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Watch This space for information on upcoming events in Susquehanna County.

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Gold From God's Word
Children's Rally At Montrose Bible


Have you ever had your high hopes dashed? It can be very disheartening. In 1951 the major league baseball season was fairly typical. Brooklyn's Dodgers were again battling to represent the national league in the World series. "The Dodgers seemed invincible," reminisced author Doris Goodwin.

By the season's end, though, their cross-town rivals, the New York Giants, had unbelievably pulled into a tie with them. In the deciding game, on October 3, the dodgers were ahead 4-1 going into the ninth inning. The Giants scored one run to make it a two run deficit, with two men still on base. Up stepped Bobby Thompson. On the second pitch, he hit the ball into the left field stands and Brooklyn's hopes were dashed. It would be an understatement to say that the Dodger's fans were suicidal!

It's easy to be disappointed by someone or some group you've had hopes in or trusted. The more you believe in them, the farther you fall when they fail. I know many Christians who were disillusioned at the fall of some of their favorite Evangelists or preachers. But your Creator never intended for you to put your hopes in things or people. He designed for you to totally trust Him. And when you do, the Bible promises, God " will not fail thee nor forsake thee. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man." (Psalms 118:8) Isn't that where your confidence should be?

More important than calling on God in life's trials is to totally trust in His Son for the complete salvation of your soul. Don't put confidence in your religious affiliation, baptism, membership or righteous living, for those cannot take away the penalty for transgressing God's word. Only the substitutionary death of Christ's work on the cross can remiss your sins; trust Him. After this he will be there for all of life's trials and tribulations. Remember : "You'll never be ‘crestfallen’ as long as you're ‘Christ callin’."

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Children's Rally At Montrose Bible

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Susquehanna County will hold its annual Children’s Rally on April 27 at the Montrose Bible Conference Dryer Hall Chapel, located at 5 Locust Street, Montrose.

The featured speaker will be Miss Marie Leddy, who will present a chalk drawing using black light. Games for the children will also be included, as will a gift for all school aged children.

The rally will start at 2:30 p.m. and end at approximately 3:45 p.m. All children from the ages of 5 to 99 are invited to attend. There is no charge for attending, however, a freewill offering will be taken to help with rally expenses.

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