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Susky Council Reorganizes
Two GB Twp. Supers Take Seats
Clifford Twp. Keeps Regan In Top Spot

Bend Borough Begins New Year
Courthouse Report

Forest City Council Meeting Night Changed
Harford Organizes
New Milford Twp. Holds Reorganization
Oakland Council Reorganizes

Susky Council Reorganizes

Susquehanna Borough Council met on January 3 for their reorganizational meeting with all members present.

District Justice Peter Janicelli was on hand to swear in Denise Reddon, the boro’s new mayor as well as new council members Margaret Biegert and Tom Kelly, and returning members Bill Kuiper, Shane Lewis and Roy Williams.

District Justice Peter Janicelli (far right) administers the oath of office to (l-r) Margaret Biegert, Denise Reddon, Roy Williams, Tom Kelly, Shane Lewis, Bill Kuiper.

After the swearing in, Mayor Reddon presided over election of president and vice president. Only one nomination was made for president; Tom Kelly was elected unanimously. Roy Williams was the only nomination for vice president, that vote also unanimous.

With Mr. Kelly presiding, the meeting continued. It was agreed to keep the meeting schedule at the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. The meetings on the second Tuesdays will be work sessions, combining committees covering streets, codes, police, finance and Parks and Rec. The meetings on the fourth Tuesdays will be the regular council meetings.

Streets commissioner Steve Glover and secretary/treasurer Ann Stewart were reappointed for the year. Reappointment of Ken Stanford to the board of the Tri Boro Municipal Authority was discussed after a question was raised by an audience member as to whether or not there would be a conflict of interest on Mr. Stanford’s part. A motion carried to approve his reappointment with the stipulation that there is no conflict of interest.

Mrs. Biegert made a motion to reopen the 2006 budget; she stated that there were some items in it that she had a problem with, and would like to see it reopened. The motion was seconded and carried four to three, with Mr. Kuiper, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Matis voting against. Council will meet on January 11 to come up with a new budget, and plans to meet on January 26 to vote on it. It was noted that, during an election year, council does have the option to adopt a new budget, providing it is acted on within ten days of councils’ reorganization.

Mrs. Biegert made a motion to delay purchase of a new police vehicle, until the budget is reopened and council can take a look at how it is to be financed. As the final paperwork has not been signed, the process could be halted until council has a chance to look at it. Mayor Reddon concurred, and noted that she had requested that council not proceed when they did (in December) until she and the new council members could look into it further. The motion carried four to three, with Mr. Kuiper, Mr. Matis and Mr. Lewis voting against.

A motion carried to designate the Susquehanna County Transcript as the boro’s newspaper of record, with Mr. Lewis’ being the lone vote against.

The final topic discussed was the numerous complaints council has received about damage to vehicles in the Family Farm/Dollar General parking lot. Mr. Williams said that he had been in contact with the owner, and had informed him that council was on the verge of closing the parking lot down as there is a public safety issue. Mr. Williams had been promised that the general maintenance office would be sending someone to visit the site within three days, and that repairs would be done within seven days. Mr. Williams said that he has requested lists of those who have made complaints, along with the damage incurred to themselves or their vehicles.

In closing, Mr. Kelly thanked those who had voted in the last election. Council would work together to improve the community and make progress, he said.

After the meeting, Mayor Reddon took the opportunity to commend Mayor Hurley and former members of council for their efforts. She said that she, “is looking forward to a positive experience working with council, residents and volunteer organizations, who all share a common goal of revitalization, expanded recreation, historical preservation, as well as safety and municipal efficiency, which will provide us all with a better quality of life.” As mayor, she plans to make ridding the community of the drug problem that plagues every community a priority. “Our police force will serve and protect the residents of Susquehanna in a visible, helpful, and respectful manner that will insure the health and safety of our community,” she said.

The next regular meeting will be on Tuesday, January 10, 7:00 p.m. in the boro building.

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Two GB Twp. Supers Take Seats

Two new supervisors – Sheila Guinan and David Sienko – joined chair Bob Squier behind the table at Great Bend Township’s reorganization meeting on the evening of January 3. Two former supervisors (as of last December 31) – George Haskins and Walt Galloway – joined eight other people in the audience in front of the table, lending their experience and input to the proceedings.

Supervisor and township secretary-treasurer Guinan meticulously led the board through the items on the reorganization agenda, and the action taken on them is as follows:

Squier was voted board chair; Sienko, vice chair; and Guinan secretary-treasurer.

No action on appointment of an auditor; Guinan reported that the township does not have to appoint one, and does have a CPA to review its books. In fact, they would be doing the township’s annual audit the following evening. The CPA, Joseph Collura, was reappointed to do the 2005 audit at a fee of $825.

Terry Mroz was appointed roadmaster.

Reappointed were Michael Giangrieco was legal counsel, Squier as chief administrative officer of the pension plan, COG as Sewage Enforcement Officer, all 2005 banks (Peoples National Bank, Pennstar, PLGIT and M&T Bank) as depositories for the same funds as 2005.

Guinan was appointed COG representative, with Sienko as alternate representative.

Approved were Treasurer’s bond of $400,000 and reimbursement of mileage at $.445 per mile.

George Haskins was suggested as chair of the vacancy board, and he accepted it, succeeding Sienko.

Because supervisor Guinan is also secretary-treasurer and, as such, cannot sign checks for the township, the signature-card requirement was changed from three signatures to two signatures.

For some items, no action was recommended – pending, explained Guinan, completion of the township audit, scheduled for the following evening – and none was taken on setting the pay scale for supervisors employed for road work at $9 an hour, and for a supervisor employed as secretary-treasurer at $200 a week plus $12.50 for any hour worked over 16 hours a week.

No action was also taken on appointment of an engineer (none is required), and on appointing an assessor.

The reorganization agenda completed, the roadmaster’s report was up next, and it’s no surprise that it was heavy on putting down anti-skid, plowing and repairing and maintaining equipment. The township was still awaiting the signed contract from the state (sent to it a month ago, reported Guinan), so the road crew has yet to plow an inch of snow from the Welcome Center’s parking areas.

Squier reported on a recent meeting he attended in Tunkhannock on road bonding, and noted that the gist of it was, unless a township has very, very grave circumstances, it doesn’t pay to go through the rigmarole of bonding a road. Rather, sitting down and negotiating damages to a road with the owner of any equipment that caused the damage is a better way to go. Squier noted that he had done this in the past on behalf of the township, and it has worked.

This knowledge was particularly useful, as the township had been in negotiations with the owner of a new quarry on Graham Hollow Road – a road on which significant funds have been expended after fixing severe slides. Squier was asked if, going forward, the township could routinely require a bond for new, start-up quarries, and he replied that it could not. Thus, the Graham Hill Road quarry will come off the agenda, until such time that a road problem arises because of it and talks for damage recovery will begin.

Squier reported that the second half of the Tunkhannock meeting was dedicated to road signs, and he learned that it is in the township’s best interests to install good, reflective signs when it has occasion to replace any of the current signs.

In permitting, an assessment permit was issued to Jessica Bajkowski and construction permits to Jason Sternik and Jessica Bajkowski.

Guinan reported that she received a call from the property owner to whom a “clean up or else we’ll take action” letter was sent; the owner called to say she never picked up the letter, which was returned to the township. The board then made a motion to turn over its original letter and other correspondence about the property to its COG codes enforcement officer for COG follow-up.

Before closing, both Galloway and Haskins welcomed the new supervisors who were sitting in their old seats, wished them good luck, and said they were if needed.

One more thing: the reorganization included establishing the board’s regular monthly meeting date and time. It remains 7 p.m. on the first and second Monday of every month, except for legal holidays. In that case, it meets on the following Tuesday. So, because the third Monday of January is Martin Luther King Day, the next meting of the Great Bend Township board of supervisors is scheduled for Tuesday, January 17 at 7 p.m. in the township building.

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Clifford Twp. Keeps Regan In Top Spot

John Regan remains chair of the Clifford Township Board of Supervisors and freshman supervisor Dennis Knowlton is the new vice chairman replacing Randy LaCroix who voluntarily gave up the position.

Mr. Regan, who is the lone Democrat on the board, has been chairman since his first year as a supervisor four years ago.

Other appointments approved by the board include: Paul Peterson, solicitor; Randy LaCroix, police commissioner; John Regan, roadmaster; Rene Reynolds, secretary-treasurer; Don Carroll, police officer; Tom Andzulis, sewer enforcement officer; Michael Dec, vacancy board chairman; Jay Lynch and Phillip Price, emergency management coordinators; and, Dennis Knowlton, voting delegate to the state convention.

The supervisors agreed to continue the street department employees at $10.50 an hour. They increased Officer Carroll’s part-time hourly rate from $10 to $11.

The Community Bank & Trust was named the official depository and The Susquehanna County Transcript was one of three newspapers that will be used for legal advertising.

In another matter, the supervisors received a letter of concern from Jerry McCawley complaining about delays in obtaining permits from Tom Andzulis, sewer enforcement officer (SEO). Mr. McCawley said the long delays occurred at a bad time for interest rates and that he lost nearly $90,000 due to the “inept performance of the SEO.”

“Unless the SEO is immediately and permanently replaced,” Mr. McCawley concluded, “I will be forced to take legal action against the SEO and, unfortunately, Clifford Township.”

edical care and one required admission to a critical care unit.

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Bend Borough Begins New Year

The Great Bend Borough Council welcomed a new member this week. Ron Cranage took his place at the table following the resignation of Ray Holtzman (and a brief subsequent appearance by Patricia Thatcher). Council held an 18-minute (re)organization meeting on January 3 as prescribed by law, and the only change was the seating of Mr. Cranage. Bea Alesky remains in the chair, with Rick Franks holding down the vice-chair. The meeting was so short probably because borough Secretary Sheila Guinan was scheduled to take her own seat as a newly-elected Supervisor at a Great Bend Township meeting the same evening (where she is also secretary).

Council met again on Thursday, January 5, for their regular business meeting. A number of minor ongoing issues were discussed, including extra water in various places. Secretary Guinan will try to get the water company to look into this. The water company has also recommended installing a smaller water meter at Greenwood park, so they will be asked to do that when the water is turned on again come Spring.

Three properties in the borough came in for some criticism for trash, abandoned vehicles, and vehicles parked on sidewalks or too close to corners. The borough's solicitor, Frank O'Connor was asked to send letters urging owners and residents to clean up their yards and be more considerate of others.

Mr. O'Connor himself received commendation from Mayor Jim Riecke for 28 years of service to the borough. He has lived and worked in the borough for 31 years altogether.

A complaint from a resident about dogs that were left outside in cold weather was read and discussed. It was decided that such questions are in the domain of the county humane society.

Large bills for propane to heat the borough building and the garage provoked the most discussion. The borough may ask Barnes-Kasson Hospital, operator of the Blue Ridge Senior Center in the borough building to contribute additional funds as long as prices are so high. Ms. Guinan will also investigate a programmable thermostat that might be installed to manage the temperature in the building based on time of day. The current fixed setting of 72 degrees will be lowered to 70 degrees.

Toward the end of the meeting, Mr. O'Connor asked Council to consider a fund and perhaps a committee to help preserve the history of the borough. He said that many senior citizens in the town have items and memories that should not be lost. Since Mr. O'Connor is also a scout leader, it was suggested that the scouts might like to take on the project.

The Great Bend Borough Council meets in public session on the first Thursday of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m., in the borough building on Elizabeth Street.

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Courthouse Report


Robert M. Squier, Mary Jane Squire to Welcome Murray, Michele Murray, Mainsburg, in Hallstead Borough for $83,000.

Aurora Loan Services Inc. to Lee H. Knapp, Danbury CT, in Franklin Twp. for $103,000.

Paul Griffing (aka) Paul W. Griffing to Glenn I. Gregory III and Laurie L. Gregory, Montrose, in Montrose for $75,000.

Andrew Nick (by sheriff) (aka) Andrew Nick III, Theresa A. Pauswinski to Wachovia Bank, Jacksonville, FL, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, in Forest City for $1,312.

Josephine Bogusinski (by attorney), Joseph Bogusinski (estate) to Michael L. Warner, Bernadette Warner, Hop Bottom, in Hop Bottom Borough for $70,000.

Stewart Bialer, Susan Bialer (aka) Susan Begasse to Brian J. and Bridget L. Kelly, RR4, Montrose, in Rush Twp. for $98,900.

Jacob K. and Shirley E. Seeley to Melonie K. Fotusky, Whitney, in Middletown Township for one dollar.

Curtis L. Eshbaugh, Pamela M. Eshbaugh, John P. Mocniak, Lori L. Mocniak to Currtis L. Eshbaugh, RR1, Little Meadows, Pamela M. Eshbaugh, John P. Mocniak, Lori L. Mocniak, in Apolacon Twp. for one dollar.

James L. Eldred, Donalisle V. Eldred to Stephen Peet (special needs trust fund) RR3, Montrose, in Silver Lake Township for $30,000.

Brett T. Mcewen to William Mcewen, Lawton, in Jackson Township for one dollar.

Robert A. Cella, Joan Cella, George Pav to David and Lynn Jenkins, RR3, Susquehanna, in Harmony Township for $542,000.

Danny E. and Jennifer E. Very to Danny E. Very, RR3, Nicholson, Jennifer E. Very, Richard H. Holton, in Lathrop Township for one dollar.

Ordie E. Price, Aline J. Price to Ordie E. Price and Aline J Price, RR1, South Gibson, for one dollar.

Chester E. Kilmer to Glen J. Whitney, Christina M. Whitney, New Milford, in New Milford Township for $6,000.

Final Phase LLC to Thomas Joseph Conboy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, in Middletown Township for $55,000.

Earle A. Wootton, June J. Wootton to Wootton Foundation, Montrose, in Montrose for one dollar.

Edward Giblin, Frank John Giblin, Mary Giblin Terrell, Mary Smith Giblin, Ellen Giblin Kenner, Kathleen Higgins Giblin, William James Giblin II, Kathleen Marie Giblin, Patrick Daniel Giblin, Maura Giblin Smith, Matthew Frank Giblin, Daniel Jerome Giblin to Edward Giblin, RR1, Brackney, Frank John Giblin, Mary Giblin Terrell, Mary Smith Giblin, Ellen Giblin Kenner, Kathleen Higgins Giblin, William James Giblin II, Kathleen Marie Giblin, Patrick Daniel Giblin, Maura Giblin Smith, Matthew Frank Giblin, Daniel Jerome Giblin, in Silver Lake Twp. for one dollar.

Michael W. Yoder, Glenda Ann Yoder to Karen Vanetten, RR4, Montrose, in Auburn Twp. for $218,000.

Ronald J. White Jr. to Peter Renz, Eileen Renz, Mt. Sinai, NY, in Clifford Township for $153,500.

James B. Meandro, Pamela S. Meandro to Michael Massaro, Sharon Massaro, Medford, NJ, in Herrick Township for $40,000.

Encarnacion Grosky to Mark Antinnes and Michelle Antinnes dba Antinees Landmark Properties in Tunkhannock for $90,000.

Delwyn Speth, Shirley Myere-Speth to Matthew J. Matti, Harford, in Harford Township for $93,000.

Donald J. Tiffany, Joyce E. Tiffany, Donald Scott Tiffany, Janette Tiffany, Tracy Jane Atkinson, Jay Atkinson, Amy Emily Tiffany to Donald Scott Tiffany, Janette Tiffany, RR1, Springville, in Springville Twp. for one dollar.

Marjorie J. Murphy to Michael F. Murphy, RR1, Montrose, Brian C. Murphy, in Middletown Township for one dollar.

William Paulin, Mary Paulin to Travis O’Brien, Forest City, in Forest City for $94,737.


Wayne Gary Martin and Christine Ann Fancher, both of Susquehanna.

Robert John Kazinski and Karyn Florence Wiseman, both of Binghamton, NY.

Brian Lee Keller, Hop Bottom and Linda Carpenter, Nicholson.

Stephen Edward Shafer III and Billie J. Snell, both of Meshoppen

Harvey Zelkowitz and Marleny Sepulveda Gonzales, both of Hallstead.

Richard W. Kravetskly and Chia Chuan Wei, both of Campbell, NY.

Joshua Ray Carley, Friendsville and Ashley Lynn Clark, both of Hallstead.

Ryan L. Nicholson, Laurel, DE and Angela Faith Campbell, Browndale.

Patrick Ryan Totaro, Bedford Hills, NY and Frederika Edington-Giordano, Montrose.


Jennifer L. Baldwin, Windsor, NY vs. Shane P. Nicholson Jr., New Milford.

Cynthia M. Clark, Dimock vs. Daniel T. Clark, Dimock.

Jennifer R. Hawm, Forest City vs. Kevin H. Hawm, Union Dale.

Pamela K. Caterson, Montrose vs. Blair K. Caterson, RR2, Montrose.


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Forest City Council Meeting Night Changed

The Forest City Borough Council made one significant change at its reorganization meeting last Tuesday.

After meeting on the first Monday of the month for more than 30 years, council voted unanimously in support of a motion to meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the nutrition center on the first floor of the borough building.

The motion was made by Paul Amadio who said the Monday night meetings conflict with public work sessions of the Forest City Regional Board of Education. Councilwoman Mary Twilley also said she would like to attend the Board of Education meetings.

The borough has a new mayor. Nick Cost, who served two years on the borough council, opted to run for mayor instead of another term on council and defeated Mayor Frank Brager in the Democrat and Republican primary elections last May.

Mayor Cost thanked the council and the public for the support he received during his tenure as chairman of the all-important public works department. He said he plans to work closely with the council on matters affecting the borough and its taxpayers.

Council agreed to provide office space for Mayor Cost in the municipal building and to allow him to have a telephone for voice messages.

Council also welcomed two new members, Robert Trusky and Patrick Coles, both of whom were elected without opposition last November.

In other business, Jim Lowry was reelected council president after an attempt to replace him with Paul Amadio failed.

Mrs. Twilley nominated Mr. Amadio and Councilman Bernard Scalzo nominated Mr. Lowry. On the roll call vote, Mr. Amadio lost by a 4-3 vote. The roll call for Mr. Lowry returned him to the presidency by a 5-2 margin.

Council reappointments were as follows: Susan Coleman, secretary-treasurer; Paul Peterson, solicitor; John Kameen, vacancy board; KBA Engineering, borough engineer; Community Bank and Trust, depositories for the borough’s general fund and liquid fuels accounts; Honesdale National Bank, depository for the capital reserve fund; The Forest City News, legal advertising; Rainey and Rainey, auditors; and Michael Fortuner, sewage enforcement officer.

Other reappointments included: Zoning Board, William Orasin and Mary Cicco (alternate); Planning Commission, Paul Dovin, Peggy Brager, Andrew Junior, Patrick Coles; and, Appeals Board, Joseph Franceski, Robert Fitzsimmons and Richard Kulasinsky. Allan Gordon, who decided not to seek reelection to the Borough Council, accepted an appointment on the Planning Commission.

At the regular meeting that followed the reorganization, council agreed with a recommendation from Mayor Cost and authorized the purchase of a used truck from the Susquehanna County Housing and Redevelopment Authority at a cost of $8,900.

Council also agreed to enforce a borough ordinance that requires sidewalks on Main Street to be cleaned within 48 hours of a snowfall. The move came on the heels of reports that some Main Street businesses are not removing the snow and others are ignoring small snowfalls that subsequently freeze and cause slippery conditions for pedestrians.

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Harford Organizes

The Harford Township Supervisors (re)organized themselves on January 3 before launching into another brief business meeting. There were no noticeable changes in the lineup: Rick Pisasik retains the chair; Terry VanGorden, recently re-elected, is vice-chair; and Sue Furney will be the township secretary/treasurer, which she is in fact. The supervisors did not set employee wages for the year. Ms. Furney's wages are set by the township's auditors (on the recommendation of the supervisors, of which she is one); the board held an executive session on wage issues following the business meeting, and wages for the other employees will be set at a later time. All employees were re-appointed, including George Sansky as Roadmaster.

The organizational meeting followed a prepared agenda, tick, tick, tick, and in 13 minutes was adjourned and the business meeting ensued.

The Odd Fellows Hall is a permanent fixture on the Harford agenda, but right now the supervisors are biding their time awaiting final court action to declare the deed for the property free of encumbrances that have restricted the supervisors' discretion. That should take place on or after January 15. When asked if the supervisors had any thoughts about the future of the building, Mr. Pisasik said only, "We'll begin addressing it immediately," after final court disposition.

The supervisors agreed to renew Harford Township's participation in the PENNDOT "Agility" program, under which local municipalities and PENNDOT exchange services without exchanging money.

And the township, like many municipalities in the area, is without a tax assessor. A township tax assessor looks out for new residents, tries to determine their occupational status and category, and reports the information to the county. Tax assessors are modestly paid (when paid at all) and receive no reimbursement for telephone calls or mileage. Not surprisingly, few people eagerly seek the positions. Ms. Furney said that she had done some assessment work last year for which she has not yet been paid; she is not willing to continue under those circumstances. The supervisors consider that the assessor position is of more interest to the county than the township, and, since there is no obvious penalty for doing without an assessor, they can and do simply ignore the issue.

The supervisors also established mileage reimbursement for employees at the current rate published by the Internal Revenue Service: 44.5 cents per mile.

The meeting schedule for 2006 remains as it has been for some months. The supervisors meet in public session on the second Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 a.m.; and on the fourth Tuesday of each month beginning at 7:30 p.m.. All meetings are held in the township building on Route 547, one- half mile west of Interstate 81. There will be no Saturday meeting this month. The next meeting will be on the evening of January 24.

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New Milford Twp. Holds Reorganization

The New Milford Township supervisors met Tuesday, January 3 for a reorganizational meeting followed by the regular business meeting. Positions were voted upon and filled as follows: Chair Supervisor Jim Hunter; Vice Chair Don Shibley; Roadmaster Jack Conroy; Chair of Vacancy Committee former Chair and Supervisor Buzz Gulick; Solicitor Michael Giangrieco law firm with the attorney Michael Briechle representing the township; Secretary/Treasurer Carol Smith; Sewage Enforcement Officer Michael Fortuner; Alternate SEO Tom Button; Engineer Todd Schmidt; Administrator of Pension Jack Conroy and Bank of Deposit remains as Pennstar.

Meetings have remained scheduled for the second Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. Jack Conroy was approved as a delegate to represent the township at a convention in Hershey, PA.

Pay was raised by $1.00/hour for “the men.” Supervisors made a comment that factory workers get $16.00/hour. Hunter admitted that he “doesn’t really know” what they currently receive. Nonetheless, the pay is going up from $13.00 and $13.50 per hour.

A fifteen minute executive session was held to discuss the pay of Carol Smith, Secretary/Treasurer. Smith entered the meeting along with the supervisors to discuss her pay. Smith’s pay was approved for $250.00 per week.

Roll call was taken for the regular meeting with minutes being read.

Smith read that the millage rate was approved at 1/4 but Hunter corrected it to be ½ . Then Smith said she has the millage at ½.  Previously however, in the December meeting the supervisors agreed that an increase would have to be advertised.

The general account balance is $52,838.05.

A Mr. Bishop was waived a requirement to obtain a permit for mining which approved by DEP for 250 tons out of a quarter acre.

A sub division was approved for Cindy and Jeff Hogan. A sewage permit was still an issue.

Damascus Quarry Stone Products was notifying the township that the change in driveway permit was granted.

Mr. Kilmer was seeking approval for a subdivision and received that.

Retirement fund was “jumped to the next level” and voted approved. The first meeting of the new board was adjourned at eight that evening.

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Oakland Council Reorganizes

The reorganizational meeting of the Oakland Borough Council was held on January 3 with Mayor Wendy presiding.

According to Secretary/Treasurer, Ms. Dudley was sworn in as Mayor by Mrs. Brush. Subsequently, Mayor Dudley proceeded with the swearing in of new councilmen Gary Boughton and Brian Rhone and returning member Ron Beavan.

Nominated for president, Mr. Beavan was elected on a unanimous vote. Jack Agler, Doug Arthur, Gary Boughton, Randy Glover, and Brian Rhone all declined the nomination for vice president. Consequently, David Dibble, who was absent from the meeting, was elected by unanimous vote. Doug Arthur was elected as Chairman ProTem, also with a unanimous vote.

Treasurer's report was accepted. It was noted that the report shows a gift certificate for Officer Phil MacDonald, who was inadvertently omitted from last month's listing of employees.

Mrs. Brush received council’s approval for "on-line" banking, after checking with PSAB regarding security concerns; payments of approved bills and transfer of monies can be made on-line. Checks will still require two signatures.

A balance of $352.44 for the truck loan was approved for payment.

Approval was given for the secretary to attend a training course in QuickBooks Payroll at a cost of $75.

A motion carried to appoint Jeff Wayman as Streets Commissioner. It was noted that he is responsible for much of the decision-making as part of his work duties already. He would be required to attend the regular council meeting to present a report on activities. He would be able to make decisions on costs up to a pre-set dollar amount, make determinations regarding street repair and resurface, procure costs and/or bids for presentation to council. He is in fact already doing this work, and this action basically conferred the title.

A suggestion that Mr. Wayman be required to contribute a portion of the cost of his health insurance was denied.

Mayor Dudley reported that Officer DeMuro will be certified and should be available to the boro by the end of January, and Officer Brush was on duty on New Year’s Eve. Mayor Dudley also will inform council of revisions/updates needed in the Police Policy & Procedures Handbook. All changes will be in keeping with the "Anytown Rules" approved by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

911 requires the Borough to provide representatives and delegates for information exchanges and other business. Mayor Dudley was appointed, with Mr. Boughton as alternate.

Resident's concerns included complaints about the difficulty of payment of water bills; some people work until 5:00 p.m. and the office is not open in the evening. The collector suggested that payments be made by money orders or check, which offer proof of payment for the resident's protection. She also stressed that no cash is kept in the office.

DEP has been involved in the approval of the American Legion’s plans to build a building in the Oakland Township (near the water wells of the Oakland Borough). Sewage installation is a concern, and the property is in the floodplain. DEP planned to meet with Mr. Wayman and Mr. Travis of Tri-Boro Municipal Authority the following Thursday.

Other appointments were made as follows: Tax Collector- Susan Arthur; Tax Assessor - Amanda Hilton; Election Inspector - Caren Henry; Election Judge - Carol Trevarthan; Constable - Phil MacDonald; Solicitor - Myron DeWitt; Auditor - Joe Collura; Vacancy Board - Carol Trevarthan; Codes Official - Shane Lewis; Emergency Management Coordinator - Paul Dudley; Public Works - Jeff Wayman; Waterworks - Jeff Wayman, Roger Holleran; Water Collector - Flo Brush; Secretary/Treasurer - Flo Brush.

Committee positions were approved as follows: Boro Bldg - Doug Arthur, Cynthia Beavan; Garage - Brian Rhone; Park Board - Chad Crawford, Brian Rhone, Jeff Wayman; Codes - Doug Arthur, Randy Glover; Appeals - Doug Arthur, Loren Curtis, Paul Dudley; waterworks Committee - Ron Beavan, Dave Dibble, Randy Glover; River Bounty - Cynthia Beavan, Paul Dudley, Carol Trevarthan; SOLIDA - Cynthia Beavan, Paul Dudley.

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