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We've Got A Ticket To Ride

Less than half a lifetime ago the West had a revolution. In America it was as transforming as the one which cut our mooring lines to England. In Europe it caused no less of a reformation. But this war was not fought with bullets, but ideas; not with cannons, but the canons of creed. Christianity was pitted against a new religion, Secular Humanism, and Christianity lost here and in Europe.

Secular Humanism, a 60's neologism for a 60's religion, is build on two doctrines. One, it rejects the supernatura,l recognizing only what can be seen. "The universe," said Carl Sagan, "is all that was, all that is, and all that will ever be." And two, moral relativism, that is, there is no absolute good or evil, only what one may personally consider to be such.

The sexual restraints of the old religion were thrown aside for sexual freedom. And abortion, a word once not even uttered, was now a sacred sacrament practiced to forgive the consequences of the new morality. But beware, the law of unintended consequences ever operates.

In 1973 all laws against abortion in the U.S. were overturned. Since that time 40 million abortions have been performed in the U.S. What was not anticipated was the extent that this procedure would be used by some groups yet shunned by others. Among Americans of European descent, the birthrate plummeted to 1.88 per family, which is below the replacement level of 2.1. But the Hispanic birthrate remained stratospheric at 3.11.

Illegal immigration coupled with abortions have downsided those of European ancestry in California and Texas to minority status. By the year 2015, half of Americans will be what are today considered to be minorities and 75 percent of these new Americans will be Hispanic.

These Hispanics are as proud of their heritage and language as non-Hispanic whites are of theirs. The U.S. will shortly be not so much a melting pot of ethnicities as a salad bowl of different cultures with all the turmoil and tensions that exist in other multicultural nations.

In Europe, the average birth rate for indigenous European women is 1.4. Their birthrate has declined as the number of abortions in this group have increased to an annual 1.5 million. But the birth rate for European women of eastern extraction is a demographic distorting 4.2.

Unintended consequences have even turned the slogan of pro-abortion feminists on its head. "Every child a wanted child," could now be invoked to justify the abortion of female babies.

In China, the one-child-per-family policy adopted in 1979 has caused the selective abortion of female babies, skewing the male-to-female ratio. China now has 70 million more boys than girls, with an extra two million more males than females every year. In India, during the last 20 years, 10 million babies were aborted because they were females.

Femaleicide is also practiced in Taiwan, South Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam, and several Russian republics.

The seeds of social upheaval are being sown wherever abortion is practiced. In Asian nations, sociologists predict that societal instability, violent crime, and gang formation will grow apace with the increasing number of men who have no hope of marriage. And in the West, whatever the future holds, it will not look like anything in the past.

Should abortion be aborted? Many think so, but it will never be. Secular Humanism with man as the new god, science as savior, evolution as creator, amorality as morality, and abortion on demand manifest the spirit of the times. We've got a ticket to ride this train, but maybe we should have asked where it was going before we climbed aboard.


Bob Scroggins

New Milford PA

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