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S. T. Plastics Added To KOEZ
County Comprehensive Plan Near Completion
Gibson Barracks Report
Court House Report
Mayor Kelly Resigns, Hurley Appointed
Mt. View Projects Budget

S. T. Plastics Added To KOEZ

Susquehanna County's Commissioners have agreed to back a resolution which would put the former Southern Tier Plastics building in New Milford Borough in a KOEZ zone. Current thoughts are that this building, if it were purchased by an agency, could serve as an incubator for new businesses needing a way to share expenses so they could succeed.

Economic Development Director Justin Taylor proposed the resolution to the commissioners at their most recent meeting, saying the building is a blighted spot, and has been vacant for 10 years. The owner was asking $250,000 for it, and has now lowered the price to $100,000. The property is still on the tax rolls, because it is not up to code, which will cost approximately $287,000. Additional structural issues such as new electrical service, plumbing, etc. may bring the total upgrades to about $900,000, said Taylor.

If and when an agency, whether it is an Industrial Development Association or a Chamber of Commerce, etc., purchases the building, it will come off the tax rolls, and the KOEZ designation would keep it off the tax rolls from January 1, 2004 until January 1, 2014. It would not cost local taxpayers any tax money, he said, as there is funding available or such projects.

Asked if there was a realistic expectation of an incubator idea working in the area, Taylor said that his department is pushing for a technology corridor in the New Milford/Hallstead area along Interstate 81. They will recruit from Broome County, and this building would give a nice structure for that purpose. He spoke of the former Talboys building in South Montrose, which is currently nearly filled with three clients, but that few buildings meet requirements for new businesses to get started.

Taylor was also asked what additional information he had on the former Ames store. Developers who purchased the property recently announced that a Price Chopper would be locating there. Taylor said that two additional retail businesses are in the talking stage, and he reported that there are a proposed 160 jobs that will result.

Many local people aren't happy about another grocery store, since there are already two in the Montrose area. "What we need is a department store," is often people's reaction to the food store news.

Gene Famolari proposed that the commissioners give a letter of support for a proposal which would get Susquehanna County on the map. Lehigh University is seeking a place for a project which would research the environment for wireless communication technology. Additionally it would look at a multiple tier wireless communication system and use Susquehanna County for those experiments though mapping the area to show how a system can be built. The unique typography of the county fits well with the project, with its hills and valleys, making communications difficult.

Once the letter of support was approved by the commissioners, the next step will be to received the okay. There will be no costs to the county. It will give an education program to students, and give Susquehanna County information on how it can get into the technological world. It would all take about a year to implement, but the information obtained from the project would benefit 9-1-1 as well as the Economic Development Department, according to Commissioner Gary Marcho.

Sue Wetherall of Montrose Borough questioned the replacing of the telecommunications tower at the old Montrose Fairgrounds. The current 130 foot tower is to be replaced with a tower of the same height, with an optional additional 40 foot extension. She asked about the current landlord, reportedly the Ag Society, and why there is no sublease agreement. Also, why are there are no permits for the additional 40 feet, why aren't there setbacks that she said are in the current county laws, were aesthetics considered and were other locations reviewed not close to schools and residences, why is the project not done per the completion date of May 31, and why the previous site has not been monitored for safety and whether the newer site will have a better record.

Wetherall was asked if she had all of her questions in writing to present to the commissioners, which Marcho said couldn't be answered that day, but would be looked at from the legal point of view.

In other business, Joseph Parise was re-hired as a Caseworker II in the Children & Youth Services at his previous salary of $12.29 an hour. He will not be given carryover of previous benefits, but will received benefits beginning May 27. An advertised bid for voice logging equipment for the 9-1-1 center was approved. Mercom will be given $61,700 with a five-year maintenance contract for the recorder and software which replaces an older system.

Endless Mountains Water Company was awarded the bid for water and water coolers, over the objection of Commissioner Lee Smith who wanted a local company to be considered. Apparently, the bid specs stated that the bidders had to belong to a bottled water association, and the local company didn't. But asked what the association had to do with safety or other issues of importance, neither the Chief Clerk nor the other two commissioners could explain, saying only that the specs had been the same as previous years.

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County Comprehensive Plan Near Completion

County Planning Director, Robert Templeton, announced at the May 27 meeting of the Planning Commission that his request to extend the time frame of the Department of Community and Economical Development grant, which was utilized for the writing of the updated Comprehensive Plan, was denied. While seeking to extend the time in order to use the remaining $6000, Templeton said they would just have to make sure that the printing and mailing are done by the June 30 deadline. Those expenses and some advertising costs will consume the remaining money.

Templeton further stated, "After the Plan is complete, published and distributed, we may take certain sections or ideas from the Plan and expand on them in what could be called ‘position papers.’ It would be a good way to promote the use of the Plan with the municipalities. One area that will require further discussion is the growth area concept. We want this to be a working document rather than something that sits on a shelf."

In other business, final approval of the Harford Volunteer Fire Company building was granted. The new building is in Harford Township near the fairground. The preliminary plan had been accepted just short of one year ago.

The addition of a new greenhouse at D&S Flowers and Gift Shop in Thompson was also granted final approval at this month’s meeting.

The subdivision of the lands of Hollis G. Belcher on Route 494 in Gibson Township will add 38 more acres to the Palma Gun Club, a recreation and hunting parcel. The remaining lot is residential and will not be developed at this time because Belcher is living in Texas.

Another geographical area is moving forward on sewage disposal and the Planning Commission gave positive comment to the proposed sewage facilities plan update in Clifford Township. The intent is to provide a central sewer collection system to remedy the current disposal methods in the Dundaff and Crystal Lake areas. The planned system will collect effluence and convey it to the Greenfield Township Sewer Authority Wastewater Treatment Plant. Clifford Township will enter into an agreement with Greenfield Township Sewer Authority to handle wastewater treatment. Several collection and treatment alternatives were evaluated on an ecological and economic basis and this option was chosen as the most feasible.

Clifford Township, with the help of the sewage committee created by the Township Supervisors, shall remain the lead agency responsible for grant preparation, funding, and financing the project, and shall be responsible for the ultimate operation and maintenance of the new facilities.

Along with the Planning Commission’s positive comment came encouragement for more planning to be done in that area. Deputy Director Eleanor Kurosky reported that she had reviewed twenty-six subdivision plans in May. She had held forty conferences about proposed subdivisions and had answered 187 calls for information. Subdivision plans, as of the middle of May were down sixteen from last year. She stated that weather conditions have a lot to do with submissions, because of soil and perk tests needing to be conducted.

The next Planning Commission meeting will be held on June 24 at 7:30 p.m. in the county office building. A workshop meeting precedes it at the Montrose House. Both meetings are open to the public.

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Gibson Barracks Report


Elaine Miles Bisol, Uniondale, was traveling west on State Route 2008 at about 35 mph. As her 1988 Toyota crested a hill, she observed an oncoming vehicle in her lane. Bisol swerved to avoid the vehicle and lost control, and her vehicle impacted with an embankment and overturned. The incident occurred on May 1 at 3:15 p.m.


School Bus Driver Gary Sanauskas, 47, Carbondale, was driving with about twenty students aboard on State Route 106 east bound, Lenox Township, while Jennifer Goral, 18, Forest City, was driving west bound on the same road. Goral drifted into Sanauskas's lane of travel and crashed into the left rear tire of the school bus. No injuries were reported in this May 19 accident which occurred at about 3:50 p.m. Goral faces a vehicle code charge relating to failure to maintain her vehicle in her own lane, according to the police report.


Herbert Roe, Jr., Montrose, reported that his car was struck by a hit-and-run vehicle while parked at the Montrose Terrace Park, Bridgewater Township, on May 16 at 10:30 p.m. The vehicle was described by witnesses as a white SUV with a pinstripe down the side.


James Seney, 17, Vandling, and Jesse Trusky, 19, Forest City, were involved in a rear end crash at White's Trailer Park, State Route 2008, Clifford Township, on May 17 at 2:00 a.m. The police report did not mention which vehicle hit which vehicle.


Eric Daniels, Thompson, is alleged to have violated aspects of a PFA order with regard to child custody over the weekend of May 23–25. He was taken into custody on May 26 and arraigned before DJ Watson Dayton, with a hearing scheduled for May 30 to determine the contempt allegation.


On May 18 at 4:17 p.m., Merlene Burke, Springfield Gardens, NY, struck Edward Hallstead, Stroudsburg, in the rear causing minor damage on Interstate 81, Great Bend Township. There were no injuries.


Gibson State Police received a report that a 12-year old male had indecent contact with a 5-year old female in Lathrop Township. Both subjects were interviewed and it was determined that Indecent Assault and related offenses had been committed by the juvenile male. Action will be taken by the County Juvenile Department. Neither child was injured as a result of the May 24 incident, according to the report.


Kenneth F. Fuller, Olyphant, was stopped for traffic violations and taken for chemical testing, and according to the report, will be charged with DUI. The incident occurred on May 26 at 2:00 a.m. on Interstate 81, Lenox Township.


Nathon Delos Stone, Brackney, was stopped for traffic violations and taken for chemical testing. He will be charged with DUI, according to the police report. The incident occurred on May 25 at 6:00 a.m. on State Route 29, South Main St. and Jackson St., Montrose Borough.


Michael Zabrowski, 21, Uniondale, stated that he swerved to miss a deer and struck a guide rail. His 1988 Nissan Pathfinder then went into a ditch. This incident occurred on Mud Rd, Clifford Township, on May 24 at 3:30 p.m.


Between 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. on May 22-23, someone smashed out a window on a 2002 Volvo truck trailer belonging to Frito Lay Inc., Dallas, TX at the Colonial Brick Motel parking lot, Great Bend Township.


A three car chain reaction crash occurred on State Route 11, 2/10 mile north of New Milford Borough on May 23 at 7:50 a.m. The three drivers were Nicole Tierney, New Milford; Chad Scott, New Milford; and Daniel Buchanan, Hallstead.


Kerry Kemp, Friendsville, skid on mud on Township Route 640, Forest Lake Township on May 14 at 8:15 a.m. The Chevy struck an embankment. No injuries occurred.


Richard Ballard, Jackson, in a 1998 Ford pickup, crossed the center lane of State Route 492, New Milford Township, on May 20 at 4:28 p.m., and struck Frank Abel, Susquehanna. Abel sustained moderate injuries, and was taken to Guthrie Hospital.


A Montrose Minute Men Inc. ambulance was being driven back to Montrose after a call in the Hop Bottom area when someone threw stones at the ambulance, striking and damaging the windshield. Anyone with information in this May 17 incident at 1:25 p.m. is asked to contact the PA State Police at 570-465-3154.

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Court House Report


Gavin R. Holmes, 30, Greene, NY, and Trisha M. Fletcher, 27, Greene, NY.

Frank S. Fitch, 48, Brooklyn Township, and Penny M. Igoe, 45, Brooklyn Township.

Richard J. Fissler, 46, Rush Township, and Jean Fisher, 45, Rush Township.


James J. Smith and Joan Tross to Elizabeth Frost in Oakland Township for $1 ogvc.

Sanford H. Ryder and Mary M. Ryder to Sandra Ryder and Kevin Kovalefsky in Lanesboro Borough for $35,000.

Thomas J. Owens and Alice S. Owens to William P. Steele and Dawn M. Steele in Lenox Township for $1.

Donna Berger, individually and as Executrix of the William L. Barhight aka William Barhight estate to David C. Ferguson and Dawn Marie Ferguson in Herrick Township for $23,000.

Veronica Scheppard Gallagher aka Veronica Randazzo to Edward P. Gallagher in Jessup Township for $1.

Robert D. Terboss and Susan J. Terboss to John R. Terboss in Susquehanna Depot Borough for $1.

HP Generators, L.C. to Michael J. Giangrieco and Charm K. Giangrieco in Forest Lake Township for $20,000.

Robert P. Hawley and Kelly Ann Hawley to Robert P. Hawley and Kelly Ann Hawley in Silver Lake Township for $1.

Anne A. Geiger and Patrick J. Hartman to Anne A. Geiger in Clifford Township for $1.

Dale Howell Enterprises, Inc. to Roy M. Force and Kristie J. Force in Susquehanna Depot Borough for $48,000.

William S. Mead and Jodi L. Mead to Jack A. Grick and Judy A. Grick in Bridgewater Township for $1.

James Harold Butler to Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. in Apolacon Township for $1 for right of way.

David Stone and Gail M. Stone to Claverack REC in Bridgewater Township for $1 for right of way.

Peter S. Watrous and Pamela J. Walker to Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. in Franklin Township for $1 for right of way.

Daniel or Judy Knight to Claverack REC in Bridgewater Township for $1 for right of way.

Howard W. and Susan R. Stoddard to Claverack REC in Silver Lake Township for $1 for right of way.

Flying J. Travel Plaza to Claverack REC in New Milford Township for $1. for right of way.

New Milford Township to Claverack REC in New Milford Township for $1 for right of way.

Sharon L. or Gladys C. Hunsberger to Claverack REC in Liberty Township for $1 for right of way.

James Williams and Eileen D. Williams to Claverack REC in New Milford Township for $1 for right of way.

Nina N. Watrous to Claverack REC in Harford Township for $1 for right of way.

Russell E. and Jean M. Bitler to Claverack REC in New Milford Township for $1 for right of way.

Lynn C. Butler to Claverack REC in Lathrop Township for $1 for right of way.

Jerrold L. Aronson and Eileen C. Way to Claverack REC in Choconut Township for $1 for right of way.

Flying J. Inc. to Claverack REC in New Milford Township for $1 for right of way.

David V. or Liza K. Smith to Claverack REC in Auburn Township for $1 for right of way.

Carol Carley Giles aka Carol Carley Reina, Virginia Mignone, Gerard M. Carley to Gerard M. Carley and Virginia Mignone in Ararat Township for $1.

William R. Tell to Thomas Edward Tell in Clifford Township for $1.

Michael B. Harris and Richard J. Cirba to Michael B. Harris and Richard J. Cirba in Clifford Township for $1.

Jack H. Reynolds and Elizabeth M. Reynolds to Gerard James Dougherty in Jessup Township for $10,670.

Beulah E. Herman to Paul J. Banko and Berneda M. Blaisure in Rush Township for $70,000.

Jonathan Whiteside and Kristin Long to Andrea Antol in Clifford Township for $95,275.

Harford Penn-Can Service, Inc. to PennDOT in Harford Township for condemnation in eminent domain proceedings per court order.

Charlotte DeGroff to Michael Seman in Lenox Township for $21,000.

Micah A. Price and Brandy L. Price to Micah A. Price and Brandy L. Price in Herrick Township for $1.

Carol A. Skiba to Carol A. Skiba and Joseph T. Skiba III in Oakland Borough for $1.

Thomas J. Reilly, Executor of the Estate of Agnes M. Reilly, to Thomas J. Reilly, Executor of the Estate of Agnes M. Reilly, in Harmony Township for $1.

Mark Alden Mowry to Christopher Mowry and Tammi Mowry in Auburn Township for $140,000.

Barbara A. Graham to Brian Eugene Chidester, Neal Charles Chidester, Keith Eli Chidester and Charles Merle Chidester in Brooklyn Township for $68,000.

Joan Janicelli, Executrix of the Estate of Mary Lou Grausgruber to Jane Grausgruber in Susquehanna Depot Borough for $1.

Cynthia M. Jerry to Peter Freely and Cynthia M. Freely in Clifford Township for no dollars.

Richard S. Stahl, Richard A. Stahl, Michael D. Stahl, and Carl S. Eddinger to Richard S. Stahl, Richard A. Stahl, Michael D. Stahl, Carl S. Eddinger, Mark D. Stahl and Ronald C. Eddinger in Jackson Township for $1.

Alvin Weiner and Nancy Weiner to Matthew Ambrose in Herrick Township for $165,000.

Josephine J. Dillon to Josephine J. Dillon, Alan L. Reimel, Joann D. Reimel and Matthew P. Reimel in Silver Lake Township for $1.

Donna Fekette, Paul A. Kelly and Pamela E. Kelly, Lawrence T. O'Reilly and Christine O'Reilly and Thomas O'Reilly to Wayne D. Volpe in New Milford Township for $57,000.

Anne Lee and Shirley Kelly in Choconut Township for $1 for boundary line agreement.

Patricia Brennan, individually and as Executrix/Administratrix of the Estate of George Brennan, to Paula Costello in Jessup Township for $1.

Glenn D. Symonds & Theresa Hogan Symonds to Martin Mellinger & Dawn Mellinger in New Milford Township for $62,500.

Nancy E. Jones to Nancy E. Jones and Karen L. Green in Clifford and Herrick Townships for no dollars.

George A. Chase and Michael A. Chase to George A. Chase in Jessup Township for $1.

Charles M. Davis and Claudia Davis to Karl H. Rettberg, Jr. and Tabatha A. Rettberg in Forest City Borough for $21,000.

Helen J. Thomas to Kenneth W. Mason and Kathryn Mason in Brooklyn Township for $12,000.

Lawrence T. O'Reilly and Christine M. O'Reilly to McCormick Road Associates, LLC in Silver Lake Township for $45,000.

William J. O'Brien to Cheryl A. O'Brien in Silver Lake Township for $10 ovc.

John L. Bongione and Bonnie A. Bongione aka Barbara Ann Bongione by and through her Attorney-in-fact, John L. Bongione to John S. Bongione and Barbara Ann Bongione in Herrick Township for $1.

David L. Brainard to PennDOT in Harford Township for right of way.

Gene W. Simpson and Lillian L. Simpson to Mark Silfee in Herrick Township for $60,000.

Lisa Warner, nbm Lisa Ryan and Bernard Ryan, Donna M. Wayman and Gerald R. Wayman to Joyce A. Kocak in Bridgewater Township for $95,000.

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Mayor Kelly Resigns, Hurley Appointed
By Barbara Whitehead

On Saturday, May 24, the Susquehanna Borough Council met for a special meeting, due to the resignation of Mayor Roberta Kelly. Present were council members Roy Williams, John Bronchella, Ron Whitehead, Tom Kelly, Todd Glover and Bill Kuiper as well as secretary Margaret Biegert and several guests. Council President Ron Whitehead read Mrs. Kelly’s letter of intent. The letter said, in part, that after a great deal of thought and the experience of the primary campaign, it would be impossible to run a countywide campaign for the office of commissioner and still be able to serve effectively as mayor. It is with deep regret that this decision was reached. Mrs. Kelly would continue as mayor until council appointed the appropriate replacement and would not only assist in the transition, but would assist the new mayor in an advisory capacity. Because of her deep commitment to this community, Mrs. Kelly will also continue to be a part of the projects that are currently underway; the sidewalks, the scenic byway, the revitalization efforts, and the future river-front park.

District Magistrate Peter Janicelli swears in Nancy Hurley as Susquehanna Depot Borough’s new Mayor.

Mrs. Kelly’s letter added thanks to all who have supported her over the past five years and extended the hope that council continues to keep working for the common good of the community. She concluded, "My experience as mayor has been one of the most rewarding undertakings of my life and has certainly played a part in preparing me to serve you in a different capacity, God willing, as your Susquehanna County Commissioner. I wish to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all who have played a part in this wonderful experience."

A motion carried to accept Mrs. Kelly’s resignation, with great regret; the floor was then opened to nominations to appoint a new mayor. A motion carried to appoint former council president Nancy Hurley.

The oath of office was administered to Mrs. Hurley by Magistrate Pete Janicelli. Before doing so, Mr. Janicelli said that it had been a great pleasure to work with Mrs. Kelly, and that he looked forward to working with Mrs. Hurley.

After the oath was administered, Mrs. Hurley noted the many accomplishments attributed to Mrs. Kelly. She hoped, she said, to continue the tradition. "This town is moving forward... change is important. Mrs. Kelly started this town ‘on a roll.’ I hope to do as good a job as she did."

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Mt. View Projects Budget

Carolyn Price, Business Administrator for the Mountain View School District, made clear on May 19 at the Mountain View Board meeting that the projected figure for next year's budget is $12,883,830.00. With so much running on ideas coming out of Harrisburg through Governor Rendell, it is almost impossible to get an exact fix on what will be available in state funding.

John Halupke, the board member who keeps an eye on most financial matters applying to the district, gave his insights to the full board and administrative members at the school level. Halupke discussed new state program initiatives and noted there will be procedures on how schools can apply for the funds available. He cited, "It wasn't very encouraging" after doing his homework on the state budget.

Although Mountain View is keeping a tight budget, and maintaining the high standards that have been established recently, many things can impact on the money the district can use. With that in mind, Price noted that the tax millage in the district will being going up one mill, from 27.5 to 28.5%. Price continued that the school district is daily monitoring what is going on in Harrisburg, but may not have answers by the time the tax mailing is necessary to go out to people in the district in June.

The Governor is talking about doing a reduction in property taxes, it is true, but the business manager noted that any refunding will come from the state. When asked how that situation will be addressed, Price postulated that her understanding of some of this indicated that there will have to be another source of revenue. These revenues could come in the form of increased state income tax or inclusion of some items that are not taxed at the present time, such as clothing. There are no hard and fast answers yet, it appears. The budget questions are tough ones to address at this time.

However, in the meeting a number of budget items of interest included $28,000 to set up two special education classes, one in the elementary and one in the high school. Textbooks for social studies will be purchased at a rate of $30,000 for this year and $30,000 for next year. New science book acquisition questions at the elementary level were fielded by Principal Margaret Foster. She announced that matter will be addressed next year.

The wood boiler was discussed, particularly the PLC, the computer programming of the system, and the upper augers that are now 12 years old. The instructional budget which includes paper supplies will cover the increases for the new textbooks.

In the area of technology, books and programs are currently under analysis.

The district's budget plans are impacted heavily upon by the code book of the PDE which was written before present technology. Answers are being sought at the state level.

Other news at the meeting included awarding the quote for a golf facility for the 2003-2004 school year to Rock Creek Golf Course, Nicholson, PA at a price of $1,850.00, based on 10 players, from August 4 to October 3, 2003.

The school district treasurer responsibilities from the board was given to Sondra E. Stine.

Under Negotiations, Ronald D. Phillips announced that negotiations took place on May 13 with instructional staff and May 15 with support staff. These are ongoing.

Bill Zick of the Susquehanna County Recycling Center made a proposal to the board for some recycling containers to be placed on the school grounds. It is under serious consideration as this has been done in the past.

Approval was given to Anne Bode, Marilyn Light, Rose Borgna for a conference attendance on July 15 and 16.

The next meeting of the Mountain View School Board will be on August 9, in the high school library at 8:30 p.m., to accommodate a special Honor Society program. The public is invited.

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