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Blue Ridge Select Choir Travels To Capitol
Local Students Make Who’s Who Sports
Local Students Make Who’s Who Edition
Susky Students In Computer Fair
SCCTC 3rd Marking Period Honor Roll
SCCTC Announces Students Of The Month
SCCTC Announces Students Of The Month
Mt. View Elem. 3rd Period Honor Roll
Mt. View High 3rd Period Honor Roll
FCR Elementary 3rd Period Honor Roll
Local Students Make F & M Dean's List
Conservation District Announces Scholarship
Blue Ridge Elem. 3rd Period Honor Roll
Blue Ridge Elementary Citizens Of The Month
Amanda Russell Makes I U Dean’s List

Blue Ridge Select Choir Travels To Capitol

As part of Arts in Education Day on April 4, the Blue Ridge Fifth Grade Select Choir performed at the state Capitol in Harrisburg. Arts in Education Day  is sponsored by numerous cooperating art agencies in Pennsylvania to recognizethe contribution of art teachers, artists in education and parents and others who dedicate theirlives to the education of children.  For one day each year, select students in the Commonwealth aregiven an opportunity to showcase the talents and skills that have been fostered througharts programs.

The Blue Ridge 5th Grade Select Chorus is pictured here with Rep. Sandra Major (front row, far left) and chorus director Holly Snitzer (far right).

The Blue Ridge 5thGrade chorus was honored to have been invited to participate in this grand celebration of arts education, and represent themselves and their school at the state Capitol. 

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Local Students Make Who’s Who Sports

Following is a list of students from our area who are featured in the fourth annual edition of Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Sports Edition, 2004-05.

Richmondale: Bridget Brown, Kelli Cali, Kasie O’Dell, Lauren Risboski.

Thompson: Katherine Stinavage.

Montrose: Leanne Hawley.

Brackney: Amanda Lass.

Friendsville: Kayla Traver.

Great Bend: Michael Mullen.

Hallstead: Tara Chiarella, Fran Roach.

New Milford: Cody Croop, Mike Kovatch, Jordan Smith.

Susquehanna: Allen Russell.

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Local Students Make Who’s Who Edition

Following is a list of students from our area who are featured in the 39th annual edition of Who’s Who Among American High School Students, 2004-05: Carli Dominick, Clifford; Tiffany Butler, Forest City; Stephanie Coleman, Forest City; Laura Heck, Forest City; Lauren Risboskin, Forest City; Kelli Cali, Forest City; Courtney Connor, Forest City; Kasie O’Dell, Forest City; Dan Rokavec, Forest City; Amanda Drum, Lenoxville; Kelly Ford, Nicholson; Julia Hawley, Nicholson; Katie Kilmer, Nicholson; Jacqueline Kodish, Nicholson; Amanda Lawrence, Nicholson; Joseph Molnar, Nicholson; Kimberly Morden, Nicholson; Elyse Murrin, Nicholson; Crystal Davis, Thompson; Kirk Fallon, Thompson; Amber Gaffey, Thompson; Ashley Hubal, Thompson; Douglas Jones, Thompson; Ryan Lee, Thompson; Joshua Ward, Thompson; Destiny Hart, Union Dale; Robyn Powell, Union Dale; Bethany Stockdale, Union Dale; Billie J. Wilbur, Union Dale; Pavi-Elle Yankovich, Union Dale; Christopher Demchak, Meshoppen; John Domasiewicz, Meshoppen; Amanda Hollister, Meshoppen; Ariel Shiffer, Meshoppen; Josh Wood, Meshoppen; Ashley Birchard, Montrose; Andrew Bookin, Montrose; Colin Burridge, Montrose; Amanda Curry, Montrose; Elysia Curry, Montrose; Amber DePue, Montrose; Brittany Ely, Montrose; Caitlin Ely, Montrose; Elizabeth Gerhard, Montrose; Andrea Gregory, Montrose; Lee Hawley, Montrose; Aaron Hitchcock, Montrose; Lawrence Larue, Montrose; Keesha Lunger, Montrose; Jennifer McMicken, Montrose; Holly McNeal, Montrose; Emilie Mitchell, Montrose; Kristin Shingler, Montrose; Stephen Stahl, Montrose; Keith Boll, Brackney; Kristin Hohn, Brackney; Amanda Lass, Brackney; Ryan VanTassel, Brackney; Angelica West, Brackney; Amanda Curry, Dimock; Kristen Ramey, Dimock; Laura Carden, Friendsville; Naomi Delgado, Friendsville; Lee Johnson, Friendsville; Jordan Clapper, Great Bend; Todd Ferry, Great Bend; Ben Fisher, Great Bend; Michael Mullen, Great Bend; Josh Neary, Great Bend; Sara Barnard, Hallstead; Daniel Blackman, Hallstead; Lynnea Brush, Hallstead; Lisa Chiarella, Hallstead; Tara Chiarella, Hallstead; Kate Donovan, Hallstead; Trenton Emmert, Hallstead; Zachary Knott, Hallstead; Erik Marvin, Hallstead; Fran Roach, Hallstead; Jessica Williams, Hallstead; Bethany Zablotsky, Hop Bottom; Alyson Ainey, Kingsley; Bre Finagan, Kingsley; Ashley Franklin, Kingsley; Shana Mack, Kingsley; Justin Burns, Little Meadows; Christopher Cheney, Little Meadows; Cody Croop, New Milford; Donald Cunningham, New Milford; Nicole Denny, New Milford; Colin Dixon, New Milford; Nicole Edwards, New Milford; Justin Herbert, New Milford; Fallon Lawson, New Milford; Ashley Luce, New Milford; Aaron Onyon, New Milford; Abby Onyon, New Milford; Mike Rifenbury, New Milford; Aubrey Wood, South Montrose; Angela Cosner, Springville; Katie Hunting, Springville; James Banko, Susquehanna; Amanda Boman, Susquehanna; Ashley Boman, Susquehanna; Christopher Felter, Susquehanna; Ken Krug, Susquehanna; Matthew Krug, Susquehanna; Kevin Lee, Susquehanna; Anthony Lewis, Susquehanna; Lesa Lewis, Susquehanna; Allen Russell, Susquehanna; Anthony Sellitto, Susquehanna; Becky Stone, Susquehanna; Bethany Stone, Susquehanna.

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Susky Students In Computer Fair

NEIU19 held its 3rd annual PA High School Computer Fair Regional Competition on Thursday April 6 at the Career and Technology Center (CTC) of Lackawanna County.  The Pennsylvania High School Computer Fair is an annual event that highlights Pennsylvania high school students’ application skills and computer knowledge. Students are able to unleash their creativity, learn how to convey information more dynamically, and enhance the learning process.  Top winners in each category go on to compete at the state level.

5 Students along with advisors John Ord and Diana Hurlburt traveled to the Center to represent Susquehanna Community High School for the first time since the start of the regional competition 3 years ago.  The students entered 2 projects in 2 different categories:

Multimedia Presentation: Students - Teri Upright and Casey Gliddon; Project Title - Hurricane Katrina.

Text Based Desktop Publishing: Students - Dan Brinton, Cheasea Henry and Phylicia Decicco; Project Title - High School Newspaper.

Although they did not place (1st, 2nd and 3rd places awarded in each category), all had fun and met some new faces.  Casey and Teri already have their project picked out for next year and hopefully more participation from other talented students in the school will be seen.

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SCCTC 3rd Marking Period Honor Roll

Following is the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center Honor Roll for the third marking period of the 2005-06 school year.

HIGH HONORS: Tom Albertson, Gabrielle Anderson, Jessica Antolos, Rhonda Arnold, Dakota Berg, Robin Blood, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Jennifer Chambers, Melissa Compton, Amanda Conklin, Jessica Coolbaugh, Stephanie Crandall, Malinda Daniels, Brittney Davies, Chris Demchak, Monica Dommes, Brittany Donnelly, Amanda Edwards, Adam Esposito, Suzanne Fauver, Brittany Faux, Amanda Figueroa, Mary Ann Figueroa, Alycia Fink, Sara Folk, Britney Giberson, Angela Greene, Lindsey Grosvenor, Kristina Gunn, Chelsea Hagen, Broc Jennings, Jeremy Jumper, Heather Kays, Arielle Kovalick, Zachary Larnerd, Alyssa Lawrence, Sarah Lesser, April Lewis, Kirk Lunger, Kayla Marks, Henry Mast, Elizabeth McGuire, Brooke McKee, Heather Minick, Nicole Mokwa, Adam Nagy, Linda Neer, Zack Pannepacker, Caleb Prentice, Lindsay Radcliff, Richard Rhodes, Julie Robets, Allen Sperry, April Stevens, Brooke Thomas, Jessica Warner, Leighann Warner, Devron Wells, Samantha Wickizer, Ashley Zapolski.

HONORS: Eric Aukema, Amanda Barber, Sarah Birtch, Leila Blachek, Ashley Brewer, Saria Brewer, Kassandra Buckingham, Matthew Butts, Elise Calkins, Ross Cameron, Joyce Carey, Samantha Chandler, Jonathan Clayton, Shannon Collins, Richard Coy, Laura Croasdale, David Deacon, Paul Dudock, Alex Eastman, Leighanna Fassett, Joshua Fletcher, Danielle Foreman, Kristin Fredericks, Nichole Fuller, Samantha Furman, Alan Gage, Bobbi Griffin, Jennifer Guthrie, Jarrod Hall, Carlos Hernandez, Angel Hubert, Katherine Hunting, Jordan Jackson, Carley Jennings, Derek Johnson, Stephen Johnson, Amber Jones, Corey Jones, Kodi Lakowitz, Caitlyn Marsh, Erik Marvin, Jordan McDaniels, Jason Miller, Doug Moore, Chelsea Naples, Michael Nice, Denise Nogick, Jessica Nusbaum, Casey Phetmounghkhoune, Devon Phillips, Damon Sandle, Ethan Schumacher, Lucas Schwartztrauber, Andrew Sible, Kathryn Sickler, Stacey Singer, Brandi Smith, Cassandra Smith, Dustin Squier, Shannon Thompson, Patrick Treacy, Shalyn Truscott, Alicia Walker, Devin Walters, Melinda Williams, Adam Winters.

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SCCTC Announces Students Of The Month

Mrs. Alice M. Davis, Vocational Director of the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center, is proud to announce the following SCCTC Students of the Month for February, 2006: Caleb Prentice, Jonathan Glaush, John Brooks, Kara O’Malley, Kimberly Smith, Amanda Figueroa, Angela Greene, Casey Phetmoungkhoune, Amanda Conklin, Dustin Squier, Cody Sickler.

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SCCTC Announces Students Of The Month

Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center announces the following March, 2006 Students of the Month: Stephen Johnson, Darin Ford, Zack Pannepacker, Britany Fike, Stacey Singer, Beau Marshall, Jessica Antolos, Ben Ball, Bobbi Griffin, Eric Aukema, Samantha Furman.

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Mt. View Elem. 3rd Period Honor Roll

Following is the Mountain View Elementary School Honor Roll for the third marking period of the 2005-06 school year.

FOURTH GRADE: Andrew Adams, Kayla Astleford, Samantha Bennici, Paul Chichura, Zach  Feduchak, Megan Getz, Shawna Getz, Bobby Griffin, Katelyn Hartman, Jacob Heller, Matt Heller, Julianna Jarnagin, Nicholas Jarrow, Alyssa Kress, Austin Mack, Peter Maloney, Samantha McWhirr, Matt Mecca, Jennifer Molenko, Kate Moore, Sarah Nichols, Nik Nowalk, Alexis Oakley, Mikaela Phillips, Tyler Salak, Michael Shevchuk, Megan Stenzhorn, Morgan Taylor, Chad Wescott.

FIFTH GRADE: Paige Belcher, Gabel Bell, Elizabeth Black, Shannon Bollard,Rebecca Brown, Krista Chidester, Tyler Chidester, Ashley Davidson, Kristen Dupay, Colton Esslinger, Victoria  Fallon, Owen Flannery, Alexis Hancock, Chris Hartman, Sarah Hosie, Kurtis Jenkins, Lucas Jodon, Molly Keogh, Marshall Kupinski, Erin  McHale, Caroline Miller, Laura Moser, Bradley Pfahl,Veronica Robbins, LeeAnne Sherman, Matt Shipsky, Kelsey Twining, Katie Valentine, Tomika VanVleck, Stephanie Virbitsky, Tyler Walsh, Mickey Whitaker, Molly Williams, Kari Zupanovich.

SIXTH GRADE: Tess Berish, Jeff Bishop, Marissa Christina, Katherine Cure, Allison Davis, Tabi Flowers,Maria Garavuso, Michaela Gates, Brian Goble, Dominique Horrocks, Jesse Johnson, Shannon Kavetski, David Kern, Angelica Kester, Jennifer  Kochmer, Megan Kress, Ryan Lahnemann, Stephen Landis, Elizabeth Lockwood, Liam Maloney, Melinda Miller, Casandra Moran, Nathan Moyer, Elissa Muller, Jordan Noldy, Bradley  Owens, Kelly Purdy, Jeff Smalley, Devon Suhadolnik, Alix Taylor, John Valentine, Michael Wakalowski, Matthew Weiler.

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Mt. View High 3rd Period Honor Roll

Grade 7

Gregory Adams, Thor Banks, Barbara Bennett, Alaney Berish, Taylor Brainard, Ashley Conklin, Lindsey Harvey, James Johnson, Katelyn Johnson, Bethany Kavka, Michael Keogh, Samantha Knowlton, Alexandria Lynn, Logan Mack, Andrea Mason, Michael Mikloiche, Brian Miller, Christopher Powers, Michael Purdy, Brittany Resseguie, Mary Skurnowicz, Joseph Valentine, Kenneth VanGorder, Mary Walker, Robert Weiler, Olivia Zick.


Grade 8

Anika Althouse, Stephanie Bianco, Diane Congdon, Miranda Fisher, Sara Garavuso, Cody Horrocks, Luke Jenkins, Sharon Jones, Jacqueline Kochmer, Haley Kwiatkowski, Cory Landes, Jonathan McBride, Kelly Morgan, Brandon Noldy, Robert Novak, Alyssa Regan, Leah Tantanella, Seth Tiffany, Lucas Walker, Katherine Webster, Kelsey Whitaker.

Grade 9

Elaine Arsenault, Darlene Bloxham, Jamie Buzzerd, Michael Conklin, David Corbin, Bryce Edwards, Angela Ferrence, James Gething, Michaelene Gongliewski, Joshua Grace, Nicholas Hancock, Joseph Harvey, Misty Karhnak, Richard Keogh, Michelle Lahnemann, Scott Martens, Macy Matthews, Daisy Matulevich, Brittany McGraw, Chase McLaud, William Merritt, Brandon Miller, Kevyn O'Malley, Michael Oakley, William Owens, Alexander Pashchuk, Stephanie Peterka, Kenneth Robbins, Amanda Schmidt, Jessica Short, Suzanne Skurnowicz, Zakkary Snedeker, Melissa Sohns, Sarah Walker, Colleen Whitaker, Mariah White.

Grade 10

Maura Bocan, Allison Bodt, Amber Brewer, Alisha Burgess, Krystal Chubirka, Kelly Griffin, Kyle Holgate, Joshua Jarnagin, Amy Kern, Amanda Leach, Brian Lockwood, Dustin Mack, Amanda Makosky, Zachary Matulevich, Matthew Morgan, Justin Moser, Andrew Nichols, Wade Nordahl, Justine Pevec, Matthew Powers, Kelly Rafferty, Kendra Rafferty, Kristin Repchick, Nicole Rhodes, Jennifer Roberts, Casey Schweppenheiser, Ashlee Sherman, Megan Shipsky, Marc Taylor, Rachel Vauter, Justina Wadge, Mason Webster, Michelle Wedin, Christina Zick.

Grade 11

Gerald Bennett, Jr., Melinda Chidester, Ashley Compton, Melissa Compton, Wesley Congdon, John Corbin, William Davall, Leslie Estabrook, David Evans, Julio Faramelli, Diipali Figgles, Meghan Gardoski, Derek Gelormini, Steven Gillman, Kenneth Jesse, Robert Johnson, Sarah Knowlton, Adreanna Konsur, Chad Lasher, Valerie Maciuska, Chelsea Marcho, Jaclyn McCawley, Julie Novak, Adam Oakley, Matthew Potter, Steven Resseguie, Joseph Scanlon, Hilary Shinn, Jordan Shugart, Brendan Smith, Lucas Tantanella, Whitney Twining, Alisha Ward, Bethany Zablotsky.

Grade 12

Tegan Aherne, Donald Belcher, Amanda Bennett, Jonathan Bennett, Timothy Bennett, Sierra Buck, Jacquelyn Buzzerd, Robin Cobb, Ashley DelGuercio, Zachary DeNike, Shanna Eshelman, Leon Feduchak, Elizabeth Ficken, Stephanie Fry, Kerri Green, Colleen Griffin, Joseph Johnson, April Kern, Margaret Klees, Joseph Kochmer, Ashley Krizauskas, Autumn Laske, Matthew Latwinski, Shaynna Mack, Amanda Marcy, Jody Molenko, Matthew Panasevich, Luke Parraga, Rebecca Phelps, Beatty Price, Jenna Regan, Jessica Speth, Magdalena Stueken, Jesse Walton, Jessica Wedin, Brittany Wilkins, Whitney Williams.

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FCR Elementary 3rd Period Honor Roll

Following is the Forest City Regional Elementary School Honor Roll for the third marking period of the 2005-06 school year.

GRADE 4: Jenna Baron, Jennifer Baron, Cassandra Bendyk, Nicole Bennett, Jenna Burrell, Alyssa Cicco, Tyler Cicco, Victoria Corey, Brandon Custard, William Davis, Kyle Delamarter, Rachel DeLucy, Megan Demcevski, Carly Erdmann, Christopher Fitzsimmons, Michael Fortuner, Neil Foster, Amber Fotusky, Isaac Garcia, Meagan Gober, Deanna Hazen, Kyle Howey, Will Jonas, MacKenzie Keller, Richard Kline, Michaela Konzman, Nicholas Kovaleski, Gregory Kowalewski, Alexander Kresock, Samantha Kuriger, Mariah Lepre, Raymond Long, Ryan Long, Wayde Loomis, Nicholas Luchonok, Marissa Lynch, Michaela Martines, Logan McHale, Doria Miller, Katherine O’Neill, Charles Olfano, Avery Parente, Courtney Peck, Matthew Petrilak, Frank Piotrowski, Khrystal Potter, Kevin Powell, Sabrina Sacco, Caitlin Schoonmaker, Evan Stone, Kelsey Twilley, Anthony Wilcox.


Distinguished: Kristen Bailey, Kylie Besz, Kylie Borick, Kayla Carper, Tyler Daniels, Vincent DeLucy, Bruce Evans, Miranda Glosenger, Kiana Marcho, Megan Marcinkus, Alyssa Perry, Stephanie Ramos, David Supko, Benjamin Terry.

Honor Roll: Candice Baumher, Samantha Carey, John Cobb, Jason Curley, Joseph Faust, Jacob Fedak, Logan Fenstermacher, Matthew Gerchman, James Knehr, Danielle Liuzzo, Nicole Mattiello, Robyn Lyn Miller, Donald Rousseau, Morgan Saul, Spencer Sauls.


Distinguished: Courtney Andrews, Emily Baileys, Emily Delamarter, Katherine DeMark, Logan Fitzsimmons, Phylicia Galvin, Kelsey Glavich, Elizabeth Heller, Richard Kresock, Kristine Kuriger, Jennifer Natishak, Brian Nebzydoski, Justin Rieman, Taylor-Ray Tammero, Dylan Walsh.

Honor Roll: Chance Burleigh, Kacy Gillette, Sarah Kubus, Jade Kull, Jenna Lucchesi, Jason McGovern, Joseph Munifo, Kathleen Piatkowski, John Ragen, Nicole Reider, Dana Statkun, Seth Thomas, Anthony Vadala, Katie Zefran.

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Local Students Make F & M Dean's List

Lancaster, PA – Two students from Susquehanna County received academic honors for the fall, 2005 semester at Franklin & Marshall College.

A student earns Dean's List recognition for achieving a 3.25 or better grade point average on a 4.0 scale.

Named to the Dean’s List from our area were Robert Tomazic, Forest City and Justin Herbert, New Milford.

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Conservation District Announces Scholarship

The Susquehanna County Conservation District is pleased to announce a $500.00 scholarship award to a 2006 Susquehanna County high school graduate. The student must be enrolled as a full-time student in an environmental or agricultural field for the 2006 fall semester. Students who wish to apply may contact their school’s guidance office or the Susquehanna County Conservation District at 278-4600 ext. 285. Proceeds from the Conservation District’s annual seedling sale provide the funding for this award. The Susquehanna County Conservation District believes that there is a tremendous need for environmental and agricultural education for our youth, as more complex problems will face them in their future.

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Blue Ridge Elem. 3rd Period Honor Roll

Following is the Blue Ridge Elementary School Honor Roll for the third marking period of the 2005-06 school year.


Mrs. Buffington: Eric Conroy, Nichole Groover, Will Ralston, Joel Warner.

Mrs. Chamberlain: Sawyer Dearborn, Riley Fekette, Megan Hinkley, Nathaniel Wellman.

Mr. Mazikewich: Edward Gorick, Ashley Klenchik, Melissa Pedro.

Mrs. Wolfe: Melody Carpenter, Taylor Decker, Jacob James.


Mrs. Buffington: Samuel Brush, Tyler Drake, Devin Hawk, Joseph Phillips.

Mrs. Chamberlain: Madison Button, Theodore DeMartino III, Jessica Jhingoor, Sara Schmidt.

Mr. Mazikewich: Brooklyn Brulla, Christopher Carlsen, Adam Ferg-Demopoulos, Tyler Marvin, Ian Robinson.

Mrs. Wolfe: Troy Carey, Mary Casella, Allison Coller, Elizabeth Fink, Michael Gathany II, Shanyn Mattocks.

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Blue Ridge Elementary Citizens Of The Month

Following is a list of Blue Ridge Elementary School Citizens of the Month for April, 2006.


Mrs. Johnson: Briell Susavage

Mrs. Rhone: Darrick Kelly

Mrs. Skal: Bradly Bower

Mrs. Small: Luke Mills

Mrs. Whitehead: Makaylee Jones

1st Grade 

Miss Bowman: James Goff

Mrs. Button: Sierra Watts

Mrs. Farrell: Andreya Darrow

Mrs. Reese: Dane Beers

Mrs. Scott: Brooke Marvin

2nd Grade

Mrs. Berger: Dustin Davis

Ms. Hepler: Ben Kowalewski

Ms. Levine: Tanisha Darrow

Mrs. Theophila: Nicholas Swaha

3rd Grade

Miss Mead: Cassondra Roberts

Miss Pease: Erin Perry

Ms. Pitcher: Douglas Perry

Mrs. Watkins: Erin Hoyt

4th Grade

Miss Daniels: Taylor Chidester

Mr. Goff: Logan Ellis

Mrs. Harter: Lewis Esposito

Mr. Jones: Lyle Lawson

5th Grade

Mrs. Buffington: Dakota Radakovich

Mrs. Chamberlain: Sawyer Dearborn

Mr. Mazikewich: Megan Lee

Mrs. Wolfe: Michelle Moser

6th Grade

Mrs. Bleck: Kristen Kubasti

Mrs. Heal: Zachary Hallisey

Mrs. Hitchcock: Kelly Gordon

Mrs. Suchy: Brett Phillips

Mrs. Klenchik: Gregory Kerner

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Amanda Russell Makes I U Dean’s List

Amanda Russell, Susquehanna, PA was included in the Fall, 2005 Dean’s List at Immaculata University, Immaculata, PA. A student must achieve a grade point average of a 3.7 on a scale of 4.0 to qualify for the honor.

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