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To Whom It May Concern:

By the time this letter (hopefully) is printed, President Bush will have been to our area and left. I think the President is doing a good job and I am excited about his visit and the attention it will focus on the huge malpractice problem we have in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

I appreciate not everyone thinks that President Bush is doing a good job. They blame him for the economy not being so great ( a problem he inherited from the previous administration), they are worried about going to war (understandably so) and remember things being better under the last administration.

It is true that under the past administration the world seemed better and didn’t seem quite so scary but that was false and the last President did this country immeasurable harm by coasting along on the luck of the draw.

Here the facts.

1. When President Clinton came in to office in 1992 the economy was already on the rebound.

2. What if anything did Mr. Clinton do to keep the economy rolling? Was it not American worker and all the increases in productivity that kept this country humming along for so long? The Enron, World Com, and other corporate scandals began and flourished under Mr. Clinton (probably encouraged by the atmosphere created by a President who believed it is only cheating when you get caught).

3. Osama Bin Ladin was offered to Mr. Clinton’s administration on a silver platter, three times and three times he refused him. One wonders whether or not September 11 could have been stopped if we had Osama in our hands.

4. Mr. Clinton sent Mr. Carter to North Korea and found a government that starves its own people to be trustworthy and sold them the technology to create "nuclear" energy.

5. At the end of the gulf war Iraq surrendered beaten, but was never made to live up to the terms of surrender until the current administration came into power. It thumbed its nose at the world for 10 years and the world said "you better stop it or we are just going to tell you stop it again." Do you understand it is known that he used poison gas on his own people, women and children? He rewarded fathers for killing their sons if they would not fight. He is EVIL. He can not be reformed and he will only become more of a threat.

So I have a little different perspective of the 1990s. To me the 1990s represent a no interest loan from the bank. Everybody knows eventually that they will have to pay, but no one is willing to read the fine print. The purpose of the Federal Government is to read the fine print. We now have an administration willing and able to read the fine print to us and let us know what we owe and just how much hot water we are in. I thought more of the American people than some of the comments I have heard. All around me, (especially with concerns to malpractice issues) I hear people say we need to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves. Well, I have a message for my fellow Pennsylvanians and Americans, GROW UP. We have to start taking responsibility for the Clinton "boom years." It won’t be easy and it won’t be pretty but imagine how much our children and grandchildren will owe later if we don’t. 75% of Americans think that President Bush is a good leader willing to make the tough decisions necessary. I believe that with all my heart, my only question is are we tough enough to back him 100% and stop bellyaching.

I am so thankful that America in the 1940s had what it took, but I have grave doubts if this spoiled rotten country has what it takes today. We have a leader willing to lead us down this long, difficult road but we are too chicken and lazy to start the journey. I have news for all of you, we are already on the journey, it began many years ago (but was not called to our attention by Mr. Clinton, -- embassy bombings in Africa, the first World Trade Center Attack, the USS Cole, etc...)

We will finish this journey we have been started on, the only question is whether at the end will be under our own power or will, or as prisoners of an even scarier tomorrow.


Sarah M. Stumbo

Susquehanna, PA

It Is Sometimes Difficult

I have just finished compiling The Garden Club of Montrose's Publicity Press Book to submit for a state award. It is amazing how many articles I have clipped throughout the year. The book is quite impressive, due in large part to your cooperation the past year. I appreciate very much your promptness in publishing the articles and photos I have submitted.

I have heard from people in other areas of the state how difficult it sometimes is to get their club news into print. We are very lucky to have such cooperative media here.

Thank you so much for helping our club bring our efforts to the public.


Gladys Bennett, Publicity Chairman

The Garden Club of Montrose

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