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Please Treat Us As Equals

I work as a Paraeducator (Learning Support Aide) at Montrose High School. There are Paraeducators that receive full benefits and some that do not; even though they have the same job description.

Some are helped with paying for their health insurance. Others are paying the full amount of their health insurance on their own.

I work with a Paraeducator that has had a son and a husband with major illnesses. She had to miss many weeks of work to care for them. She doesn’t receive any personal or sick days, so she didn’t receive any pay for those missed weeks of work. Other Paraeducators in the district do receive sick and personal days.

I work with another Paraeducator whose grandmother recently passed on. She doesn’t receive a bereavement benefit as other Paraeducators in the district do, so she didn’t get paid for the day she went to her funeral.

The Montrose School Board recently had the chance to approve a support staff contract that would equalize the differences which currently exist, but chose not to help them.

Every day we walk by an expensive, new maroon and white building that was constructed quickly this fall to care for the school’s vehicles. Please show as much care for your employees as you do for your vehicles.

Please treat all Paraeducators as equals.


Diane Teter

Montrose, PA

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