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Library's Contest Draws Letters
A Time to Share!
TREHAB Honors Program Participants
The Twelve Days Of Christmas
Last-Minute Gifts
4-H News


Library's Contest Draws Letters

Almost three hundred children and adults wrote letters to Governor Rendell for the "I'm Thankful for my Library" letter contest. Copies of the entries are now being judged by State Representatives Tina Pickett and Jim Wansacz, and by State Senator Charles Lemmond. The originals are being assembled into a book for Governor Rendell. One adult and one child winner for each branch will be announced around Christmas time.

"The letters all stress the importance of libraries," Administrator/Librarian Susan Stone, "and we were impressed by their quality! We're especially grateful to the students at Lathrop Street School who wrote so many wonderful letters and were eager to come join us for Hands Around the Green. That event had to be cancelled due to bad weather, but we're looking forward to doing it in the spring!"

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A Time to Share!

United Way of Susquehanna County

This is a very special time of the year and we are all busy with the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season. Shopping for gifts for family and friends, making cookies and assorted food items to please the palate and claiming that all are low calorie. We are generous in our giving, realizing we have much to be thankful for. This is a time to share with others.

Pictured (l-r) are: Ruth Donnelly, Executive Director, United Way of Susquehanna County; Broadline Construction, Inc. President Elmer Taylor; Office Manager Jack Taylor.

Broadline Construction President Elmer Taylor and office manager Jack Taylor have once again stepped up to support the United Way of Susquehanna County with a $1,100.00 contribution . ($600.00 designated for the Capital Campaign which will earn interest and continue to grow and $500.00 which will be distributed to the various programs supported by the United Way of Susquehanna County.) "This is the third year that Broadline Construction's donation was generated through purchases of Fabulous Flo's Funnel Cakes and Justin's Deep Fried Dogs, at the BC Community Wagon," stated Jack Taylor.

This year's UW goal is $200,000 and it's through individuals and companies like Broadline Construction, working together, that make a difference in our community.

No contribution is too small as long as it comes from the heart. For more information on the United Way, call 570-278-3868 or visit their website at Contributions may be mailed to United Way of Susquehanna County, 36 Lake Ave., Montrose, Pa. 18801. (Donations are tax-deductible by law.)

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TREHAB Honors Program Participants

The work of local artists served as an eye-catching backdrop for a special recognition dinner sponsored by TREHAB at the Lizza Studios in Tunkhannock in the early fall. The event was held to honor ten outstanding participants in the agency’s home ownership, micro enterprise and workforce development programs in five counties. Joining the honorees at the dinner were TREHAB staff members, TREHAB board members, county commissioners Janet Lewis (Bradford), Roberta Kelly and Jeffrey Loomis (Susquehanna), Betty Reibson (Sullivan), Judy Mead (Wyoming), and PA Representatives Sandra J. Major and Tina Pickett.

In introductory words to the honorees TREHAB Board President Henry Pease stated that capitalism is a good system, but it can also be “dangerous, risky and challenging.”

“You have choices,” he said,” but often people fail because they don’t know what to do. We’re here to honor you who have succeeded because you’ve done it right.”

Executive Director Dennis Phelps also congratulated the honorees, calling them success stories for TREHAB in fulfilling the agency’s goal of helping individuals towards personal success and community participation.

The directors and program staff, who had selected the honorees, then introduced them and described their successes in the program.

Johnine Barnes, TREHAB case manager, introduced Workforce Development program participants Adam DeLousia and wife Jaszmin, of Hallstead, who are currently successfully employed following employment preparation and training at the TREHAB Learning Center in Great Bend.

In attendance at a recognition dinner to honor successful participants in TREHAB programs (l-r) were: Theresa Hillard, ASSETS graduate; Susquehanna County Commissioner Roberta Kelly; Mary Anne Waddington, ASSETS Program Director; Cindy and Eric Hamby, first time homebuyer participants and ASSETS Program graduates; PA Rep. Sandra Major; and ASSETS Program honoree Don Hillard.

Ms. Barnes described Mr. DeLousia, who works at State Line Quarry in Little Meadows, as a “reliable and dependable, honest and trustworthy” employee. His wife, Jaszmin is currently employed at Price Chopper in Montrose. Mr. Delousia told recognition dinner attendees that “TREHAB really helped us get on the road (to self-sufficiency).”

Eric and Cindy Hamby of Montrose are outstanding participants in two different TREHAB programs, and were honored for both. Housing Development Director Jerry Cronk commended them for their home purchase in Montrose through the Homeownership Program for first-time homebuyers. Mary Ann Waddington, ASSETS Program Director, also noted their participation in her micro enterprise program.

Another ASSETS graduate and honoree at the dinner was Jill Aldrich, proprietor of Pure Pennsylvania, a shop featuring gift items, food, and artwork produced exclusively in Pennsylvania. One of the early graduates of the program, she opened her first shop in Great Bend in Susquehanna County, and has opened a second Pure Pennsylvania shop in Towanda at the Washington Street Station. Ms. Aldrich has also continued on to help other ASSETS participants as a speaker and as a mentor, says Ms. Waddington, noting also that Ms. Aldrich’s two shops provide many local artisans with an outlet for their work.

Ms. Waddington also honored Don Hillard of Susquehanna, a 2004 ASSETS graduate who has since started up DHPressure Washing & Lawn Care, which has grown quickly to include both residential and commercial accounts.

“I can’t tell you how much she (Ms. Waddington) helped. The program turned the corner for me,” said Mr. Hibbard In receiving this honor.

State Representative Tina Pickett, a guest at the dinner and a TREHAB board member, thanked all the honorees for their efforts and for the pleasure of hearing their success stories. In these stories, many had described their initial worries about undertaking their plans and projects. However, noted Rep. Pickett, “a little fear is a good thing – it pushes us forward.”

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The Twelve Days Of Christmas

Most people believe that on the First Day of Christmas the appropriate gift to give is a PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE. Well, the American Red Cross believes in building Disaster Resistant Neighborhoods during the Holiday Season as well as year round.

To help you in purchasing stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts designed to make individuals, families and the homes they live in as safe as possible, the American Red Cross has put together the following recommendations for gifts for the Twelve Days Of Christmas.

On the First Day of Christmas

On the First Day of Christmas the American Red Cross recommends that you purchase a SMOKE ALARM. Smoke Alarms should be installed on every level of a home: outside bedrooms on the ceiling or high on the wall, at the top of open stairways or at the bottom of enclosed stairs and near (but not in) the kitchen. It is important to check your Smoke Alarms every month and replace their batteries when Day Light Savings Time begins in the spring and ends in the fall.

On the Second Day of Christmas

On the Second Day of Christmas the American Red Cross recommends that you purchase a CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM. Carbon Monoxide Alarms should be placed in hallways throughout a home. They should also be placed in recreational vehicles and on boats. 

On the Third Day of Christmas

On the Third Day of Christmas the American Red Cross recommends that you purchase a FIRE EXTINGUISHER. Install A-B-C type Fire Extinguishers in the home and teach all household members how to use them.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas

On the Fourth Day of Christmas the American Red Cross recommends that you purchase a FIRE ESCAPE LADDER. Homes with more than one floor should have at least one Fire Escape Ladder stored on all floors, other than ground level. These ladders should be stored where they are easily accessible.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

On the Fifth Day of Christmas the American Red Cross recommends that you purchase a FAMILY DISASTER SUPPLIES KIT. A family will cope best by preparing for a disaster before it strikes. One way to prepare is by assembling a Family Disaster Supplies Kit. Once disaster hits, you won't have time shop and search for supplies. For a list of supplies you should have visit

On the Sixth Day of Christmas

On the Sixth Day of Christmas the American Red Cross recommends that you assemble a PET DISASTER SUPPLIES KIT. Pets enrich the lives of individuals and families in more ways than you can count. In turn they depend on people for their safety and well-being. Having a Pet Disaster Supplies Kit is one of the best ways to care for pets when disaster strikes.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas

On the Seventh Day of Christmas the American Red Cross recommends that you purchase a WEATHER RADIO. As the voice of the National Weather Service, a Weather Radio provides continuous broadcasts of the latest weather information directly from a National Weather Services Forecast Office. During severe weather routine broadcasting is interrupted and special watch and warning messages are issued.

On the Eighth Day of Christmas

On the Eighth Day of Christmas the American Red Cross recommends that you purchase a FIRST AID KIT. Because the first five minutes of a medical emergency are critical every individual and family should have a First Aid Kit in their home and vehicle and on their boat.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas

On the Ninth Day of Christmas the American Red Cross recommends that you attend FIRST AID AND CPR TRAINING. For more than a century the American Red Cross has been saving lives with Health and Safety Services education programs. A unique idea for a Christmas stocking would be a Gift Certificate for a First Aid and CPR Training course.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas

On the Tenth Day of Christmas the American Red Cross recommends that you purchase HOUSE NUMBERS. Each home should have its number posted clearly on the front door, over the doorway, or elsewhere on the front so emergency responders can easily locate it. Lives and property can be saved simply by adequate house numbers where emergency workers can find them.

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas the American Red Cross recommends that you have extra BLANKETS, SCARVES, HATS, SWEATERS AND SOCKS on hand for home and car. You never know when the power may go out and when it may come back on. Be prepared for cold weather.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas the American Red Cross recommends that you create a EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS list. Each home should have a list of Emergency Phone Numbers posted near the phone or in the front of a phone book.

For more information visit your local American Red Cross office, or call the Susquehanna County Chapter at 278-1427.

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Last-Minute Gifts

Keeping your shopping dollars close to home saves time, gas, and hassle, and also helps support the community! At the Library and Historical Society, you'll find dozens of local-interest items are for sale. Fabric tote bags in four different colors feature the four county libraries, and at only $5, they make great stocking stuffers or special "gift wrap"! The Historical Society's cozy cotton coverlet, with landmarks from around the county, is available again this year. As always, the selection also includes the ever-popular Blueberry Festival T-shirts and sweatshirts; the Historical Society's many publications, including the Blackman and Stocker histories of Susquehanna County and the Beers 1872 atlas, and other interesting items; local cookbooks; prints and cards; and more!

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4-H News

Four Seasons

The Four Seasons 4-H Club met on November 17, at the home of Cassandra Summers. Members discussed having a Community Service during the winter. We will write letters to men and women in the Armed Services for our winter community service.

We will consider having a guest speaker from the Armed Services. Club members will make a banner for the club. Bethene reported that our club displayed 77 out of the 83 projects which we had entered in the fair. That's 93%! All members were reminded to read the Newsline when it comes.

Some suggestions were made to slim down the cost and time required for 4-H activities: 1) Cut back on the number of projects taken; 2) You do not have to serve on a committee; 3) An attempt will be made to combine business meetings with project meetings, community services, and social events.

Bethene and Cassandra handed out certificates and pins from the 2004-2005 4-H year. Bethene mentioned that there are some new projects listed in the Newsline. Cassandra reminded members that they should think ahead about doing demonstrations.

Members held the election of officers for the 2005-2006 year. The following were elected to office: President – Cassandra Summers; Vice President – Felicia Head; Secretary – Julie Delanoy; Treasurer – Jonathan Delanoy; News Reporter – Olivia Mitchell; Game Leader – Isaac Mitchell; Photographer – Levi and Madeline Mitchell.

After the conclusion of the meeting, members enjoyed snacks and beverages.

News reporter: Olivia Mitchell

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