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Breakfast Club At Blue Ridge High
Elk Lake Elementary Students of the Month
Susky Elementary Students of the Month
Harcar, Downton Selected For "Dream Team"
Amanda Russell Is HOBY Representative
Local Teens Attend Busted! Summit
Susky Elementary Reading Achievement
Jaime Benson Inducted Into Honor Society
Blue Ridge Elem. 3rd Period Honor Roll
Five MASD Board Members Honored
Susky High 3rd Period Honor Roll
MTV Celebrity At Montrose High School
Mt. View Elementary Spring Concert Set

Breakfast Club At Blue Ridge High

Pictured are Alexis Axtell, Ashley Winnie, Jessica Williams, Nathan Hall, Steve DelFino.

Who wants to serve a Saturday detention? Not most, but you may want to witness one on this occasion when Blue Ridge High School stages a Saturday detention via its spring play, "The Breakfast Club" by John Hughes. A princess, a brain, an athlete, a basket case, and the school criminal all come together to serve time but end up serving themselves when they learn that there is a little bit of everyone in each of them. The play will be presented on April 25 and 26, 7:00 in the Blue Ridge High School Theater. General admission tickets will be available at $3.00 each. Enjoy an evening of laughter, tears, and introspection, while supporting our students.

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Elk Lake Elementary Students of the Month

Mr. Charles Pirone, Elementary Principal at Elk Lake School, is pleased to announce the March, 2003 Student of the Month Award winners.

Pictured (l-r) are: first row – John Loboda, Edward Voorhees, Nicholas Dudock, Tanner Whipple, Tyler Jones, Sonya Griffiths; second row – Darren Brown, Brittany DeLancey, Shania McClain, Celia DeWitt, Kayleigh Payne, Tyler Brewer, Alyssa Cutri, Kyrston Swingle, Aaron O’Brien, Daniel Mills; third row – Codi Bushnell, Zack Magdin, Maria Trowbridge, Meggan McClain, Jordan Smith, Destiny Snyder, Kyleen Pisaneschi, Danny Noldy. Absent from photo: Sommar Speh, Taylor Conklin.

Students in kindergarten, first, second and third grades were selected by their homeroom teachers. Students may be selected as student of the month from four different areas. Those four areas are academic achievement, attendance, citizenship and most improved.

Elk Lake is proud of their students and congratulates them for their accomplishments.

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Susky Elementary Students of the Month

Mr. Robert Keyes, Principal of Susquehanna Community Elementary School, announced the following "Students of the Month" for March, 2003.

Kindergarten, First, Second, Third

Pictured (l-r) are: row 1 – Joshua Stumbo, Dale Reid, Jacki Wheeler, Austin Felter; row 2 – Brett Shelp, Dylan Cohen, Chastity Carvin, Anja Whitehead, Brooke Morrison; row 3 – Amanda Marco, Cody Dibble, Justin Collemacine, Alex Peksa, Ben Elliott; row 4 – Christopher Snyder, Brandon Deakin, Matthew Hilling, Anthony Stark, Emily Conroy.

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth

Pictured (l-r) are: row 1 – Courtney Sullivan, Zachary Baker, Alex Sheriff, Amanda Roth; row 2 – Lauren Reddon, Ashley Tanzini, Matthew Leet, Thomas Golka; row 3 – Emma Cappiello, Frank Schmidt, Freida Smith, Hannah Price. Absent from photo: Kelly Landry, Jordan Boerner.

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Harcar, Downton Selected For "Dream Team"

Pictured (l-r) are: Chris Harcar and Jordan Downton, recently chosen for the Dream Team.

Chris Harcar of Susquehanna Community High School has been selected to the 69th annual Dream Game. This football game features the area’s top athletes. Jordan Downton was selected as an alternate for the game, which will be played August 6 at Lackawanna County Stadium.

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Amanda Russell Is

HOBY Representative

Grantville, PA – Amanda Russell has been selected to join other young leaders representing as many high schools from throughout Central Pennsylvania at the Central Pennsylvania Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar (HOBY) from May 15-18 at Holiday Inn Harrisburg/Hershey in Grantville, PA.

Representing Susquehanna Community High School, Amanda is the daughter of Jim and Cindy Russell, Susquehanna.

Amanda has participated in the play productions at Susquehanna from seventh through tenth grade. She is also a member of the National Honor Society as well as a student council member. Amanda is a member of High School Band and Chorus and was selected for Who’s Who Among American High School students and USA Academy of High School Students.

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Local Teens Attend Busted! Summit

Four Susquehanna County youths attended the BUSTED! Regional Summit on March 15 and 16. Jed Millard and Chris Reinwald, students from Montrose Area High School, along with Sarah Rusek and Amber LaMont from Mountain View attended the summit held at Bloomsburg University.

Busted is the name for the youth-led anti-tobacco movement in the state. The Pennsylvania Department of Health began working in March, 2001 on this effort that helps teens understand how tobacco industry advertising can manipulate teens to use tobacco. This summit was aimed at helping teens work locally to promote smoke-free restaurants, bowling alleys, and parks, to name a few.

"Today’s teens are playing a role as leaders in Susquehanna County promoting a smoke-free environment," says Joan Dooley, TREHAB D&A Prevention Specialist, who is facilitating the local program.

For more information on BUSTED!, go to or call TREHAB at (570)278-5237.

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Susky Elementary Reading Achievement

The following is a list of the Elementary students who received a Reading Achievement Award for the 3rd marking period. A student must maintain an A average (93-100) for the entire marking period in order to receive this award.

MRS. TINGLEY - 1-1: Kaitlyn Bray, Ricky Brower, Joseph DeLaPlaine, Amber Dubanowitz, Jon Felter, Steven Frye, Nicholas Hall, Alyssa Jacobs, Lauren Marco, Brett Meixner, Katelyn Sherman.

MRS. ROWE - 1-2: Chelsea Ayres, Jack DeLaPlaine, Mashawna Hargett, Kaelin Payne, Ciera Scepaniak, Brandy Spalik, Ronald Welch, Michael Yi, Mark Zappe.

MRS. DAVIS - 1-3: Lindsey Burdick, Chaz Comstock, Rachel Hubal, Kyle MacDonald, Brieanne McCormick, Micaela Rhone, Brandon Soden, Emily Staros, Victoria Trynoski, Anja Whitehead.

MRS. FANCHER - 1-4: Nicholas Acosta, Nicholas Chamberlain, Ashley Miller, Richard Pelicci, Nolan Reddon, Evan Stone.

MRS. BRIEDEN - LS-1: Richard Delaney.

MRS. HILLING - 2-1: Devin Breese, Daniel Cordner, Lindsey Glidden, Tyler Hines, Amanda Marco, Marah Rhone, Austin Smith, Ashley Sweeney, Cory Watson.

MRS. CHERVANKA - 2-2: Brett Archambault, Justin Collemacine, Brendan Conklin, Brandon DeRose, Kyleigh Fiske, Ryan Kitchen, Caitlynn O'Dell, Patricia Pauswinski, Ryan Swanson, Amberly Warner.

MRS. HOUGHTON - 2-3: Melissa Kukowski, Andrzej Tomszyk, Casey Williams.

MRS. MAZIKEWICH - 2-4: Danielle Barnes, Daniel Biegert, Megan Canfield, Britney Glover, Chelsea Matta, Callie Truex.

MRS. BURDICK - LS-2: Cody Dibble, Tyler Reed, Lucas Wentzell.

MRS. LUBASZEWSKI - 3-1: Brandon Deakin, Timothy Flanagan, Brian Yi.

MRS. KELLER - 3-2: Jesse Henderson, Amanda Tanzini.

MRS. HEATH - 3-3: Mary Kemmerer.

MRS. SODEN - 3-4: Courtney Arthur, Brett Deakin, Matthew Hilling, Morgan Ofsharick, Jeffrey Wayman.

MRS. ROCKWELL - LS-3: Vincent DeCicco.

MRS. HINKLEY - 4-1: Alex Price, Robert Skiba, Melissa Zawisky.

MRS. FULLER - 4-2: Kimberly Aldrich, Nicholas Marco, Sinon Smith, Derek Williams.

MRS. STANLEY - 4-3: Zachary Baker, Kelly Burke, Susan Greene, Sean Leonard.

MRS. HOMER - 4-4: Kaitlyn Halesky, Kyle Napolitano, Nicholas Vales, Kristen Wentzell, Theresa Whitehead, Shane Wolf.

MRS. DUBAS - LS-4: Courtney Sullivan.

MR. HALL - 5-1: Mindy Batson, Dillon Comstock.

MRS. CONKLIN - 5-2: Maggie Lawrenson, Michael Nagel, Jr., Ashley Tanzini.

MR. PRESLEY - 5-3: Maria Elena Canzoneri, Mindy Fitch, T.J. Kelly, Shawn Norton, Brandon Stone, Andrea Walker.

MRS. STEELE - 5-4: Nicholas Felter, John Herbert, Jami Towner.

MRS. LOSCIG - LS-5: Holly Swartwood.

MR. REZYKOWSKI - 6-1: Timothy Gall, Hannah Price, Leann Terpstra.

MR. ESCANDEL - 6-2: Christy Glidden, Jessica Hubal, Bradley Stone.

MRS. STONE - 6-3: Caitlin Burke, Angela Leonard, Kierstyn Slocum, Aaron Soden.

MRS. GLIDDEN - 6-4: TyKim Johnson.

MRS. VAUTER - LS-6: Samantha Neal, Kelly Sheriff, Kya Wade.

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Jaime Benson Inducted Into Honor Society

Jaime Benson of Susquehanna, PA, a sophomore majoring in psychology and sociology in the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University, was recently inducted into the University's chapter of Psi Chi Honor Society.

Psi Chi Honor Society recognizes academic excellence in the field of psychology. To be eligible, students must have an overall grade point average of at least 3.3 (on a 4.0 scale) and a grade point average of 3.3 in psychology courses. Students must complete a minimum of three courses in psychology at the time of induction. Active since 1960, the Syracuse University chapter helps members formulate and execute career plans in psychology.

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Blue Ridge Elem. 3rd Period Honor Roll

Following is the Blue Ridge Elementary School Honor Roll for the third marking period of the 2002-03 school year.


Mrs. Buffington: Kasandra Whitney, Megan Winnie.

Mrs. Chamberlain: Kelsie Arthofer, Jon Banko, Kaitchen Dearborn, William Fisher, Caleb Park.

Mr. Mazikewich: Christopher Brown.

Mrs. Wolfe: Taylor Guinan, Tony Tompkins.

Mrs. Zelkowitz: Debra Barton, Alex Burkett, Jessica Kovitch, Kenny Seamans.


Mrs. Buffington: Jackson Franks, Shayna Hettinger, Maggie McCarey, Samantha Smith, Alexandrea White, Tyler White.

Mrs. Chamberlain: Scott Boman, Katie Brizzolara, Benjamin House, Michael Romano, Alexander Stanton, Katie Whitney.

Mr. Mazikewich: Cheyenne Childress, Matt Empett, Meghan Ragard, Brittany Schneider.

Mrs. Wolfe: Carissa Carpenter, Courtney Collins, Jared Conklin, Mindy Corbin, Joe Edwards, Shani Fancher, Victoria Hartt, Michael Pipitone, Mark Rowe.

Mrs. Zelkowitz: Andrew Bovenkamp, John Colton, Monica Green, Scott Sienko, Arianna Smith, Timothy Sullivan, Daniel Welch.

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Five MASD Board Members Honored

During the 2002-03 school year five school officials of the Montrose Area School District earned certificates of achievement for participation in in-service education programs sponsored by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association.

Certificates are awarded for anyone earning 12 points or more. The points are accumulated for participation in PSBA’s School Board Academy, various other workshops and seminars, the statewide conference and the annual summer workshop.

The District also qualified for a board in-service plaque for having at least five people among the nine board members, superintendent and the board secretary attain certificates of 12 points or more. This year, 19 districts in the state of Pennsylvania qualified for this honor. In the words of Thomas J. Gentzel, PSBA President, "This participation represents an outstanding level of achievement. We hope your district has benefited from the information shared in these board development and training programs throughout the years and that you will continue to attend in 2003-04."

Earning certificates were Ken Gould - Board President, Chris Caterson - Board member and Finance Chairperson, Jim Blachek - Board member and Legislative Chairperson, Lewis Plauny - Board Secretary and Business Manager, and Mike Ognosky - Superintendent.

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Susky High 3rd Period Honor Roll

Following is the Susquehanna Community High School third quarter Honor Roll for the 2002-03 school year.


GRADE 12: Luke Barnes, Aaron Benson, Jennifer Benson, Erika Briar, Pamela Buchanan, Jennifer Covert, Carrie DeWitt, Janine DeWitt, Ashley Depew, Jordan Downton, Ashley Gaffey, Kimberly Harris, Benjamin Hoopes, Rachel Janson, Elizabeth Leber, Daniel Lewis, Adam Napolitano, Heidi Newberry, Maria Reavey, Rhonda Scott, Danielle Stone, Michael Vadovsky, Shannon Williams.

GRADE 11: Patricia Albrecht, Nicholas Canzoneri, Elizabeth Cotter, Melanie DeWitt, Stephen Dibble, Amanda Fallon, Daniel Frechen, Sarah Holmes, Sarah Lesser, Katherine McHale, Claressa Price, Charles Robinson, Brent Soden, Erick Stone, Heather Warneke, Jessica Williams.

GRADE 10: Paula Freitag, Kevin Lee, Rasun Mehringer, Amanda Russell, Abralyn Stone, Denise Walker.

GRADE 9: Christopher Balliet, Kimberly Frechen, Katie Lawrenson, Ryan Lee, Jeremy Travis, Curtis Walker.

GRADE 8: Cameron Arthur, Sarah Biegert, Melanie Biesecker, Tiffany Carpenter, Andrew Crawford, Carla Gehman, Meghan Gilleran, Casey Glidden, Timothy Haynes, Ashley Hubal, Kirsten Kemmerer, Jessica Lee, Carrie Lewis, William McHale, Ellen Reavey, Samantha Schmidt.

GRADE 7: Kelli Agler, Ellen Biegert, Christopher Felter, Tara Flor, Jay Patel, Angela Petriello, Ashley Price, Craig Price, Tamara Sager, Geri Smith, Craig Soden, Jessica Welch.

HONOR (90-93)

GRADE 12: Melinda Butts, Rachel Smith, Jonathan Stewart, Cindy Wayman, Ann Marie Wilbur, Lee Ann Wolf.

GRADE 11: Holly Backo, Jeffrey Keyes, Lawrence Travis, Shasta Treadway, Samuel Whitney.

GRADE 10: Kara Culnane, Brandan Glover, Laura Plant, Bridgette Stone, Heather Stone, Tiffany Tanner, Matthew Wolf, Tiffanie Yoder.

GRADE 9: Daniel Brinton, Heather Conroy, Ryan Gilleran, Allen Russell, Stephen Sicovitch.

GRADE 8: Christina Butts, Kathryn DeWitt, Kaitlin Flor, Kristen Gumaer, Andrew Napolitano, Cody Norris, Perri Weldy, Danielle Williams.

GRADE 7: Dustin Barton, Shayna Benson, Caryn Conklin, Daniel Downton, Kristen Edwards, Alexandria Kotran.

MERIT ROLL (85-90)

GRADE 12: Michelle Brady, Chris Harcar, Sarah Kuss, Keith Lindquist, Ivylynn Noble, Melissa Phillips, Chanell Pitonyak, Geno Plutino, Mary Ann Potter, James Serra, Charity Turner, Scott Wheeler, Tammy Whitmore.

GRADE 11: Melanie Batson, Brian Boughton, Tracy Cicon, Rebecca Darling, Krystal French, Stephanie Graves, Amanda Groover, John Guay, Amanda Hadlick, Erik Hines, Amber Hurlburt, Anthony Jumper, Marlena Price, Cassandra Roth, Ashley Skiba, Holly Terpstra, Jordan Tingley, Lori Wade, Adam Wademan, Mary Winter.

GRADE 10: Ryan Dubas, Anita Flynn, Benjamin Frye, Olivia Lesser, John Mann, Scott Meagley, Elizabeth Rowe, Melanie Stark, Joseph Truskolaski, Skayyo Viengkham, Kelliann Walsh, Sean Wolf.

GRADE 9: Heather Brower, Anthony Brown, Daniel Burnett, Aaron Callender, Stephanie Crandall, Elizabeth Hanrahan, Melissa Leet, Marisa Mitchell Flanagan, Zack Pannepacker, Bryan Price, Julia Wallace.

GRADE 8: Valerie Barnes, Shianne Barton, Wendy Bohannan, Abigail DeWitt, Joshua Depew, Jia Luo Dong, Joshua Fisk, Amber Gaffey, Michael Herbert, Brian James, Francis Lake, Sean Lawson, Brian Norton, Caitlin Piercy, Nicole Ransbottom, Kimberly Seamans, Deanna Stone, Jessica Terpstra, Brianne Thomas, Teri Upright, Billie Jean Wilbur, Ashlie Yoder.

GRADE 7: Kirk Fallon, Shannon Hugaboom, Joshua Jenkins, Vincent Lake, Lucas Marion, Samantha Rieman, Justin Ross, Danielle Roy, Kristy Tyler, Casi Wescott, Jamie White, Cynthia Williams.

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MTV Celebrity At Montrose High School

Piggy Thomas, from MTV’s popular reality show Road Rules, will be at Montrose High School, Montrose, on Friday, May 16 at 9:00 a.m.

Piggy will give a presentation for middle/high school aged students about tobacco and the deadly consequences of its use. Piggy has developed a dynamic talk that incorporates entertainment with an important message. Stories of her experiences on television and honesty about her addiction to cigarettes ensure a captivated audience, as she delivers a program of about 45 minutes in length. Piggy uses a couple of short clips from MTV’s Road Rules that show her in a most unflattering light, getting caught smoking in a bathroom stall, a particularly pathetic and lonely testament to the grip of tobacco addiction.

Piggy is making every effort to eliminate the manipulation of Big Tobacco on today’s youth and commented, "Big Tobacco has manipulated our youth for too long by glamorizing tobacco products. Let’s glamorize not smoking, together."

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Mt. View Elementary Spring Concert Set

After a year dubbed with late starts for building project completion and scheduling snafus as a result of weather problems from the winter that would never end, Mountain View Elementary students have, with great hope, planned a spring concert in the great expectation that spring, will, indeed, arrive! The students of the Mountain View Elementary School will be giving their own special welcome to the season as the band and chorus present their 2003 Spring Concert, on May 2. Curtain time for this gala event is 7 p.m. at the Mountain View High School auditorium. The public is invited to attend. Admission is free (an optional freewill donation may be given at the door – also, a bake sale sponsored by the band parents will donate proceeds towards the purchase of an elementary band instrument).

The elementary band will fill the stage with its 100 members representing nearly 50% of Mountain View’s fifth and sixth grade students. These talented musicians have been rehearsing their concert music in "Advanced Band" and "Beginning Band" groupings since early February. During the last three weeks of April, both groups will combine their efforts into one big sound to prepare for the grand show on May 2.

The band will open the evening of entertainment with a traditional arrangement of "America," after which they will embark on a program of musical variety highlighting different styles of music such as a typical band march, folk song, country hoe-down, Indian rain-dance, and ethnic polka numbers, as well as multiple selections of rock, boogie and blues.

A large number of talented sixth grade students have special plans for stepping into the spotlight with ensemble selections including the "Home Alone" movie theme, "Somewhere in my Memory," as well as the Latin American style "La Bamba" and an all-time favorite from out of the past, "Louie, Louie."

The elementary chorus will be performing "traveling" songs. Some of the numbers include "Yellow Submarine," "The Locomotion" and "Ease on Down the Road." There will also be sixth grade soloists featured.

The elementary music department of the Mountain View School District is very proud of its many young band and chorus participants. With such musical talent and enthusiasm in common, it is certain that these students will provide an evening of fine musical entertainment for all those who come out to enjoy their concert.

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