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Gas Lease Meeting

There will be a short notice meeting concerning gas lease/exploration on Thursday, March 6, at 7:30 p.m. at the Thompson Hose Company, Water Street, Thompson, PA.

Any landowner who has been approached by gas companies and is thinking of leasing their land to gas drilling/exploration companies needs to attend this important meeting to get the facts from experts.

Speakers will be Gas Lease Attorney Chris Denton; NY Farm Bureau President Ashur Terwilliger; and Cook Geological Services. If you have missed previous meetings, it is your chance to inform yourself about gas leases and how it will impact this area.

Important information on the legal aspects, sign-on bonuses, royalty rates, and land restoration will be discussed.

For directions or further info contact 727–2537, 727–3263, or 727–3222.


Sherri W. Silvestre

Thompson PA

Caution Is Needed

To all Oakland Residents; there is no road salt available from suppliers for future storm needs. We, and just about every other community, have been unable to buy more once our existing supply is used up. Extra caution is advised if you need to travel. Please bear with us during this difficult situation, we will do our best to deal with winter road conditions as they arise.


Oakland Boro Council

Develop Local Resources

Once again, there has been a meat recall; this of over one hundred million pounds, and based on videos of beef facilities, concerning downer cows. No wonder there are so many people changing to being vegetarians!

Cattle used to be the ultimate of solar-fed animals. With their four “stomachs,” they are meant to be fed on sun-filled pasture, and if the pastures are improved based on soil quality, the cows keep a high degree of health. Why has the cow been changed from being the epitome of solar power to being forced to live on fossil fuels power in feedlots? Fossil fuels are now necessary to plant monocultured fields yearly, make fertilizers and pesticides, and truck the cattle east.

Imagine the concept of feeding cattle on improved pasture, locally! There are now several local farms using improved pastures. We have had two years of pasture improvement workshops in Harford and there will be another conference this spring. The clay soil in the county, with a bit of improvement can prove to be a resource that can keep on giving for the long term.

Shouldn't the pastures and farmland of our county be a main concern for our Economic Development Board? While the Board’s emphasis is on outside industry, maybe it is time to look at our farmland and use it as a solar-powered means to feed ourselves, and to bring a sustainable economy to many new, young farmers. Use the EDB's resources locally for a new crop of farmers.


Leif Winter

Hallstead, PA

The Official Story?

My husband and I just finished reading an article in the February 8 issue of The Week magazine about a man, hiking in New Mexico, who ran into a stalking cougar. His tale about how he dealt with the animal and avoided being killed is frightening; I can only imagine running into one here while walking in the woods. Oh, but we don't have cougars around here, isn't that the usual official story?

We personally know thirteen people, none of them drug addicts or drunks, who have seen cougars in this county and even watched the animals for some time. One person saw a male and female mating. They were not watching bobcats; the size of and long tails on the cats were quite clear. Another man, into night photography, set up cameras all over his area and guess what he got a picture of? (Not an elephant.) Yet, if you question the game warden, he will insist there are no cougars around here.

Oh yeah? A man in the county shot one that was after one of his cows. Within an hour, the game warden pulled up and took it away. Now, if they're unaware of cougars around here and laugh at anyone who suggests they exist, why would they suddenly show up to collect their radio-collared cougar? A woman, also in Susquehanna County, witnessed a helicopter drop off a cougar! Obviously, then either the state or federal government is seeding them into the area here. What for? To eat the coyotes? If it's to cull the deer herd, why do they limit hunting to antlered deer? I don't think cougars follow the hunting laws. I think if they saw your trusty dog or your cute little kids running about, they would lick their chops.

Can you let your kids play in the woods now? Can you let them go out alone in the fields? I no longer take walks in the woods, not unless my husband is with me. I have a license to carry a gun and when in the woods, believe me, I do now. Although a lot of good a gun would do if a cougar jumps you from behind.


Margaret Karmazin

North Jackson, PA

Letters To The Editor MUST BE SIGNED. They MUST INCLUDE a phone number for "daytime" contact. Letters MUST BE CONFIRMED VERBALLY with the author, before printing. Letters should be as concise as possible, to keep both Readers' and Editors' interest alike. Your opinions are important to us, but you must follow these guidelines to help assure their publishing.

Thank you, Susquehanna County Transcript

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