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We Have The Capability

We, as a nation, have become too dependent on other countries. Imports into the United States are at an all-time high. But, with the high volume of imports also comes a higher threat to our health. Less than one percent of the food that comes into this country is inspected. The countries that we import food from do not have the same safety regulations and standards that the farmers here in the United States have. Tainted, imported lettuce and tomatoes put the nation on alert with an outbreak of e-coli. Had the proper inspections at the port of entry been enforced, this outbreak may have been diverted.

Illegal food ingredients come into this country and are used in such a wide variety of products that it may be difficult to do a recall on the tainted ingredient because of the wide usage. China is now dealing with such a case with infant formula. Melamine was discovered months ago in milk that was used for infant formula. Companies that produced the milk product were aware of the illegal ingredient, but waited to do a recall. To date, four babies have died and over 6,200 babies and toddlers have developed serious kidney problems. Shockingly, this has now reached out to other countries, because this milk product was used in yogurt, ice cream and even milk chocolate candy.

However, it has not just happed in the food we eat, but also now in the furniture that we rest on at the end of a long day. Recliners from France are now being recalled, because a chemical that manufacturers used to process the leather is now making people have allergic reactions. Blisters, sores, and even lesions are appearing on people who sit on these tainted recliners.

Are other countries slowly trying to kill us off? When is this going to stop? We have the capabilities here in the United States to produce quality products. The food that you eat now travels an average of 1500 miles+ from producer to consumer. There are more than 3,100 farmers’ markets here in the United States. We have the capabilities here in the US to sustain our own people. We want local food and local products from our friends and neighbors, so that we can see for ourselves how it is produced. Why continue to import inferior, sometimes illegal, food ingredients and products when we are proud to produce quality products and food ingredients right here at home in the United States?


Tinamarie Carlin

Meshoppen, PA

Be Proud Of Your Town

Summer is at an end, travel time is over, now it’s time to do the things I have put aside for several weeks. Writing this letter to all you folks in Susquehanna is one of my main projects. Why would this letter be so important? It’s because of what all of you have done in town to give everyone pleasure to visit this little town time and time again. The new sidewalks, cleaning up around the homes to show their beauty that has stood there for many years. Keep up the good work, as you’re working, think of the beauty of Susquehanna that was once there. It can be done again. If the structure of the old stores are too old to open, just repaint the front, put a display in the windows of perhaps some things of the past, and write a story to display in the window telling the history of that store. Who was the merchant, the name of the store, how many years they served the public. There is so much history in the little town of Susquehanna. I get on the Internet just to find some different information to get answers when I start thinking about how it used to be. Be proud of your little town, it represents part of you.

My dream home on West Main St. is being refurbished by Kevin Setzer and his family, they are doing a wonderful job. It must make you all proud to see someone putting such hard work into something as beautiful as that home. You must be thinking, how could it be my dream house? Well, when I grew up in Susquehanna, and I walked past that house, in my thoughts I would say, “One day I hope I can live there, or at least go in to see it.” My dream finally came true. I knocked on the door one day, and this sweet young woman came to the door. Her name was Patricia Barks. I explained to her how I felt about that home since I was a little girl. She gladly opened up to me with welcome arms to go in to see it. Since she could not walk all the steps, my grandson Houston and I went from room to room. We felt very important being in that part of history, and making a new friend at the same time. We were welcomed back when we came to town for a visit. Then one day, my brother, Mason Evans told me it was sold. My heart sank. Not only would I miss my new friend, I could no longer go in that house any time. Will my dream come true again? Maybe. On one of my trips I met Mr. Setzer. I was telling him my story about that house. He told me when he finished his project inside and got his tools and lumber cleaned up, I could come in to see what he had done when I’m up there for a visit. Setzer family, be proud, you have taken on a part of history that I hope will be standing for years to come. I’m proud to say, I’m glad I met you, Mr. Setzer, you are dong a great job.

I have tried to get information on this home, even from the historical society in its hometown, but came up with nothing. I have heard many stories about it from different people. That it was built close to the railroad to house the railroaders when they came into town and had to stay a few days. Another story was, a family owned it to accommodate people that came into town to stay for several days. There were also big parties held there. It was such a prestigious place, guests were greeted at their arrival. Gentlemen sat just inside of the entrance in a little room to accept your arrival, and to accept coats, hats and umbrellas. They opened the door to the main area. When I got the opportunity to go through it, I did notice on a beam in the open ceiling in the kitchen that the lumber was shipped to a Mr. White. I never found out who Mr. White was, and what connections he had to this home. It seems to me that there is someone in the town of Susquehanna with old pictures, or some facts. My brother has a postcard with a picture of this house in the 1800s, it is beautiful. Maybe someone has a little bit of information I could start with. It would mean so much to me. I think a home as beautiful as this should have history to explain its beauty. If anyone has any facts about this home, I’d love to have them.

I have traveled many states East to West, North and South and have met people that were residents of Susquehanna, or who have come to this nice little town to relax, fish and ski in the winter. Sitting in church one night in Tucson, Arizona, a gentleman behind me was talking to his friend about the beautiful bridge connecting Susquehanna to Oakland, how nice the ceremony was. He talked so proud of the little town, and makes several trips back every year. I was surprised how many people talk about this little town, and are proud of it. I let him know I was raised there, and still make trips up there to visit my family. Before service started, he reminisced about how the town was in the 40s and 50s. he remarked about the railroad closing and the people leaving because of the lack of work. His last remark was, they should have fought to keep the railroad, it made the town.

Keep up the good work, everyone, you might be a little town on the map, but this little town is well known and appreciated by many people. Keep showing off your town and be just as proud of it as the people that come to visit. Some of my family is still there, so I will be back for many more visits. Hello to everyone in town, especially my classmates I went to school with.


Rhoda Evans Munson

Abingdon, MD

What Are We Waiting For?

We know that if God be for us, who can stand against us. But we stand in the judgment seat, permitting and even promoting the so-called right of abortion, advocates to have children murdered in their mothers’ womb.

Everybody should know that abortion is used for population control! But the evil, immorality and loss of virtue and self-respect among our young people is a growing cultural disaster. It is destroying the conscience of our nation. We must hold our politicians accountable in the defense of every unborn human being. Let’s all act as responsible adults, and show the world life is a sacred gift of God. God will hold us accountable, each and every one of us.


John Mann

Brandt, PA

Hiding The Truth?

Maybe it's my intuition, but anytime I see the pupils enlarge or dilate in someone’s eyes, means to me they are either lying or scared to death.

The pictures today of anyone dealing with this Wall Street bailout shows me we can be in for a long, hard row to hoe. I would bet that if someone would ask the question, if al Qaeda was trying to buy in on the world market (through) our 700 billion dollar bailout? It seems to me they are scared for a reason. I bet someone is hiding something!

No one really wants to give us a reason, or a good explanation of why suddenly we have to do this. Think about it, look into their eyes! Try to ask why? I am sure if that is the reason, we all, as Americans would be glad to help.


Peter A Seman

Thompson, PA

End This Scourge

More than once I have written about a visit made to the U.S. by Mother Teresa when she spoke of abortion. She told us in New York City that if we continued this slaughter, it would cause a tear in creation. I have often wondered exactly what this meant, but I am afraid it is becoming quite clear. She also said legal abortion would destroy America. Today 43 million taxpayers and possible problem solvers are not here, for they have been killed since Roe V Wade was made the law. Our economy is in a critical situation, with those who caused the problems proclaiming themselves to be the solution to them. Our savings, our incomes, our homes, our very security is under threat. Natural disasters come at us one after another, destroying whole cities and causing so much pain. Our country, instead of coming together to solve these problems, tear at each other viciously in abstract hatred.

As I have said before, while on a visit to Scranton, Mother Teresa was asked by a TV commentator why God did not send more Mother Teresas to help with the world’s problems. In her tiny voice she replied, "Oh He does - He does - we just keep throwing them away." Do we truly believe that a loving God will let this go on indefinitely? Have we all forgotten His justice?

I ask all Christians to pray with me for an end to this scourge. We have to become responsible for our actions and inactions, which have allowed this terrible plight. No one has the right to take another's life – not even a mother.

If you know anyone who has fallen for this politically correct abortion solution and now regrets it, Rachel's Vineyard - 1877-HOPE-4-ME or rachelsvineyard.org is there with love and understanding.


Annette Corrigan

Jackson, PA

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