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Open House Well Attended

On behalf of the Susquehanna Community Elementary School faculty and students, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and other interested persons who made the time and effort to attend the Open House on September 18.

Parents and friends were given the opportunity to tour the Elementary School, make or renew acquaintances with teachers, and also were treated to refreshments in the cafeteria.

Parents of third, fourth and fifth grade students were given the opportunity to learn about Studyisland.com, a computer program implemented to help students prepare for PSSA testing.

Parents of Kindergarten students were entertained with a nice program presented by the Kindergarten teachers and many of their students.

The book fair, which was held in the library, was well attended.

All in all, the event was considered a huge success!


Robert Keyes

Elementary Principal

An Economic Resurgence

Over the past several years, much has been written and spoken about the need for economic development for this county in the form of additional jobs and income. With the very real possibility of a rail link from Scranton or even Binghamton, now is a most opportune time to consider a proposal that would certainly improve the economic climate in this county, as well as reduce the property tax burden on us all.

Throughout all of Europe, garbage is disposed of through the use of modern incinerating plants. These are not your old polluting incinerators, but rather state-of-the-art facilities that reduce all waste products by 90% by burning them in a three thousand degree furnace that consumes any toxic material to the highest degree. Such a plant would also provide a consistent source of revenue through the byproduct sale of metal, glass and ash for recycling. The real benefit of this is that you have clean waste management, without gobbling up precious open acreage with landfills.

As a resident of this county for 50 years, I wish to propose that the County Commissioners investigate the feasibility of such a facility, with the eventual placement of this proposal on the ballot for the voters to decide.

Waste management is one of our most pressing issues for the 21st Century and beyond. If we can produce new and viable solutions to age-old problems, Susquehanna County might just lead this entire region into the future while providing an economic resurgence that we so desperately need.


Francis Tully

Thompson, PA

A Lot To Straighten Out

President Bush recently made a speech about how Iraq is torturing people, using people for sex slaves, etc. Does he know about the hundreds of women getting raped at our Air Force Academy?

n I volunteered, in 1952 to be a Marine, I had to hold a canteen full of boiling water, for two hours as punishment for a trivial incident. Another recruit, who lost his key to his locker box had to carry it on his back, like the Lord and the cross, while running and yelling "I lost my key to the locker box" up and down the street.

I joined the Air Force after that, and got the privilege of seeing the North Pole. I spent one year with no living things, women, children, trees, grass, or animals. I know prisoners get better treatment; visitors, TV, papers, etc. We got to eat dehydrated food.

The police in this country beat people and the FBI sue that rubber hose treatment to get you to talk. Top executives of large corporations think nothing of laying off 30,000 people (airlines) and get millions of dollars for saving money (bonus) at the end of the year.

This country is not exactly paradise, either. We have a lot to straighten out, over here, before we can condemn others.


Joseph Nalbach

Great Bend, PA

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