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Munley Still Has No Badge
Oakland's Mayor Resigns
County May Get New Industry
Court House Report
Gibson Barracks Report
Border Confusion in Harford

Munley Still Has No Badge

Clifford Twp. Police Chief Tom Munley is ready to put on his uniform and start patrolling the community again but the township supervisors are waiting for word from its insurance company doctors that he is fit for duty.

Last week, Munley told the Board of Supervisors that two insurance doctors have already cleared him, but Chairman John Regan said the township needs additional proof of Munley’s physical fitness and his ability to return to active duty.

"What do I have to do, get the OK from six or seven doctors?" a somewhat puzzled Munley asked.

Regan emphasized that there was nothing personal in the township’s decision to seek additional opinions of Munley’s medical condition.

"We are doing it to protect the township and its taxpayers," Regan said.

Three years ago while he was on duty, Munley was injured when he fell on an ice-covered road. Recently, he lost his claim for benefits under the Heart and Lung Act.

In another matter, Regan expressed hope that repair work on the roof on the municipal building will soon get started. At the November meeting, the supervisors awarded a $1,000 contract to Roche Company of Dunmore to repair the roof.

"I hope they repair the roof soon so we can get by this winter," Regan said. "I would not want to see us spend $1,000 for no reason."

A parking problem in a cul-de-sac has prompted the supervisors to request that the township solicitor prepare an ordinance that would address parking problems in the township.

Regan said one person leaves a truck in a cul-de-sac and will not move it even though he has a driveway. He said he went to the man and asked him to move it and was assured it would be moved but it wasn’t.

Paul Fortuner, chief enforcement officer, said permits he recommended for Don Beesmer and Don Snedeker should be issued. He said a further review of his initial recommendation concurred with his original findings that the permits are appropriate and proper.

The supervisors appointed Bill Owens as auditor for 2004 but under questioning from the audience, did not know how much Owens will be paid.

In response to another question, the supervisors said the township has an ordinance regulating holding tanks and that they can be used when a permit is issued.

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Oakland's Mayor Resigns

Oakland Boro Council met on December 11 with president Ron Beavan presiding and all members present, as well as Mayor Art Towner, Secretary Flo Brush and several residents.

The first order of business was a send-off for Bob VanFleet, who had decided not to seek another term after 47 years on council.

The budget for 2004 was discussed; Mr. VanFleet noted that there had been no allocation made for new Christmas decorations. After some discussion, it was agreed to allot $500, which will be culled from other allocations. This amount will be held aside and added to in subsequent years as it is expected that new decorations will be quite expensive. A motion carried to accept the budget with this adjustment; the total budget reflects an increase of one mill.

Next item discussed was the 2004 water budget; after some discussion a motion carried to increase quarterly fees to $90; the increase will not take effect until April. The fees had been increased to $72 last year; prior to that, there had been no increase in nine years. A motion carried to accept the water budget.

Mr. Beavan asked council members to consider that the county may be taking responsibility for the access road to the SOLIDA property; if this happens, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) has agreed to accept financial responsibility for maintenance of the road. There is a possibility, Mr. Beavan said, that the county will request the boro (or another neighboring municipality) to assume maintenance of the road, or it could be put out to bid. If the boro accepted the task of maintenance of the road, funding received through LDS could offset some of the boro’s costs for wages, etc. Cynthia Beavan, who sits on the board of SOLIDA, noted that the county would not be eligible to receive liquid fuels money for the road if its maintenance is funded privately. But, Mr. Beavan said, this is just something for council to consider as nothing definite has yet been decided.

Minutes of the meetings of October 9, October 30, and November 13 were approved. Although the area had been experiencing widespread blackouts on November 13 the regularly scheduled meeting had been held. Reporter’s note: at this meeting, Mrs. Brush, who had come to the boro through the Experience Works program, agreed to stay on as secretary for the time being. Former secretary Cindy Cordner has been working with Mrs. Brush whenever possible in a training capacity.

There were some questions regarding the treasurer’s report; apparently several checks had been entered twice. Mrs. Brush will determine whether these entries were a clerical/computer error. A motion carried to accept the report with the provision that these entries are clarified.

The boro’s old police car has been sold, for $250.

The boro’s truck had been in need of repair the weekend following the last snowfall.

Mr. Beavan reported that the well heads had been raised, as per DEP’s requirement. One positive result, he said, is that a water advisory will not have to be issued if there should be a flood in the area where the wells are located.

Refinancing of the water company loan is proceeding and will probably be complete some time in January. Refinancing will reduce the number of years of payments on the loan by two, and will save the boro approximately $39,000.

Water problems were discussed; Mr. Crawford reported that money has been set aside to address the area of Franklin and Brush in the spring by installing a catch basin. In the meantime, as a temporary measure, he suggested placing sandbags to reroute the water.

Roadmaster Jack Agler reported that the boro will take down a portion of a wall on River Road that is collapsing. Mrs. Beavan and Mr. Crawford are working on an application for CDBG grant funding to finance a permanent solution.

Mr. Beavan updated council on several codes violations. He and the boro’s solicitor had met with Chet Beamer and his attorney regarding a retaining wall on Mr. Beamer’s property. Mr. Beamer has agreed to furnish a written engineer’s report on the wall, including a plan to reconstruct the wall. Mr. Beamer has until July 1 to complete replacement of the wall; if the work is not complete by that date the boro will resume legal proceedings against Mr. Beamer.

Mr. Beavan also met with the solicitor regarding the Smith property on State St. The property had been offered at a county tax sale but had not been sold; it is scheduled to be included in another sale in October. But, Mr. Beavan said, the property has been determined to be a health hazard as there is a considerable accumulation of household trash. One course of action for the boro to consider is to take possession of the property, in which case the boro will be responsible for cleanup. If the boro were to finance the cleanup and place a lien on the property for its cost, Mr. Beavan noted that there is a possibility that this cost may not be recouped if the property is sold at a tax sale. Mrs. Beavan suggested that Habitat for Humanity be contacted to see if they would be interested in the property. In the meantime, a court date has been scheduled as the owners are in violation of a prior court order.

The Foote property’s owner is scheduled for another hearing in February, as there has been no progress in cleanup, which had been ordered by the court.

During public comment, resident Caren Bush expressed frustration with water problems that she has been experiencing at her property for at least eight years. After a lengthy discussion, Mr. Agler and Mr. Crawford promised to look into it and see what can be done.

Resident Carol Trevarthan requested that council look into another water problem, where an old metal pipe is apparently routing water from a spring.

Mr. Dubanowitz updated council on a complaint received at a prior meeting, regarding two dogs that had attacked another resident’s dog. As no charges had been filed, he said, there is nothing that law enforcement can do. But, the owners of the two dogs in question have been keeping them confined.

Council discussed the boro’s rental agreement with the Windwood Hill Dance Academy; after a short discussion it was agreed to continue the agreement for another year with no increase.

It was agreed to increase the monthly salary of Janet Smith, who collects the water fees, by $15 per month.

By law, council must hold its reorganization meeting on January 5. It was agreed to also conduct the regular monthly meeting on this date, rather than hold two meetings during the same week. Mr. Beavan reluctantly reported some unexpected news; Mayor Towner has tendered his resignation, effective January 1. Mr. Towner has served as mayor or on council consecutively since 1960. Continuing the discussion, Mr. Beavan has researched what course of action council can take at the reorganization meeting in light of Mr. Towner’s resignation; a council member, appointed by council, may preside to swear in new council members and to conduct elections of president and vice president.

Correspondence reviewed included a request from Experience Works, for a donation; this request was tabled pending further information. No action was taken regarding a request for a donation from the Endless Mts. Visitors’ Bureau, in the amount of ten cents per resident. After reading a letter from boro solicitor Myron DeWitt, it was agreed to retain his services for 2004. Mr. Beavan read two cards, from Mr. Towner and Mr. Agler, thanking council for their support in their recent bereavements. Mr. Beavan summarized a letter that had been received from a resident, complaining about traffic problems at the intersection of Westfall Ave. and State St. After some discussion it was agreed to see if the boro’s police officers could put in some extra time on weekends when the problems seem to be worse; there is money in the budget to cover increased hours.

Council is still looking into NTRPDC grant funding for a new copier for the boro office.

Mr. Beavan stated that he has reconsidered his intention to resign from council "by popular demand." His decision had been based on the amount of time that council business requires, time that takes him away from his family. But, in the event that he is reappointed council president for the coming year, he asked that other council members assume a share some of the responsibilities, such as setting up committees to oversee specific areas.

The final item discussed was how to spend a $500 grant the boro had received, to be spent on emergency management. Council is checking prices on a generator, and possibly walkie talkies. If necessary, council will look into adding to this amount for purchase of these items.

The next meeting will be a reorganizational meeting as well as the regular monthly meeting, Monday, January 5, 7:00 p.m. in the boro building.

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County May Get New Industry

There is a good chance that Susquehanna County may be getting a new industry in the near future. Nothing elaborate but there could be 10 to 15 jobs available and the county certainly would welcome needed employment opportunities.

Last week, in response to a request from Justin Taylor, director of the county’s Economic Development Department, the county commissioners laid out the red carpet for the new industry by designating the land where it will locate as a Keystone Opportunity Zone. The resolution adopted by the commissioners frees the site from real estate taxes for a period of 12 years.

Taylor would not reveal the name of the industry but he did tell The Transcript that it will occupy a new 20,000 square foot building to be built on a four-acre site presently owned by Ease Diagnostics Inc. and located on Route 29 in Bridgewater Township.

"It is a company that is now located in Lackawanna County," Taylor said. "They have a lot of long-range government contracts. It’s a good investment for Susquehanna County."

In another matter, representatives from the Penn State Cooperative Extension Service urged the commissioners to reconsider its decision not to appropriate funds to replace an office secretary who transferred to the county Sheriff’s Department.

John Sherman, a member of the Extension’s Board of Directors, said reducing the staff would place a hardship on Extension service programs.

"It would be difficult to continue all the programs," said Sherman, "without staff support." Besides the county’s reluctance to pay for an office secretary, two additional positions are on hold because of the delay in Harrisburg to adopt the 2004 state budget.

"Removing another position is almost incredible," Sherman said. "I feel frustrated because I think this is the greatest program ever."

Jack Moulton, another director, said the 4-H program sponsored by the Extension Service is the only program of its kind to provide activities for individuals from ages 8 to 21.

Commissioner Lee Smith said the matter will be given consideration and that the budget could be changed. However, Joann Kowalski, director of the Penn State Cooperative Extension Service, said she was advised that Gary Macho, chairman of the Board of Commissioners, has stated that the budget will not be changed. Marcho could not attend the meeting because he was attending a seminar in Harrisburg.

Smith and Commissioner Cal Dean said they would suggest that the commissioners discuss the matter further with members of the Extension Service.

In another matter, Commissioner-elect Jeff Loomis asked the commissioners if money the county owes to the Retirement Fund is appropriated in the new budget. He was assured by Dean that it is.

The commissioners approved a resolution authorizing the county’s Housing/Redevelopment Authority to file an application for a grant amount to $320,000 for Scattered-Site Housing Rehabilitation.

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Court House Report



Ada C. Lathrop to Dennis E. Oliver and Connie B. Oliver in Springville Township for $9,000 on November 17.

John R. Yanick and Lois E. Yanick to Howard H. Geyer, Jr. in Clifford Township for $30,000 on November 20.

Thomas J. Lopatofsky, Jr. to Anthony Deorio & Barbara Deorio in Ararat Township for $18,500 on November 24.

David W. Butts to Thomas J. Lopatofsky, Jr. and Donna M. Fekette in Thompson Township for $1,000 on November 18.

Nancy L. Glasgow nbm Nancy L. Narma and Heita A. Narma to Robert J. Fleming and Bonnie E. Flemming in Great Bend Borough for $67,500 on November 25.

Sandra M. Coleman to James M. Schaffer and Lisa G. Schaffer in New Milford Township for $85,000 on November 25.

Norman N. Norton and Tammy L. Norton to William D. Kehs and Kristen L. Kehs in New Milford Township for $140,000 on November 25.

John C. Devine and Mearalyn M. Devine to Julia Gilroy and Robert Gilroy in Clifford Township for $1 on August 8.

Lands and Properties of Jay A. Henderson to Choconut Township by eminent domain in Choconut Township on November 26.

James F. Swetter and Patricia Swetter to Douglas Brigham and Lisa Brigham in Clifford Township for $150,000 on November 20.

David Hart and Ann Hart to Rodney T. Hunsinger in Bridgewater Township for $40,000.

Brian V. Paciotti to Virgil A. Paciotti and Marie J. Paciotti in Lenox Township for $1 on November 21.

Kenneth Zupp to KZ Stone, Inc. in Harford Township for bluestone mining operation on November 28.

Dolores D. Kane, Executrix of the Estate of Madeline Bowers aka Madelyn L. Bowers to Dolores D. Kane and William R. Kane in New Milford Borough for $1 ogvc on November 24.

Virginia Russell, Executrix of the Estate of Vinette Alderson to Venita Alderson and Virginia Russell and Harold C. Russell in Little Meadows Borough for $1 ogvc on November 18.

Virginia Russell, Executrix of the Estate of Vinette Alderson to Lanny Russell in Liberty and Franklin Townships for $1 ogvc on November 18.

Patricia J. Schmitz to William Schmitz and Steven Schmitz in Herrick Township for $1 on November 19.

Dale G. Symons, Jr. aka Dale Gene Symons, Jr., Stacey S. White aka Stacey Lynn White and Kelley J. Buck aka Kelley Jane Buck, Co-Executors of the Estate of Dale G. Symons, Eugene Smolko and Ann Marie Smolko and David Symons to Mark C. Dorval and Emily O. Dorval in Lathrop Township for $45,000 on November 14.

Gerald Kuhn, individually and as Executor of the estate of Rhoda Taylor and Sherry Haskell to Arnold A. Terpstra and Diane M. Terpstra in Harmony Township for $50,000 on November 14.

Kenneth M. Van Gorder to Kenneth M. Van Gorder and Patricia Van Gorder in Lenox Township for one dollar on November 21.

Thelma W. Green aka Thelma Watson Green by her Attorney-in-fact Barbara J. Shingler to David Coolbaugh and Carol Coolbaugh in Dimock Township for $102,000 on November 19.

Mark Wilmot and Sandra Wilmot to Gary Farley and Mary A. Farley in Forest City Borough for $43,900 on November 20.

Ronald Weiss, Executor of the Estate of Julia Weiss to James D. Rogers and Amber R. Rogers in Forest Lake Township for $63,000 on November 18.

Carol Lopatofsky aka Carol Ann Lopatofsky to Robert T. Lopatofsky in Jackson Township for $1 on September 18.

Helen G. Hyde to Ronald J. Lewis and Janice E. Lewis in Forest Lake Township for $1 on November 13.

Marion H. Klym by her Attorneys in fact Nancy K. Gale and Diane M. Wheeler and Helen P. Calabro to Scott Rowlands and Sylvia M. Rowlands in Lanesboro Borough for $63,600 on November 4.

Decker Farms Realty Associates to Pennsylvania Electric Company in Jessup Township for easement on October 27.

Mario J. and Helen M. Marovelli to Pennsylvania Electric Company in Jessup Township for easement on November 15 (two parcels).

Heather M. Clapper nka Heather M. Cisek to Michael V. Cisek in Great Bend Borough for $1. on November 17.

PennDOT to Beverly & Paul M. Pashchuk Jr. in Lathrop Townshp for highway occupancy permit on November 20.

Ernest Thomspon and Hilda Thompson and Nancy Porter and Dewitt Porter to Nancy Porter and Dewitt Porter in Liberty Township for $1 on November 21.

Ernest Thompson and Hilda Thompson to Richard H. Thompson and Roger A. Thompson in Liberty Township for $1 on November 21.

William Dittmar and Sharon Dittmar to Thomas Kilmer in Liberty Township for quarry lease on October 15.

John J. Pompey and Barbara Pompey, Dominick G. Pompey and Judith A. Pompey, and Edward M. Pompey and Marlene Pompey to John J. Pompey and Dominick G. Pompey in Springville Township for $1 on November 19.

David J. Hartman and Nancy Hartman to Nancy Hartman in Gibson Township for $1 on November 3.

Debora Ann Crisman, Hal K. Crisman and Mary Louise Ruiz, Co-Administrators of the Estate of Halford K. Crisman aka Halford Kelton Crisman to Debora Ann Crisman, Hal K. Crisman and Mary Louise Ruiz in Bridgewater Township for $1 on November 3 (two parcels).

Debora Ann Crisman to Hal K. Crisman and Mary Louise Ruiz in Bridgewater Township for $1 ogvc on November 24.

Hal K. Crisman and Mary Louise Ruiz, joined by Charlie G. Ruiz to Debora Ann Crisman in Bridgewater Township for $1 on November 3.

Donna M. Fekette and Thomas J. Lopatofsky, Jr. to John Anthony Superak & Mary Otto Superak in Lathrop Township for $57,000 on November 24.

Lois A. Latta, Executrix of the Estate of Ottwill I. Benson to Lois A. Latta in New Milford Township for $1 on November 14.

Kelly Lupole to Steven M. Lupole in Forest Lake Township for $1 on November 18.

Elsie J. Jones to Sylvia B. Jones in Jessup Township for $1 on November 13.

John L. Weber and Elizabeth L. Weber to Kirk B. Smith and Diana L. Smith in Clifford Township for $75,250 on November 15.

Walter P. Hannon & Hope J. Hannon to Emile A. Constantine & Evelyn E. Constantine in Forest Lake Township for $115,000 on November 24.

John Coveleski, Sr., Guardian of Margaret M. Schmidt, to Louise Meyer in Lathrop Township for $75,000 on November 25.

James K. Powers to Jeffrey V. Ferguson and Cynthia L. Ferguson in New Milford Township for $37,000 on November 20.

Harold V. Hartley, Jr. and Carolyn J. Hartley to Harold V. Hartley, Jr. and Carolyn J. Hartley in Lenox Township for $1 on November 25 (two parcels).

Viola K. Fregans to Joanne L. Mahon in Harford Township for $97,000 on November 17.


Raymond Rood Jr., 45, Hallstead Borough, and Alma Frohlich, 36, Johnson City, NY.

David Anthony Sellitto, 43, Dallas, and Darena Rae Tyler, 42, Raleigh, NC.

Scott Michael Darling, 51, Oakland Township, and Jeorganne Muriel Carpenter, 51, Oakland Township.

Roger D. Williams, 54, Oakland Township, and Frances A. Cole, 54, Oakland Township.

James Blachek, 38, Montrose Borough, and Mary R. Pettit, 32, Montrose Borough.

Richard Francis Semko, Jr., 22, Little Meadows Borough, and Amanda R. Ulmer, 16, Binghamton, NY.


Bernard McDonough to Mark Starner, in Jackson Township for $18,000 on Nov. 18.

Charles H. Snyder and Michelle L. Fox-Snyder, Ann Marie Snyder nbm Ann Marie Snyder Walker and Robert J. Walker to Wade R. Goria and Nadine G. Reis in Thompson Township for $35,000 on Nov. 20.

Earl E. Cottrell and Barbara L. Cottrell to Barbara L. Cottrell nka Barbara L. Sartell in Thompson Township for $1 on Oct. 27.

Jeffrey D. Geisenhof and Teresa L. Geisenhof to Mark P. Kurosky in Hallstead Borough for $74,900 on Dec. 1.

Edward J. Czaplicki and Elizabeth Czaplicki to Jack Joseph Johnson in Ararat Township for $35,000 on Dec. 1.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. to Lawrence Grasso, Trustee of the Lawrence M. Grasso Revocable Living Trust in New Milford Township for $26,900 on Nov. 13.

Gerald M. Colgan and Dolores Colgan to David A. Zimmer in Montrose Borough for $78,000 on Dec. 1.

Daniel F. O'Hara and Elizabeth M. Ciavola to John T. Heuskin and Patricia Heuskin in Clifford Township for $210,000 on Oct. 28.

Lucina Howell and Frederick Howell, Jr. to Kevin L. Fassett and Robin Fassett in Jessup Township for $112,000 on Nov. 29.

Charles R. Sanders and Phyllis R. Sanders to Phyllis R. Sanders in Great Bend Township for $1 on Nov. 6.

Sharon M. Carpenter, Executrix of the Estate of Frances R. Brobst to Sharon M. Carpenter and Lowell Carpenter in Bridgewater Township for $1 ogvc on Oct. 3.

Gary L. Latimer and Nikki Ann Latimer to Ronald J. Cwikla and Barbara A. Cwikla and John D. Schiavone and Brandi A. Schiavone in Clifford Township for $325,000 on Nov. 25.

Gerald Konzman, Carol Suponcic and Andrew Suponcic and Rose Marie O'Brien and Warren O'Brien to Phillip Provenzano and Leane Klvana-Provenzano in Forest City Borough for $73,000 on Nov. 25.

David F. Bianco to Roger L. Slocum in Forest City Borough for $1 on Nov. 21.

Robert E. Woodward and Kathryn Woodward to Howard Robert McIntyre and Pamela C. McIntyre in Apolacon Township for $170,000 on Dec. 2.

Diane Kilmer to Buffi LaDue in Lenox Township for $189,000 on Nov. 30.

James F. Mulhern and Gertrude J. Mulhern to James F. Mulhern, Jr. in Lenox Township for $1 on April 8.

David G. Palmer and Bessie Palmer to Frank Truncali and Anna Kuksa in Gibson Township for $43,000 on Nov. 14.

Theresa M. Teel to Brendon M. Teel in Springville Township for $1 on Nov. 26.

Robert J. Kletsko and Debra Kletsko to John M. Rozanski and Holly A. Rozanski in Dimock Township for $140,000 on Dec. 3.

Mae L. Mead to Robert W. Mead in Silver Lake Township for $1 ogvc on June 25.

Kevin Cowperthwait to Daphne Silipo Cowperthwait in Oakland Township for $1 on Nov. 13.

Irene Tokos to Sawyer Investments, LLC in Silver Lake Township for $365,000 on Nov. 28.

April L. Kelley and Ellen A. Kelley, JTRS to April L. Kelley in Oakland Borough for $1 on Nov. 26.

Malcolm Krauss and Selma Krauss to Joseph C. Tavormina and Bertha L. Tavormina in Herrick Township for $103,500 on Nov. 25.

Gaylene L. Dodge to Gaylene L. Dodge and Mark A. Mowry in Auburn Township for $131,000 on Nov. 26.

Duane Brunges to Robert C. Wert and Grace E. Wert in Bridgewater Township for $80,000 on Dec. 5.

Tax Claim Bureau to Leroy Weidow and Darlene Weidow in Jackson Township for $10,075 on Dec. 5 (transfer tax paid on fair market value of $20,051.33).

Brent L. Salsman to Brent Salsman in Auburn Township for surface mining activities on Dec. 3.

Irene Doyle, Administratrix of the Estate of Mary Ryan to Bernard Zembrzycki, Jr. and Linda Zembrzycki in Herrick Township for $135,000 on Oct. 23.

Paula B. Brogan and Byard Brogan to Jeffrey D. Lau and Carol J. Lau in Herrick Township for $124,000 on Dec. 5.

Donna L. Mizok, individually and as Administratrix of the Estate of Bryan M. Mizok to Michael J. Gongliewski and Carol A. Gongliewski in Lenox Township for $170,000 on Dec. 5.

Michael J. Gongliewski and Carol A. Gongliewski to Allen P. Donahue and Stacy L. Donahue in Clifford Township for $162,500 on Dec. 5.

Mary B. Pratt, Executrix of the Estate of Stanley W. Bogusinski aka Stanley Bogusinski to Mary B. Pratt, Helene B. Shibley and Michele B. Thomas in Brooklyn Township $1 ogvc on Dec. 2.

George M. Rinsland and Margaret L. Rinsland and George M. Rinsland and Margaret L. Rinsland as Trustees of the George Rinsland and Margaret L. Rinsland Declaration of Trust to Lawrence Kuhn and Barbara Shoulson in Harford Township for $168,500 on Dec. 3.

Rights-of-way given to Claverack Rural Electric by: Jay H. Deakin and Jean M. Deakin in Oakland Township on Aug. 25; Joseph Karp in Lenox Township on Aug. 8; Leo or Sandra Conklin in New Milford Township on May 24 (2 parcels); Edward or Gwen M. Chianese in Jackson Township on April 15; Sally F. Morgan in Harford Township on April 9; Jack D. and Lori J. Keihl in Bridgewater Township on April 12; Jacob W. and Katherine Furbacher in Bridgewater Township on April 4 (2 parcels); Stewart A. Wenhold, III and Cheri E. Wenhold in Brooklyn Township on April 3; Wayne D. Walker and Rachel A. Walker in Lathrop Township on April 8; Roger E. Scott and Erin M. Scott in Great Bend Township on April 5; Neway Homes in Franklin Township on March 19; David D. Hare in Forest Lake Township on March 6.

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Gibson Barracks Report


Lee's Furniture, State Route 29, Springville Township, was the target of a beer bottle thrown through the window between November 30 and December 1.


Jesse Benedict, New Milford, was assaulted at the Main St. Bar and Grill, New Milford, on November 27 at 1:30 a.m. Benedict, according to the police report, immediately requested the owner to contact police and was refused. Benedict sought treatment and then reported the incident to the police in person. Charges were filed against the assaulter who was not identified in the police report.


The Pump & Pantry, Great Bend Township, had a drive-off on November 30 at 10:27 p.m. The white male, about 5'10" and around 200 pounds, was operating a 1995 red T-bird. Contact the police at 570-465-3154 with information.


Ed Mulqueen, Staten Island, NY, reported that his shed on Oliver Rd., Harford Township, was broken into between November 1-28, and his Echo chainsaw was taken.


On November 28 between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. someone entered Helen Salansky Soltis' (Slingerland, NY) unoccupied rental property at Township Route 483, Gibson Township, and removed a chainsaw from the kitchen area. Anyone with information can contact the PSP at 570-465-3154.


Someone pumped $39 worth of gasoline from the Ho-Mart Convenience Store, Route 492, New Milford Township, on November 27 at 6:54 p.m., then left without paying.


On November 27 at 6:10 p.m., Vadim Lekmanov, 43, Susquehanna, failed to negotiate a curve on State Route 1009, Harmony Township, and traveled into the opposite lane, sideswiping a vehicle driven by Shane Beamer, 17, Susquehanna. No one was injured.


Between November 26 at 5:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. on November 28, someone broke into the Masters Concrete, Inc. garage and stole $5,114 worth of tools. Anyone with information should contact the PSP at 570-465-3154.


Between November 21-27, someone arrived at Camp Chen-A-Wanda, Fiddle Lake, Ararat Township, and entered four outbuildings by prying open the doors on two buildings and a 4 X 8 sheet of T 1-11 on two others, then removed two ATVs. They then returned the vehicles prior to departing. Please contact PSP with information.


On November 13 at 5:15 p.m., Sharesse Conklin,18, Uniondale, was stopped at a stop sign on State Route 2055. Deborah Sellitto, 40, Susquehanna, was traveling north on Route 11 approaching the intersection of State Route 11 with State Route 106, Harford Township. Conklin's 1998 Plymouth Neon proceeded from the stop sign into the path of Sellitto's 2000 Pontiac Grand Am. Conklin was struck by Sellitto in the right side while attempting to cross Route 11.


On November 26 at 5:20 p.m., Carol Grosvenor, Kingsley, was traveling north on State Route 167, Brooklyn Township. She struck a deer which ran into her vehicle's path. Carol Grosvenor was not injured but passenger Helen Grosvenor had minor injuries.


A 1996 Lumina, driven by David H. Tomazic, 23, Forest City, was traveling north on State Route 247, Clifford Township, when the operator lost control for unknown reasons. His car struck a fence along the east berm. Tomazic received moderate injuries in this November 23 incident at 2:55 a.m.


Elizabeth E. Evans, Thompson, slid off of State Route 171, Herrick Township, on November 14 at 4:59 p.m., and slid into a tree. After this crash on snow covered roads, Evans was taken to Marion Community Hospital and treated for minor injuries.


On November 26 at 11:30 a.m., Charles McArthy, Meshoppen, reported that someone had cut a portion of fencing around his cow pasture. Those involved were on ATVs as evidenced by tracks left behind. The riders then rode around the pasture before leaving. McArthy caught this damage before cows got out onto State Route 267, Auburn Township. Anyone with information, call the PSP at 570-465-3156.


Veronica Bradley, 44, Hop Bottom, was driving a 1994 Dodge Ram north on State Route 11 at the intersection with Mill St, New Milford Borough. She stopped as a vehicle in front of her was making a turn onto Mill St. Benjamin Ornel, 25, Montrose, driving a 1997 Olds Achieva, became distracted and drove into Paul Sieben, 40, Montrose, in a 1990 Dodge Caravan which was then forced into the rear of Bradley's vehicle. Ornel was cited for careless driving, according to the report of this November 26 incident.


Sugarlee Wakefield, 24, Binghamton, NY, was charged with unsworn falsification to authorities and false report to law enforcement authorities on November 24. Wakefield reported an incident which would constitute a crime of criminal attempt rape on August 14 and then again on August 21. The allegations reported by the accused were false and therefore criminal charges were filed at District Justice Peter Janicelli's office.


Stephen G. Purdy, Laceyville, lost control of his 1995 GMC Jimmy on November 21 at 7:55 a.m. and the vehicle flipped over as it was traveling on State Route 3001, Auburn Township. No injuries were noted.


On November 25 between 6:30 and 6:35 p.m., Sharonne D. Blevins parked her car on Interstate Route 81 rest area, Lenox Township, and went inside the building to use the facilities. Upon her return to the vehicle, she discovered that an overnight bag which she left on the front seat was missing. Contents included 3 college law text books, 3 Visa cards, 1 black leather wallet with "Rowan University" imprinted on it, and one Nokia cell phone with red base and dragon. Anyone with information contact the PSP at 570-465-3154.


Someone shot a BB gun on October 26 between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. at the trailer of Judith Stark, Oakland Trailer Park, State Route 171, Oakland Township damaging a window.


Between November 19-22, someone damaged and stole the library sign from the front yard of the Pratt Memorial Library, Main St., New Milford Borough. It was valued at about $250. Anyone with information, call PSP at 570-465-3154.


Someone arrived at the Rush Township Volunteer Fire Co. concession stand at LaRue Park, State Routes 706 and 267, Rush Township, between October 23-30 and broke a window and entered the structure. It was empty so no items were removed.


Sometime between October 23-30 someone forcibly entered a pole barn on Township Route 579, Bridgewater Township, and removed an ATV, which has since been recovered, having been found in Montrose Borough, 200 feet west of Spruce St., behind the Department of Health Building. The ATV belonged to Daniel Ricci, Montrose. If anyone has information about this, call PSP at 570-465-3154.


Timothy S. Cline, Windsor, NY, was traveling south on State Route 1015, Lanesboro, on December 2 at 10:30 a.m., when he lost control of his 2003 Ford van on slippery roads. He hit a utility pole, but received no injuries.


No one was injured when Bonnie Emerson, Great Bend, failed to negotiate a curve on Township Route 841, Great Bend Township, due to sliding on slippery roads. She collided with Michael Mullen, Hallstead, whose vehicle was rounding a curve in the road in the opposite direction. The incident occurred on Dec. 2 at 8:30 a.m.


At 11:45 a.m. on December 2, Tammy L. Whitmore, Susquehanna, was traveling north on State Route 1012 (East Lake Rd.), Jackson Township, and lost control of her 1998 Ford Escort on slippery roads. She was not injured when her car hit a tree.


Sarah L.Holmes, Thompson, received minor injuries when she lost control of her 2000 Dodge Dakota on December 2 at 10:30 a.m. on State Route 171, Thompson Township, and hit a tree.


At 12:45 a.m. on December 2, three vehicles were involved in an accident on Interstate 81, Lenox Township, but there were no injuries. Amanda L. McCarthy, Hop Bottom, and Vitality Holowko, Binghamton, NY, were each driving north on Interstate 81, and both failed to negotiate a right curve in the roadway causing their vehicles to collide. McCarthy's vehicle spun out in front of Holowko's vehicle. Kenneth D. Russ, Ocala, FL, then struck Holowko's.


Mark Douglas Decker, Sr., 48, South Montrose, and Mark Douglas Decker, Jr., 26, South Montrose, were charged with the following felony charges, according to the police report: theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and criminal conspiracy, stemming from an incident on December 5 at the Delaware Quarries, Inc., Dimock Township. They were arraigned before District Justice Gene Franklin and committed to the Susquehanna County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail each.


Stephen Pitonyak, 32, Hallstead, lost control of his pick-up truck during a snow event and collided with a telephone pole on Old Route 11, about one mile north of New Milford Borough. Pitonyak was not injured in this November 24 incident.


On Dec. 6 at 11:44 a.m., Gerald Danniel, Wilkes-Barre, traveled into the intersection of Township Routes 580 and 749, Harford Township, proceeding through a stop sign into the path of Adam Biggs, New Milford. No injuries were reported.


Cassandra L. Sodon, Montrose, was not injured on Dec. 1 at 6:40 p.m. when her Chevy Tracker was traveling south on State Route 167, Silver Lake Township, and she lost control on icy roads. The vehicle overturned and came to rest on its roof.


Thomas Taramelli, New Milford, was driving a 1997 Ford F-150 on November 22 at noon on State Route 848, New Milford Township. The vehicle went into a ditch, then hit a culvert.


Carole Demaree, Owego, NY, reported that someone threw a whiskey bottle through her sliding glass door on Quaker Lake Rd., Silver Lake Township, between Dec. 5-6.


Between November 29 and December 5, someone entered the Diana M. Smith dwelling on Township Route 306, Auburn Township, and removed a 16" McCulouch (sic) chainsaw and a Peavey ampliphier (sic). Anyone with information on this incident call the PSP Gibson.


Francis Wadman, Montrose, failed to properly negotiate a right turn on State Route 3029 at State Route 29, Bridgewater Township, on November 30 at 3:03 p.m., and received minor injuries.


A white/light skinned male wearing a dark ski mask and dark jacket with white stripes on the arms entered Peoples National Bank, State Route 11, Great Bend Township, on December 5 at 6:00 p.m. brandishing a handgun. He ordered the tellers to give him the money by placing it in a bag, then fled the scene in a small red vehicle. The robbery is still under investigation, and anyone who might have been in the area at the time is asked to contact the PSP at 570-465-3154.


Edwin F. Sonjor, Endicott, NY, lost control of his 1996 Mercury on Dec. 2 at 12:10 a.m. on State Route 267, Forest Lake Township, on snow covered roadway and struck a utility pole. No injuries were listed.


Charles Restino, Dimock, reported that someone damaged a loudspeaker, placed above his fuel pumps, during the incident times (November 30 between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. the next day) at the Checker's Express, State Routes 29 and 3004, Springville Township.


Cindy Hawk, Hallstead, reported an attempted burglary on Hawk Rd., Franklin Township, on November 18. No entry was made into the residence and nothing was stolen from the victim.


David Schell, 20, Peckville, lost control of his 1998 Ford on State Route 492, New Milford Borough. The vehicle went off the roadway, struck a parked car then came to rest against a house. Schell will be charged with traffic violations, according to the police report of this December 1 incident.


A white male in his early 20's pumped $25.60 in gas at the Great Bend Pump & Pantry on Dec. 1 at 9:08 p.m. then fled without paying. He was driving a Ford pickup truck with a cap on its bed. An investigation continues.


Joshua Strohl, 16, Montrose, lost control of a 1998 Chevy S-10 pickup on State Route 1026, Bridgewater Township, and hit a tree. Strohl received minor injuries. No date was listed in the report.


Someone arrived at School Rd., Great Bend Township, on Dec. 1 at 7:15 p.m. and put a small explosive device inside the victim's mailbox, which detonated and destroyed the mailbox. The person then fled the scene in a small darker colored car, traveling west on School Rd.


A 16-year old male stole a vehicle from Rich's Auto Sales, Route 29, South Montrose, at about 10:30 p.m. on December 2 after breaking into the car lot office and stealing the keys. At 10:50 p.m. he lost control of the vehicle on State Route 706, Bridgewater Township, and hit a utility pole, then fled on foot, leaving the car at the scene. He was tracked in fresh snow by three troopers from Gibson barracks, a distance of three miles. The tracks led to a residence where he was taken into custody.


Between Nov. 11-18, someone removed a 12 ga. shotgun, a skil circular saw, and a 1/4" electric drill from a detached garage belonging to Donald Lawrence Purdell, 78, State Route 848, Apolacon Township.


Audrey Drayling, 31, Brooklyn, NY, driving a 1995 Nissan Altima, rear-ended a 1993 Volvo tractor trailer driven by Frank Fuller, 57, Pittsburg. Drayling had neck injuries, while Fuller was unhurt in this Dec. 2 incident at 12:50 a.m.


Neil J. Darrow, 19, New Milford, was not injured when he was traveling west on State Route 492, New Milford Township, and collided with a deer on Nov. 16 at 11:05 a.m.


Kenneth Zura, Sugar Run, reported that his 70-foot cherry tree at his property on Township Route 318, Jessup Township, was cut down on October 29 at 2:00 p.m. Anyone with information should contact the PSP, Gibson.


Jane Kocik, 53, Swoyersville, received a sprained wrist when she became distracted and drove her vehicle into a light standard at the Price Chopper parking lot, Bridgewater Township, on Dec. 2 at 2:55 p.m.


On Dec. 2 at 12:55 a.m., four tractor trailers were involved in a crash on Interstate 81, Harford Township. The southbound lane was closed until 7:40 a.m. when the right lane opened, and by 11:00 a.m. both southbound lanes were open. No information was available at the time of the police report about persons involved.


On Oct. 30 between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., someone removed a 14 kt gold wedding ring valued at $1200 from the Jerald Aronson residence on Mattes Rd., Choconut Township. Contact PSP Gibson with information.


A juvenile pointed a BB gun at two victims (names withheld) at a residence in Harford on Nov. 26 at 9:15 p.m. The case was referred to juvenile court.


Nicholas Severcool, 19, Montrose (Franklin Township), was pronounced dead at the scene of an accident which occurred on Dec. 12 at 12:45 a.m. He had been traveling on a curve on State Route 29, Franklin Township, at a high rate of speed when he lost control of his 1993 Plymouth Laser and impacted with a guide rail. The vehicle then traveled back across both lanes and hit a tree on the opposite side of the road. He had not been wearing a seatbelt.


On Dec. 10 at 3:15 a.m., two tractor trailers were stopped in the right lane of Interstate 81 northbound, Harford Township, due to a minor crash north of the scene. A third tractor trailer which was a Fed Ex truck was also traveling north and struck one of the tractor trailers from behind. The struck tractor trailer then traveled into the median after impact. The Fed Ex truck then struck a third tractor trailer. The Fed Ex driver, Dale Thompson, 33, Hamden, NY, was pronounced dead at the scene by Susquehanna County Coroner Anthony Conarton. One of the other tractor trailer drivers, John T. Aldasch, Oneida, NY, was taken to CMC, Scranton, and treated for minor injuries. The third driver, Andrezej E. Cora, Mississauga, ONT, did not have injuries.

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Border Confusion in Harford

The Harford Township Supervisors, two incumbents and one pending, met briefly on December 9 to consider a scant agenda. With a proposed budget up for discussion, there was none. And Rick Pisasik had nothing new to report about the Odd Fellows Hall.

Recently the Supervisors approved the purchase of a couple new plows and a township employee attending the meeting said they're doing a fine job. That was pretty much the extent of the road report.

Two subdivisions were considered. The township doesn't have up or down approval authority on such matters, but it does have a right of review with regard to sewage planning, even though sewage enforcement has been turned over to the county Council of Governments. One of the subdivision applications was approved pending completion of paperwork for sewage planning.

The other subdivision concerns a property west of U.S. Route 11, along Martin's Creek. Martin's Creek forms the western boundary of Harford Township, and the property in question seems to span the creek. Which township has jurisdiction, Harford or Brooklyn? The maps also seem to show that much of the land is in the Martin's Creek bottoms, a wetland that would not be suitable for most types of sewage facilities. With all of these questions, and no paperwork relating to sewage planning, the Supervisors decided to hold the matter over at least until the next meeting, to allow more information to be gathered.

And the next meeting is scheduled for December 23, beginning at 7:30 p.m., at the Township building on Route 547.

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