a basketball game at the Montrose High School. I want to thank Mr. James Considine who generously opened his home so I could stay warm and make phone calls to loved ones, my mechanic and Gibson's State Trooper barracks. Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank State Trooper Jeffrey Burman. Trooper Burman arrived at the scene of the accident and handled the situation in the most professional matter possible. His patient and gentle demeanor had a very calming effect on me, considering the situation I was in at the time.

Please don't let anyone ever tell you that this world is void of good, generous and loving people. I always look and find good in people. It was proven to me, this past week, that the world is still surrounded by those who care about others. Mrs. Hoffa, Mr. Considine and Trooper Burman had never met me before, but they went out of their way to help a stranger in need. Thank you all, very much for being my "Angels in disguise."


Marise Shearer

Choconut Township

Hallstead Elves Were Busy

The elves were busy at the Hallstead Post Office Christmas Day. The Hallstead Post Office is the hub for Express Mail to 21 Post Offices, from Susquehanna to Lawton, New Milford to Hop Bottom, Friendsville to Montrose to name a few.

Manning the phone to call patrons were Senior Elf Peggie Walworth and Junior Elf Tammy Barnard. Their job was to sort and call people in each area. Some came to collect their Christmas packages.

The traveling elves this year were George Kernan from the Kingsley office and Debra Marvin and Ed Mead from the Hallstead office.

This year approximately 13 Express articles needed to be delivered and over 110 Priority parcels, looking like Christmas presents needed to be called and delivered if possible.

These employees give of themselves every year to make someone’s Christmas a little better.

The Post Office reminds all prior to the Christmas season to please mail early. Most do but in the case of mailing late the Postal Service still tries to deliver for that special someone.

My thanks to all my employees for all the hard work they have done, at Christmas time and throughout the 2003 year.


Gail Mroz


Hallstead 18822

Conveniently Omitted

I am writing in reference to a recent listing in the police report section of your paper. Listed under assault charges was Charles M. Decker, who happens to be my father. I would like for everyone to understand that he is a resident at Meadow View Senior Living Center, due to him being in the final stages of Alzheimer’s. Our family is appalled at the fact that this was listed in the paper, for he of course would never strike anyone, if he had not been stricken with this dreadful disease. Everyone who knows him can attest to his character. We also find it hard to believe that in the police report, it wasn’t stated that he was an Alzheimer patient. Perhaps it was, and just conveniently omitted to make a better story. I hope whomever compiles the police report will think twice before submitting something of this nature in the future.


Lisa Donovan

EDITOR’S NOTE: Just so you understand, Lisa, we take these police reports, as they are written by the investigating officers. We neither make up, nor omit information to "make a better story."

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