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Haste Makes Waste

Lately I have heard that the Susky Boro Council is planning to pay to have the water tower demolished. Seems to be a waste, when the tower is one of the last remnants of our town history. Repainted with the Erie E, it would compliment the station (in the national historical register) as an attraction that might cause someone to visit our little town. One of the few assets this town has is its historic look. Also, being rather tall, it is a beacon to those who enter this town. Admittedly rusted as it is, it projects a less-than-savory impression of Susquehanna Depot, but as a gleaming, white tower, well, you get the idea. Everyone is always saying we need tourism to bring money into the town. When it's all torn down, what is there to visit? And where would be a better place to hang a banner advertising a festival or other town event? Tower lighting, anyone?

Some might say it can't be done – hazardous waste, lead paint, liabilities... Each is solvable. As for lead paint, the tower looks to be lacking of paint. Has anyone rubbed it with one of those test strips for testing the paint in your house? It may not be lead contaminated after all. Haven't experts found sealing lead paint in, and painting over is safer than removal? It is not a child's toy, after all; hopefully it does not attract folks that want to lick it. And would not demolition throw lead paint dust into the environment? Gee, might have to pay to seal it to take it down safely. Demolition would do more to disturb the soil around the tower if one worries about contaminated soil; any proof? Can't it be blacktopped over, like the rest of the soil around the old yard? Liability? Has anyone fallen off the tower in the last few decades? How about a nice fence and a “keep out” sign. Hate to say it (dislike the government handout industry), but might there not be grants to do stuff (like this) that promotes the town? Main Street ring a bell?

Might be best to consider carefully, before another bit of local history kicks up its last bit of dust.


Clay Martin

Susquehanna, PA

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