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Creating An Identity, Erasing The Stigma

This letter is in response to the resident that wrote the letter to the residents of Thompson Borough. Whenever you put yourself in a public service position, you become a target of criticism. That is why I usually don’t respond to letters that are directed at me, personally. I feel that if people attended our meetings they would get the facts firsthand and not have to rely on rumor for information. Approximately three months ago, Mayor Delaney approached me about the possibility of having some type of event in the borough. Mayor Delaney, myself and my wife started talking and COPIED, yes I said copied, an event that was held in this borough back in the late 20’s and early 30’s, a Town Fair. We felt that we needed to have the event as close to our Founder’s Day (April 10, 1876) as possible, in a month that we would have a better chance of decent weather, which in this area brings snow in April. Unfortunately, we didn’t start planning until April so, obviously you need at least two to three months to organize this type of event. We wanted to make sure that we kept at least two weeks away from any other town’s event. After I had spoken with representatives from four other local communities to see if they had anything going on in the month of June, the only one that had anything was New Milford Borough, on the first weekend. In response to the accusations made, I will address them with facts and not the misinformation that you have provided to the readers of this paper.

First is the accusation that the Borough Council is spending taxpayers’ money. This is far from the truth. I asked the council to support this event by allowing it to take place and by opening a community account to deposit any money that was donated, allowing for the day’s event to be paid for without any money being handled by the organizers.

Second is the accusation about this borough cashing in a CD to get started. I asked that, in the event that we didn’t receive enough money to pay for the day, would the council be willing to help support the event with money from the CD. Fortunately, the response from the borough residents, businesses within and those outside of the borough has been terrific. There will be more than enough money to pay for the event and some left to either support a community project or a second annual Town Fair.

Third is the accusation that this borough received a $500.00 check from a Wayne County bank. A letter was sent to two banks asking if they would like to sponsor an event for the day. We received a check in the amount of $400.00 from a bank in Forest City and another for $100.00 from a bank in Susquehanna. As to your comment about my answers to questions asked of me, they may not make sense to you but they evidently make sense to a majority of the residents that have donated their lawns for crafters to set up, those that have donated prize money, advertising money and banners. Businesses within the borough have donated money for their ads to be placed in the seven-page booklet that my wife has put together, free of charge to anyone but herself. All money received has been given to the borough treasurer and has been deposited into the community account.

You may not agree but you and I have something in common. We both are very passionate about the service that we provide to this borough. Yours, directly to the Hose Company and by doing so, indirectly to the community. Mine, directly to the community and indirectly to the Hose Company through my position on the borough council. Never forget that volunteering means serving others and not yourself. Many people don’t realize how much of your time is taken from your family to serve your community. So, obviously this event is not about taking, but about giving to this community. If your opinion was that of the Hose Company, they wouldn’t have allowed the use of their property, dunk tank and Fire Police. Members of the Hose Company wouldn’t be giving their time to make money on that day, for the Hose Company.

This community was always known as a small town, with little to offer. Hopefully, with continued future support we can "create an identity and erase the stigma."


Dennis Price, Co-Organizer

President, Thompson Borough Council Volunteer

To The Angry Thompson Resident

You claim that the Thompson Town Fair will take away from the Thompson Hose Company’s fundraising affair, but correct me if I’m wrong (which in this case I’m not); didn’t the President of the council and the Mayor attend a firemen’s meeting. At this meeting they invited the members to do something for the fair. You were the one who flatly refused to move the bingo time up and possibly make more money for a Saturday, than normal. Just a little tip; one of your friends, who is completely against the fair, was smart enough to open her shop on weekends and most likely take advantage of the situation and make some money on that day. It seems only you and a couple of people have a problem with this event. But, it’s funny how other members of the fire department will be doing something for that day – cotton candy, selling raffle tickets for a four-wheeler, loaning the dunk tank, and the fire police graciously agreed to help out. If I were you, I would use this opportunity to either make some money, or hand out fliers to promote the July Fourth celebration.

This is a community-based event, so you should forget your grudges and go with the flow (like everyone else). Enjoy what this Town Fair is about – to commemorate the creation of the borough; it is not intended in any way to hurt the fire department or any member of this town.

Thank you, to everyone that has helped make this day happen!


Marel A. Delaney

Thompson, PA

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