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Awards Presented To Montrose Kiwanians
Montrose Kiwanis Installation Held
Kiwanis Governor’s Banner Is Passed
Susky P.O. Makes Stamp Presentation
Dairy Visits WNEP
It's True! It's True!
Nov. Jurors Drawn
Scarecrow Contest Was A Big Hit!
Susky Fire Dept. 150 Club Winners
Susky Fire Dept. EMT's Certified


Awards Presented To Montrose Kiwanians

On Thursday, September 30, the Montrose Area Kiwanis Club was pleased to recognized Dennis Carey and Bruce Legg for their contributions to the club. At the Kiwanis induction meeting held at the Montrose House, Mr. Carey and Mr. Legg were presented with the George F. Hixson Fellowship Award. This is the highest award in Kiwanis a member can receive for the service he has given to the Kiwanis family. One thousand dollars was donated in Mr. Carey’s and Mr. Legg’s name to Kiwanis International Fund which touches over twenty thousand children each year.

Dennis and Bruce are charter members of the Montrose Area Kiwanis, joining thirty years ago. During the presentation, memories from fellow charter members were relayed to the audience. Over the years, both individuals have devoted many hours to Kiwanis work and community projects. They have demonstrated the essence of being a Kiwanian, "Serving the Children of the World." The Montrose Area Kiwanis Club is proud to have Bruce and Dennis as members.

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Montrose Kiwanis Installation Held

On Thursday, September 30, the Montrose Area and Tunkhannock Kiwanis combined for a very enjoyable evening at the Montrose House for the installation of officers for 2004/2005. Tom Kerr, Lieutenant Governor of District 15, installed the new officers. This was Tom Kerr’s last duty as Lieutenant Governor for District 15.

Montrose Area’s past President Sharon Norville expressed her thanks to the club for their support during her term as president. Sharon also expressed special thanks to Will Tripp for assuming the responsibilities as president after she relocated out of the area. She also wished Will Tripp, the 2004/2005 president, a great upcoming year as president. Also inducted were Paul Montalbano, Vice President; Debbie Crisman, Second Vice President; Sue Heed, Secretary; Gary Barnhart, Treasurer; and Bob Brown, Sr., as Sergeant at Arms. New Board Members are Larry Allen, Tom Bush, Josie Coddington, and Irene O’Malley.

Tunkhannock’s past president Ray Mocium gave words of advice to incoming president Alan Wiser. New officers for the Tunkhannock Kiwanis were: President-elect Russ Jackson, Vice President Christine Van Fleet, Secretary Ed Kintner, and Treasurer George Lefchuk.

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Kiwanis Governor’s Banner Is Passed

On Wednesday, September 15, District 15 Kiwanis representatives met at the Castle Inn in Dallas to induct a new Lieutenant Governor for 2004/2005. Representatives of the thirteen Kiwanis Clubs of District 15 were on hand to honor Tom Kerr as he completed his term as 2003/2004 Lieutenant Governor. Ken Leone, former Lieutenant Governor, presented Tom with a plaque for his dedication to Kiwanis. Tom passed the Home of Lieutenant Governor banner to Fr. Neil McLaughlin.

Duties of the Lieutenant Governor include holding training sessions for new officers. Throughout the months of September and October, he will install all new officers in District 15 which includes 13 Kiwanis Clubs. Fr. Neil will also host division council meetings during his term.

Best wishes are extended to Fr. Neil as he takes over the duties of District 15 Lieutenant Governor.

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Susky P.O. Makes Stamp Presentation

On October 13, Susquehanna Postmaster Roger H. Stonier presented to Susquehanna Branch Librarian Amelia Paterno a framed commemorative sheet of Disney stamps. The plaque was presented in appreciation for the commitment and dedication within the community that the library has shown over many years. The plaque will be displayed in the children’s book section; over, quite appropriately, the Disney books. Stop by the library and reacquaint yourself with the joy of reading.

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Dairy Visits WNEP

Hello, it’s the Susquehanna County Dairy Princess once again. Recently I visited Joe Snedeker at the television news station WNEP. My Dairy Ambassador Karin Morey and I promoted the "Day on Dairy Farm" event on the evening news. We presented Joe with a tray of cheese and he showed us around the station.

While we were there President Bush was flying in and most of the news crew was taping him in Wilkes-Barre. Joe is a very funny guy and was very easy to get along with. Joe has asked us to come back sometime in November to do another promotion with him on the 6:00 p.m. news. Thank you, Joe for letting Susquehanna County Dairy Promotion come to the news station to promote the "Day on a Dairy Farm Event."

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It's True! It's True!

Isabel Meyer Is 102

On October 30, 2004 Isabel Meyer, New Milford, PA will be celebrating her 102nd birthday. Those wishing may send birthday cards to: Isabel Meyer, RR 1 Box 157, New Milford, PA 18834.

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Nov. Jurors Drawn

Following is the list of names drawn to serve as Petit and Traverse jurors for November, 2004, to appear in the Court of Common Pleas, Susquehanna County Courthouse, main courtroom, Montrose, PA on the first day of November at 9:00 a.m.

Apolacon Twp.: Milton C. Mock, Sr., Janet E. Osborne.

Ararat Twp.: Joan Kozloski, Eugene Price.

Auburn Twp.: Larry Lyne, Stephen Edward Shafer, Jr., Peter Townsend, Bonnie Vanvolkinburg.

Bridgewater Twp.: John Birchard, Kenneth L. Rauch, Christine Rosecrans, David Skinner, Ronald K. Smith, Steve Warner.

Brooklyn Twp.: Dean Austin, Karen E. Gardoski.

Choconut Twp.: Julie Leach.

Clifford Twp.: Elizabeth Demianovich, Walburga M. Pileggi, Alvin C. Seamans, Jr., Darlene Sweeney.

Dimock Twp.: Shelly J. Fiorentino, Edward D. Miner.

Forest City Boro 1W: Annette A. Lapera, William J. Odell.

Forest Lake Twp.: Barbara E. Holbert, Eric C. Powers, Joshua Welch.

Friendsville Boro: Robert Zeleznik.

Gibson Twp.: Robert M. Jenkins, Jr., Paula J. Manzer, Diane E. Stevens.

Great Bend Boro: Scott L. Glezen, Kathy Stanton.

Great Bend Twp.: David B. Gowe, Elaine M. Lecher, Jason L. Makosky, Jill Mullen, Barbara A. Robinson, William J. Salansky III.

Harford Twp.: Elaine L. Revie, Bruce L. Seamans, Maureen Walsh.

Harmony Twp.: Michael J. Walsh, Austin Wheeler, Augustus J. Williams.

Herrick Twp.: Henry L. Eggelton, Jr.

Jackson Twp.: Shirley L. Clark, Stacy Heeman.

Jessup Twp.: Cathy Nealy.

Lanesboro Boro: Tracy L. Mead, Jr., David L. Sexton.

Lathrop Twp.: James W. Morcom.

Lenox Twp.: Sue Dayton, Sandra L. LaCroix, Courtney S. Maher, Frank Mayorowski, Nicholas Polifko, Bruce Stephens, Julius Stoppock, Robert R. Taylor, Sr.

Liberty Twp.: Glenda J. Cicon, Rose I. English, Judy Lewis, Rev. Lloyd P. Penberthy.

Middletown Twp.: Alfred J. Jones.

Montrose Boro 2W: James Snell.

New Milford Boro: Earl Delancey.

New Milford Twp.: Chad Stone.

Oakland Boro: Tracey M. Dibble, Cecilia M. Wayman.

Oakland Twp.: Mary Ellen Beavan, Steven N. Lawrenson.

Rush Twp.: Ronald A. Brooks, Jennifer Grillo, Vickie L. Larue, Judith Ann Palmatier.

Silver Lake Twp.: Stanley A. Anderson, Jr., Mark Daniel Derwin, Bruce H. Gardner, Gloria J. Henry, Julia Ann Mann, Catherine R. O’Reilly, Douglas Walters, David M. Wilson.

Springville Twp.: Charles Dawes, Daniel C. Hand, Thomas A. Kropa, Linda J. Rose, Daryl R. Traver.

Susquehanna Boro 1W: William Osterhout, Lisa Winfield.

Thompson Boro: Vicki Hines.

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Scarecrow Contest Was A Big Hit!

The Scarecrow Contest, sponsored by the Susquehanna Community Education Association for the Pumpkin Fest, had a great representation, with 11 entries from the elementary school Pre-K through fourth grade. There were three winners.

The following three winners were selected: first place - Mrs. Homer’s fourth grade class with Shopper Liz; second place - Mrs. Burdick’s Class of 2004, Scarecrow with Blackbirds; third place - Mrs. Bucci’s Pre-K1 Class, with Sam The Cowhand and Little Brother Sam.

Other entries were submitted by Mrs. Lubaszewski, Pre-K2 Class; Mrs. Rowe, Grade 1-2; Mrs. Hinkley, Grade 2-2; Ms. Steele, Grade 3-1; Mrs. Stone, Grade 3-2; Mrs. Heath, Grade 3-3; Mrs. Soden, Grade 3-4; and Mrs. Stanley, Grade 4-3.

The scarecrows will remain on the poles until after Halloween. The SCDA would like to thank Mr. Keyes, elementary principal, all the teachers and children who participated and the SCDA for sponsoring the contest.

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Susky Fire Dept. 150 Club Winners

Following are the September 150 Club Winners of the Susquehanna Fire Dept.

Sept. 4: Judy McGuane, Art Haynes, Bill Iveson.

Sept. 11: Lucy Parrillo, Michelle Snyder, Pam Newberry.

Sept. 18: Alec Mazikewich, Joe Schell, Jeff Krall.

Sept. 25: Debbie Frye, John Ball, Bill Wescott.

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Susky Fire Dept. EMT's Certified

Epinephrine Auto Injector

The EMT’s from the Susquehanna Fire Dept. Ambulance recently completed training in the use of the EPI-PEN, an Epinephrine Auto Injector. The EPI-PEN injects Epinephrine into the patient to combat the effects of an allergic reaction to bee stings, bug bites, food, and medicine allegories. A reaction as a result of bites, stings, food and medicine allegories is a true emergency. A person who is allegoric to these stings, bites, foods and medicine can die in a matter of minutes if left untreated. By the use of the EPI-PEN the Fire Dept. EMT’s now have the capability of treating these emergencies under medical command, immediately. This is a true life saving advance in Basic Life Support Ambulance care. The EMT’s had to complete the Dept. of Health training course and had to demonstrate their skills in order to be certified. The Ambulance Service also had to comply with the Dept. of Health regulations for storage and monthly inspection of the Auto Injectors in order to be certified. This is another attempt by the members of the Susquehanna Fire Dept. Ambulance to bring the very best care to the residents and visitors of the area.

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