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Read Your Labels

In a recent article placed in our papers, it was said that Kraft singles and Velveeta products are made containing a substance called milk protein concentrate (MPC). MPC is a powdered milk-by-product left after milk is processed to remove the valuable vitamins and minerals contained in milk. MPC is imported into the United States from countries with very low, if any, sanitation standards on their dairy products. This imported product is not approved by our federal Food and Drug Administration. MPC is from milk produced by water buffalo, goats and cows in foreign countries.

I, for one, would like to know if there are ingredients of poor quality, like this one, in the cheese I pay for when I go to the store.

Read your cheese labels. If an ingredient label reads "Milk Protein Concentrate" or "MPC," look for another product which contains real wholesome milk products, not substandard ingredients like MPC. If you’re like me, you want the best. Knowing it comes from whole milk ingredients you’re assured to have a quality product. You’ll also be supporting the dairy farmers here in our country that produce a quality product.


Amanda Miner

Susquehanna County Dairy Ambassador

They Can Walk Away

Did you know that when a car accident takes place and a death occurs, if one vehicle is at fault and there is no evidence that the other vehicle is at fault, then the driver of the vehicle not at fault may walk away from the scene without being alcohol tested. The law states, it is at the discretion of the state trooper and he must have a reason to test that person.

My daughter was dead at the scene, her two children taken to Geisinger Hospital in Danville, and the driver severely injured. They were tested for every drug you can think of and yet the other driver walked away. So my goal, and I pray your goal is when there is a death, to have everyone involved, whether at fault or not at fault, be alcohol tested.

Please write to Congressman Don Sherwood, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, Washington, DC 20515–3810. Please speak up for these two children living without a mom now.


Cindy Seman

Kingsley, PA

No More Clinton Bashing

Last week’s Transcript featured a letter writer who treated us to yet more gratuitous Clinton bashing. It was so hackneyed and inaccurate that I suspect it was an official Republican Party handout that she merely repeated, verbatim.

It is the official policy of the GOP never to give Clinton credit for anything, but to dump as much blame as possible at his feet, no matter how much a stretch. Notice how, when it comes to the roaring economy of the 90’s, it’s all due to some mysterious lingering effect left from the "voodoo economics" of the 80’s. But while nothing Clinton did in office apparently helped the economy then, he can still be blamed for the sagging economy today, even though he’s gone. The only thing that makes this absurd argument persuasive is the eagerness of Clinton haters to believe it.

Last week’s correspondent would have us believe that the limping economic recovery that closely preceded Clinton’s term in office continued from sheer momentum. Nothing’s that automatic. If she cares to know what Clinton did to produce the economic surge of the 90’s, here it is: he reduced the deficit, which brought down interest rates, which helped business finance expansion. How about putting pettiness aside and giving credit where credit is due?

And blame where blame is due. Bush the Younger is (or rather, his handlers are) consciously modeling his usurper administration not after his father’s, but after Reagan’s. This means huge giveaways for the rich, an expensive missile defense system that will never work (and wouldn’t stop a terrorist attack if it did), unwise saber rattling, pandering to domestic religious zealots, and more colossal deficits. This will cripple any economic recovery; and remember, we still have to pay interest every year just to keep the debt afloat. Clinton was on track for eliminating the national debt eventually, but it looks now that we will never get out from under it, thanks to Bush and his moronic faith in the flimflam known as supply side economics.

Now if the GOP spin on Clinton’s economic performance wasn’t silly enough, they more ludicrously try to blame him for the wave of corporate accounting scandals and bankruptcies. We’re expected to believe that corporate CEO’s (who are usually Republican) were inspired by Clinton’s private sexual dalliances to fabricate shady bookkeeping schemes. HUH? How’s that? The fact is, the crooked maneuvers at Enron and elsewhere were operating long before Clinton met Monica, so you’ll need a more realistic scapegoat. Perhaps you should look at the Republican Party being such eager lapdogs for corporate interests, if you want to see who gave the green light here. I should point out that Senator Sarbanes and the Democrats, before these scandals came to light, had tried to close some of the accounting loopholes that Enron et al. exploited, but those servile Republican lackeys blocked it.

America is better off that Clinton was elected, trumped-up sex scandals notwithstanding. Too bad diehard Clinton haters will never see this. I think the depth, persistence, and intensity of Clinton hatred is ugly, immature, and often pathological. I wish they’d just let go of it and move on, but I fear we will be treated to incessant Clinton bashing for several decades to come. Sadly, it’s the sickest characters that drive politics in America.


Stephen Van Eck

Rushville, PA

In Response

In Response to "To Whom It May Concern" County Transcript Letter to the Editor, issue of January 22, who put the idea in your head that we are a "spoiled rotten country?" And, citizens of the United States should grow up and take responsibilities for their actions?

I feel very sorry if this is the way you see America.

I think President Bush is doing the best he can in difficult times. We did elect him. (Well, not really.)

The United States of America is the most powerful country in the world, we feed the world. I see our farmers working backbreaking hours and days. I watch them take care of the their fields and their cows. Most Americans get up every day, go to work, do the work that is expected of them, and keep this country humming along. They are not spoiled. What about our Armed forces, they are not spoiled. These are all average Americans.

Yes, we do spoil our children, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Marion Dabulas

Susquehanna, PA

A Money Maker By Any Other Name

The Susquehanna Borough Council and Mayor continue to think of ways to raise money for the position of the Codes Enforcement Officer (CEO).

The latest idea is called the Renter's Ordinance.

They are charging $50.00 dollars, per rental unit, for the application. If you pass the inspection they will refund $25.00.

One problem is that this is a yearly event.

Another problem is that they reportedly are not going to inspect single family units "because there are too many of them".

If that is true does that mean that they are not concerned about the safety of the people living in single family units?

The Susquehanna Council and Mayor have mentioned that some rental units are actually inspected by HUD and the Susquehanna County Housing Authority. However, I was told that the Mayor has stated that the Housing Authority’s inspections were sub-standard. That Susquehanna's CEO will do a much better job.

My questions are, "What building inspection experience does the Mayor and the part-time lawn care person / part-time CEO have? And to what extent will the inspections go?"

An individual, at the last Council meeting, asked for a list of the inspection guidelines, to which the person was told, by the Mayor, that they have gone over all of that at previous meetings.

Even if that should be the case, shouldn't the guidelines be readily available to any and all landlords? Even renters, for that matter.

I read in the Susquehanna County Transcript, sometime in November or December, the night the Council passed the Renter's Ordinance, that landlords were asking questions to which they were not given answers. How can you pass something when there are still unanswered questions?

A big question that everyone, both landlord and renter alike, should be asking is "What legal authority does a CEO have that allows him to randomly enter whichever unit he determines?"

Is the CEO bonded?

Will there be anyone accompanying the CEO? And if so, for what reason?

I would like to point out a simple fact: even a police officer needs a warrant to enter a persons dwelling.

In the January 22, 2003 issue of the Susquehanna County Transcript the CEO noted, "when the international code goes into effect it might be mandatory for municipalities to conduct their own inspections. At that point, we'll have to inspect," he said.

Isn't it a national code rather than an international code?

In my opinion, the Council and Mayor are using the Renter's Ordinance simply to pay for the CEO's wages.

I think that there are still a lot of unanswered questions that the Council, Mayor and CEO need to address.

Besides, shouldn't the CEO be more concerned about the junk cars, broken or missing sidewalks, dilapidated houses, etc. before he tries to take on even more?

I certainly believe that should be the case.


Richard A. Fabrizi, Sr.

Susquehanna, PA

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