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WHEREAS, Chris Davis has enriched our lives every day with her generosity and compassion.

WHEREAS, We have witnessed the extraordinary response of Chris Davis’s volunteerism to the plight of those who have suffered.

WHEREAS, Chris Davis has provided the hope and support to our neighbors who desperately needed to begin putting their lives back together and a brighter future for some of our most innocent children.

WHEREAS, We are reminded of Chris Davis’s spirit of generosity every time we look at our Borough’s Christmas lights. Her efforts have paid off in providing pleasure for an entire community.

WHEREAS, Chris Davis has quietly made arrangements for those in need of a home, to find shelter.

WHEREAS, Chris Davis has provided dinners during the holidays and through out the year, for those looking for warmth and companionship.

WHEREAS, Chris Davis has help to provide better Christmas mornings for many of the children in our area.

WHEREAS, Chris Davis has worked selflessly to raise money for those in need. She has spearheaded countless benefits for families who have lost loved ones, those who have fallen victim to cancer, and provided the hope and joy one can only know when a child takes his first step.

WHEREAS, Susquehanna Depot has a great treasure in Chris Davis who has worked diligently and selflessly to help others stem the tide of grief and sickness while providing hope for others.

WHEREAS, We must not only preserve this remarkable spirit of citizenship and outstanding generosity exemplified by Chris Davis, but also must expand on it. Only by emulation such generosity and acts of kindness can we begin to become a better person, a community, a nation and a world.

WHEREAS, This day and throughout the year, let us salute Chris Davis, who has devoted her time and talents to the betterment of our communities and the well-being of our citizens.

THEREFORE, I, Roberta Kelly, Mayor of The Susquehanna Depot, do hereby proclaim this 22nd day of March, 2003, Chris Davis Day, in honor of her dedicated service to our community.

Mayor Roberta Kelly

Susquehanna Depot Borough

Work On Your Attitude

A short note to Mr. Lowry, in charge of road works in Forest City. You are a borough employee and as such, you should learn to deal with people and problems they have, or think they have.

Do you think I attended a council meeting to sit in a room which was colder than outside for an hour and a half to lie about something? I don’t think so.

I was upset. And, instead of you listening, you went off the deep end and kept saying, "I don’t believe it." "It didn’t happen." End of discussion, as far as you were concerned.

Mr. Lowry, you need to adjust your attitude.

Mr. Lowry, the first thing you should learn is to listen when someone is talking to you.

Mr. Lowry, the second thing you should learn is to talk out a problem.

Mr. Lowry, the third thing you should learn is to make eye contact with the person who is talking to you.

Work on your attitude, and maybe some of the problems in this town will work themselves out.


Catherine L. McKenna

Forest City, PA

I Read With Interest

I read with considerable interest Lou Parrillo’s NewsBeat in the March 5 issue of the County Transcript, particularly the Adams Cable gouge.

We, in the Hallstead–Great Bend area do not receive FOX News. In lieu of that, Yankee Baseball and the Golf Channel were added. We do have 20-29, which are HBO and movie channels. We also have a couple of home shopping channels, from which I/we used to purchase a few items. But, we were charged sales tax for the goods by the shipper for their state (Florida @ 6 1/2%). It may be different now than it was several years ago, but if I am to pay sales tax, it will be to PA, not to Florida.

Their excuse for not adding FOX News – "We don’t have any room for it unless we replace the whole system." Maybe, they should start. I have refused to pay their last rate increase, though it only amounts to a dollar or so.


Robert M. Squier

Hallstead, PA

Why Form A Planning Commission

A few months ago, the supervisors of Thompson Township decided to create a planning commission. Since its creation, there have been many questions as to why this was necessary. This letter will hopefully address some of those concerns.

Over the past several years, this township and surrounding municipalities have begun to experience an influx of people that has begun to accelerate the changes that have been occurring in our rural community, for the past ten or more years. Growth of a community is not a bad thing. We all want to have jobs for ourselves and our children, and places to shop. It is unplanned growth that we want to avoid at all costs. Unplanned growth brings higher taxes, both school and property, sometimes to the point where the people who were born and raised here might not be able to afford to live here. Unplanned growth can impact on the ability of local people to conduct their businesses; e.g.: agriculture, quarrying, logging. It can also impact on the ability to hunt and fish, the quality of water, traffic, the area’s rural character and our general quality of life.

This is why the planning commission was brought into being. The people of Thompson Township should be able to decide what they want Thompson Township to look like in the next five, ten or fifty years. Without the planning commission, we cannot guide our future, or the future of our children.

The planning commission is made up of five, unpaid volunteers who meet on the second Tuesday of every month in the Thompson Township building at 7 p.m. The meetings are open to all and all are welcome.


Jo-Ellen S. Greene


The Thompson Township

Planning Commission

Even Their Attorney Was There

In your paper printed Wednesday, March 12,2003. Under the section "Catch 22 in Great Bend" regarding the discussion about Orchard Road. I am the owner of the land on Orchard Road. The driveway in question has been in place for six years. Six years ago I asked the Great Bend Borough for a driveway permit to place the driveway, the Great Bend Borough told me that they did not issue driveway permits, so then I contacted the State and the State told me that they did not have anything to do with a Borough road. I returned to the Borough and explained to them what the State had told me. At this time the Borough said, " I could put the driveway in only if I put it in to their approval. The Borough approval was to remove all larger trees to see down the road, and to have a guard rail half way down the driveway. I met the approval of the Borough and the driveway was placed. I had a cost of more then six thousand dollars out of my pocket, to learn six years later the Borough changed their mind. The next driveway down from my land also has removed the guard rail, so why can one do it and another cannot?

So as you can see I am not asking for a driveway permit, the driveway was okayed six years ago. The borough even states "run around" so I have to ask," who is getting the run around?" As a tax payer and a small business owner we look towards our Borough for answers, and if there are no answers then whyoutrageous decisions to close up someone's driveway because they do not know? To do what Mike Wasko wants done is impossible. In order to take out the guard rail a back hoe is needed on site to remove and place it back in; this is a very expensive cost to me. Do you and your readers think that is fair. My personal feeling is things should have been researched before they closed the driveway. I ask, if something is going to be printed in your paper, you should research yourself, because as you can see the Boroughs are not always right.

By the way, when the driveway was completed, members of the Borough came down and inspected the driveway, even the attorney for the Borough was there.


Steve Gordon

Great Bend, PA

Haven’t Received It Yet

I write in response to County Treasurer Cathy Benedict’s letter to the editor on 03/12/03 referencing P. Jay Amadio's column of 03/05/03. Mr. Amadio wrote that I had asked what law allows elected officials to receive benefits. Mrs. Benedict correctly noted that the "County Pension Plan" Act 96 of 1971 allows it. I knew that. P. Jay didn't have my question quite right

What I want to know is what authorizes elected county officials and the commissioner's solicitor to receive health care benefits after only eight years of service.

Research into this matter has revealed, from the minutes of previous meetings our county commissioners presided over, that fifteen years is required; not eight years!

This is the information, to date, that I have not received.


James Jennings

Brooklyn Township

Ah, That Armchair

Aren’t armchairs wonderful things? You can sit comfortably in them and dictate the way the world should be run. You can watch sports and criticize decisions made by referees and umpires. You can listen to government officials on TV and "tell" them what they are doing wrong, and how things should be done. You can read your newspaper and fire off a letter to the editor when you disagree with an action taken by a local official, or even when you just don’t like someone. You can call your friends and "critique" the way other people do their jobs. You can even offer "advice" as to how something could be done, or who could do it better.

But, best of all, you never have to leave the comfort of your armchair while you make all these important pronouncements. You don’t have to take any responsibility. You don’t have to get involved. You don’t have to look at the whole picture. You don’t have to have all of the facts. You certainly don’t have to look at all sides of an issue. All you have to do is criticize; and if it can be done publicly, so much the better.

There’s nothing wrong with having a different opinion. It’s what you do about it that counts. It’s certainly easier to take potshots at people and try to make them look bad. Why try to be fair when you are so comfortable in that armchair?

Wouldn’t the world be better if we all got off our assets and got involved, and let the armchair gather a little dust now and then. But then, it’s just so much easier to be an armchair critic than it is to get involved.


Barbara Whitehead

Susquehanna, PA

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