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Recognition Is Due

The July 2 issue of the County Transcript ran an article of much interest to us. It shows students from Susquehanna Community High School receiving recognition for the year with perfect attendance. A very nice picture of the students was shown, listing their names and a statement that each received a mint condition silver dollar to commemorate their accomplishment. It also highlighted a student with perfect attendance throughout his entire school career “except” for two days in eighth grade. Congratulations to them. It’s nice to see students finally being recognized for this accomplishment in the Susquehanna Community School.

Our daughter and son both completed their entire school career from kindergarten through their senior year with perfect attendance, with no or very little to minute recognition.

We certainly were proud of them, but apparently we were the only ones who recognized their accomplishment. On Class Night we waited with much anticipation. Not a mention was made. All right, we would have to wait for graduation. Certainly they would be recognized. Graduation night came and not one word of recognition was given to our daughter, Laura. Two weeks later when the principal, Mr. McNamara was approached we stated our disappointment about her getting no recognition. His comment was, “I forgot.” It is amazing that he could forget something that no other student in the history of Susquehanna Community School had ever done before. We then asked him if we purchased a plaque honoring her, could it be placed in the school. He said, “Sure.” It was placed in the school all right. After searching all over, looking for it, we were informed it was in the sports showcase. It was there, tucked behind sports trophies from several previous years.

Three years later, our son, Bryan completed his senior year, accomplishing the same perfect attendance record as his sister. Now we have not only one student, but two, and both from the same family. Again, no recognition at Class Night. At his graduation, he was mentioned briefly along with a classmate who had perfect attendance from seventh grade on. We purchased a plaque for him and, again, this one was placed in the sports showcase. Some recognition, right?

We have been appalled over the years to think that not one teacher or anyone from the school found this to be of any importance. Any one of you should have been pleased to be a part of this making of history.

As their parents, we are very proud of them. To be determined to set and accomplish this goal for themselves, shows determination, strength and self worth.

After graduation, Laura went to Bloomsburg University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree. She teaches Special Education. Bryan graduated from Mansfield University with a Bachelor’s Degree and is a music teacher and band director in Lehighton High School. Both Laura and Bryan continued their education and received Masters Degrees from Wilkes University.

As their parents, we are very proud of them. Even though they were not recognized for what they achieved in their hometown school, we will always recognize their accomplishments.


Charles and Linda Buffington

Susquehanna, PA

We’re Looking For You

“Have I got an opportunity for you!” Sound familiar? We have all been approached by someone who feels strongly about an activity or organization they belong to, and want us to join them. Guess what – that’s me too!

The Susquehanna County “ Harvest of the Arts” is right around the corner, September 20 and 21, and I want to give you the opportunity to join with us in our planning.

If you are a Visual Artist (amateur or professional), Photographer, Crafter, Musician, Dancer, Theatrical Performer, Story Teller, Poet, or just have an interest in promoting and sharing these talents, we are looking for you!

If you have a farm, orchard or flower garden and would be interested in our Open Air Market, we are looking for you!

If you are a school student who would like to share your talents in art, composition, music, dance or theater, we are looking for you!

If you would be interested in joining our group and assisting in our efforts to promote the arts in Susquehanna County, we are looking for you!

Chairmen have been selected for the various events, but there is much work to be done and always limited time and resources. For more information contact Alice at (570) 756-2044 or randa@nep.net, or visit www.susquehannadepot.org. Together we can make great things happen in Susquehanna County at the “Harvest of the Arts,” in Susquehanna Depot,. Opportunities await you!


Alice Deutsch


Harvest of the Arts

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