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Jamie Kohler Makes District 9 Chorus
Susky Elementary Students of the Month
Susky's Finest To Perform At Marywood
SCHS "Tree Huggers" Get Recognized
Susky Elementary First Period Honor Roll
Local Students Make National Dean's List
Susky Elementary Reading Achievement
Travis Hoadley Is Rotary Student of the Month

Jamie Kohler Makes District 9 Chorus

Congratulations go to Jamie Kohler, daughter of Darlene and Gilbert Kohler, of Laceyville and student of Mrs. Barbara Holbert, Elk Lake Choral Director, on her acceptance into the 2003 PMEA District 9 Choral Festival. The festival will be held January 8-11, at Valley View High School. Guest conductor for the event will be Mr. Paul Hondorp, who is currently completing Doctoral studies in choral conducting at Michigan State University.

The concert will be on Saturday, January 11, 2:00 p.m. at Valley View High School. Tickets will be sold at the door.

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Susky Elementary Students Of The Month

Mr. Robert Keyes, Principal of Susquehanna Community Elementary School, announces the following "Students of the Month" for October, 2002.

Kindergarten, First, Second, Third

Pictured (l-r) are: row 1 – Taylor Kelley, Ashley Fisk, Justin Stanford, Allison Ryder; row 2 – Adam Rhone, Victoria Trynoski, Mashawna Hargett, Evan Stone, Alexis Roe; row 3 – Karlene Cottrell, Alexis Gerhardt, Kara Gow, Danielle Barnes, Danielle Bentler; row 4 – Brett Deakin, Elizabeth Acosta, Kelsie Drury. Absent from photo - Tiffany Ganow and Kirsten Kruger.

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth

Pictured (l-r) are: row 1 – Shawn Delaney, Shane Wolf, Gabrielle Peksa, Nicholas Marco, James Norton; row 2 – Andrew Sullivan, Courtney Dininny, Tyler Dibble, Kelly Conklin, Stephanie Bianco; row 3 – Phylicia DeCicco, Angela Leonard, Molly Edwards, Michael Lloyd.

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Susky’s Finest To Perform at Marywood

Each year the band directors of District IX select the finest of their bands to compete for the opportunity to play with the Marywood Honors Band. This year, Melissa Leet, Caitlin Piercy, Natalie Piercy, and Danielle Williams, all of Susquehanna Community High School, were selected based on the recommendation of their own director, Maria Creasy, and directors from other schools.

Pictured (l-r) are: Natalie Piercy, Caitlin Piercy, Danielle Williams and Melissa Leet.

These students will audition at Marywood for band chair. The students will practice on December 13 and 14 and perform pieces for advanced junior high level for the public on the evening of December 14.

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SCHS "Tree Huggers" Get Recognized

The Envirothon team of Susquehanna Community High School was recently honored by the Susquehanna Conservation District at the Fairdale United Methodist Church for its accomplishments at the 2002 Envirothon. The students awarded (pictured above l-r) were: Jan DeWitt, Danielle Stone, Elizabeth Leber, Jennifer Benson and Shannon Williams. The "Tree Huggers" were treated to a roast beef dinner and awards, which included jackets, plaques, and hats for each of the participants.

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Susky Elementary First Period Honor Roll

Robert Keyes, Principal of Susquehanna Community Elementary School, announces the following students who made the Honor or High Honor Roll for the first marking period of the 2002-03 school year.


GRADE 4: Zachary Baker, Sean Leonard, Nicholas Marco, Kyle Napolitano, Alex Price, Theresa Whitehead.

GRADE 5: Nicholas Felter, Thomas Kelly, Kyla Kemmerer, Shawn Norton, Brandon Stone, Jami Towner, Andrea Walker.

GRADE 6: Christy Glidden, Brittany Heller, Jessica Hubal, Angela Leonard, Hannah Price, Lacey Sholtiss, Aaron Soden, Leann Terpstra.


GRADE 4: Kimberly Aldrich, Brooklynne Baker, Kelly Burke, Kevin Cavanaugh, Mandalyn Corse, Taylor Cundey, Susan Greene, Kacey Norris, Gabrielle Peksa, Amanda Roth, Timothy Sager, Sinon Smith, Randy Stone, Nicholas Vales, Kristen Wentzell, Derek Williams, David Winn, Shane Wolf, Melissa Zawisky.

GRADE 5: Philip Barnes, Maria Elena Canzoneri, Benjamin Case, Kelly Conklin, Garrett Cuevas, Melissa Elliott, Megan Garcia, John Herbert, Michael Nagel, Sonal Patel, Andrea Sheldon, Ashley Tanzini, Tylor Thomas, Stefan Watson.

GRADE 6: Stephen Andujar, Dylon Beamer, Christine Biegert, Daniel Boughton, Molly Edwards, Connor Freitag, Timothy Gall, TyKim Johnson, Kayshia Kruger, Lindsay Lawrenson, Justin Lee, Michael Lloyd, Ellen Matis, Cody Scepaniak, Frank Schmidt, Kierstyn Slocum, Bradley Stone, Jeffrey Williams.

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Local Students Make National Dean’s List

A number of students from this area are among the approximately 140,000 students included in the 25th annual edition of The National Dean’s List, 2001-2002. The National Dean’s List, published by Educational Communications, Inc., is the largest recognition program and publication in the nation honoring high achieving college students.

Students are selected for this honor by their college deans, registrars or honor society advisors and must be in the upper 10% of their class, on their school’s Dean’s List, or have earned a comparable honor. Listed students are eligible to compete for $50,000 in scholarship awards funded by the publisher, and may also use a referral service for future employment opportunities. More than 2,500 colleges and universities nationwide use the publication to recognize their academically qualified students. To learn more about The National Dean’s List visit

Local students selected include:

Forest City: Jill Baron, Jo-Ellen Hurley, Alan Mindas, Karen Tellep, Erin Zebrowski.

Nicholson: Alberta Grushinski, Megan Lanza, Natasha Paschuk, Nicole Snedeker.

Thompson: Mary McCarthy.

Union Dale: Michael Chernesky, Suzann Faidiga.

Laceyville: Lynn Adams, Kristie Cobb, Jennifer Purdy.

Meshoppen: Angela Baker, Tara Benninger, Dixie Casselbury, John Morgan, Rebekah Smith.

Montrose: Erin Bennett, Ursula Dabulewicz, Rachael Ely, Derek Henninger, Adam Nelson, Ashley Pierson, Sandra Rangitsch, Adam Rauch, Helena Schneider.

Brackney: Andrea Neild.

Dimock: Elizabeth Bisel, Stacy Rezykowski.

Friendsville: Jodi Morgan, Andrew Shaffer.

Hallstead: Meredith Galloway, Shirley Osborne, Brian Wilder.

Hop Bottom: Jennifer Lindsey, Steven Sekely.

Kingsley: Daniel Karhnak, Linda Merritt.

Little Meadows: Lisa Kuhn, Alan Nelson.

New Milford: April Berger, Sarah Glasgow, Amy Johnson, Sarah McNamara-Sparks.

South Gibson: Timothy Sivers.

Springville: Melissa Hunsinger.

Susquehanna: Liza Chianese, Angela Close, Rebekah Fisk, Michael Kane.

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Susky Elementary Reading Achievement

The following is a list of the Susquehanna Elementary School students who received a Reading Achievement Award for the first marking period for the 2002-03 school year. A student must maintain an A average (93-100) for the entire marking period in order to receive this award.

Mrs. Tingley - 1-1: Kaitlyn Bray, Joseph DeLaPlaine, Amber Dubanowitz, Jonathan Felter, Steven Frye, Nicholas Hall, Alyssa Jacobs, Lauren Marco, Brett Meixner, Alexis Roe, Katelyn Sherman.

Mrs. Rowe - 1-2: Chelsea Ayres, Jack DeLaPlaine , Mashawna Hargett, Kaelin Payne, Dean (D.J.) Price, Ciera Scepaniak, Brandy Spalik, Ronald Welch, Michael Yi, Mark Zappe.

Mrs. Davis - 1-3: Lindsey Burdick, Rachel Hubal, Kyle MacDonald, Micaela Rhone, Brandon Soden, Emily Staros, Victoria Trynoski, Anja Whitehead, Brianna Williams.

Mrs. Fancher - 1-4: Nicholas Acosta, Melvin Batson, Ashley Miller, Richard Pelicci, Nolan Reddon, Delbert Rowlands, Evan Stone.

Mrs. Brieden - LS-1: James Ballard, Richard Delaney, Adam Rhone.

Mrs. Hilling - 2-1: Devin Breese, Daniel Cordner, Lindsey Glidden, Tyler Hines, Amanda Marco, Marah Rhone, Austin Smith, Ashley Sweeney, William Terpstra.

Mrs. Chervanka - 2-2: Brett Archambault, Brendan Conklin, Brandon DeRose, Kyleigh Fiske, Ryan Kitchen, Cole Mallery, Caitlynn O'Dell, Patricia Pauswinski, Taylor Soules, Ryan Swanson, Amberly Warner.

Mrs. Houghton - 2-3: Melissa Kukowski, Casey Williams.

Mrs. Mazikewich - 2-4: Danielle Barnes, Megan Canfield, Mitchell Corse, Britney Glover, Chelsea Matta, Alex Peksa, Chelsea Sparks, Callie Truex.

Mrs. Burdick - LS-2: Dominique Cina, Jeffrey Conroy, Tyler Reed, Lucas Wentzell, Allen Westbrook.

Mrs. Lubaszewski - 3-1: Brandon Deakin, Brian Yi.

Mrs. Keller - 3-2: Emily Conroy, Jesse Henderson.

Mrs. Heath - 3-3: Austin Cowperthwait, Mary Kemmerer.

Mrs. Soden - 3-4: Courtney Arthur, Matthew Hilling, Morgan Ofsharick, Zachary Stanford, Jeffrey Wayman.

Mrs. Rockwell - LS-3: Vincent DeCicco.

Mrs. Hinkley - 4-1: Alex Price, Robert Skiba.

Mrs. Fuller - 4-2: Kimberly Aldrich, Nicholas Marco, Sinon Smith.

Mrs. Stanley - 4-3: Zachary Baker, Kelly Burke, Mandalyn Corse, Susan Greene, Sean Leonard, David Winn.

Mrs. Homer - 4-4: Kyle Napolitano, Nicholas Vales, Kristen Wentzell, Theresa Whitehead, Shane Wolf.

Mrs. Dubas - LS-4: Jarrett Coleman, Courtney Sterling, Randy Stone.

Mr. Hall - 5-1: Kyla Kemmerer.

Mrs. Conklin - 5-2: Andrea Sheldon, Ashley Tanzini.

Mr. Presley - 5-3: Philip Barnes, Maria Elena Canzoneri, Thomas (TJ) Kelly, Shawn Norton, Brandon Stone, Andrea Walker.

Mrs. Steele - 5-4: Garrett Cuevas, Tylor Thomas, Jami Towner.

Mrs. Loscig - LS-5: Dominic Gerhardt, Holly Swartwood.

Mr. Rezykowski - 6-1: Timothy Gall, Brittany Heller, Echo Hinson, Michael Lloyd, Ellen Matis, Hannah Price, Leann Terpstra, Jeffrey Williams.

Mr. Escandel - 6-2: Christy Glidden, Jessica Hubal, Justin Lee, Bradley Stone.

Mrs. Stone - 6-3: David Jackson, Angela Leonard, Aaron Soden.

Mrs. Glidden - 6-4: Stephen Andujar, TyKim Johnson, Kayshia Kruger, Lacey Sholtiss.

Mrs. Vauter - LS-6: Carlos Cuevas, Beth Ann Donahue, Amanda Garcia , Jennifer Glover, Diana Greene, Edward Kenny, Frank Schmidt, Kelly Sheriff, Amanda Tadlock, Mary Tarbox, Anthony Wayman.

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Travis Hoadley Is Rotary Student Of The Month

L. Colin Furneaux, principal of Mountain View High School, announced the selection of Travis Hoadley, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Hoadley, Hop Bottom, PA, as the "Forest City Rotary Student Of The Month" for October, 2002. He merited this special recognition because of high academic achievement, participation in numerous extracurricular and community activities, and great potential for future service to society.

An honor student in the class of 2003, Travis is a member of the Spanish Honor Society, the Scholastic Team, the Knowledge Master Open, the Vice Principal’s Council, the Mock Trial Team, the yearbook staff, the Chorus Sound Crew, and the Homecoming Committee. This year he is serving as president of both the National Honor Society and the Student Council, where he as been very active in Community Service Projects, School Spirit Week, and Constitution Revision. Also, he has volunteered as a student tutor, a seventh grade mentor, and a library aide.

Travis was named as the "IU #19 Mountain View Scholar of the Year" and to "Who’s Who Among American High School Students." He has participated in "Arts Alive," the Scholastic Arts Competition, and the Science/Math Fair. Travis, who enjoys tennis, has been in competitive play and attended the Unites States Tennis Association Area Training Center as a recruited participant. In addition, he has attended the PA Council of Cooperative Leadership Camp, the PASC Advanced Gold Leadership Camp, and the Rotary Leadership Camp.

After graduation in June, Travis plans to pursue a baccalaureate degree at a four-year university, where he will study business with a potential minor in communications.

Travis and his parents were invited to attend the October 21 dinner meeting as guests of the Forest City Rotary Club.

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