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They Didn’t March En Masse?

Back in the early 60’s, while working at "NS" Telegraph, which was the local centralized traffic control center on the Erie-Lackawanna Railroad, (we controlled all the switches and signals between "SR" and Gulf Summit and all train movements in between) and which was located in what is now the great dining hall of the Starrucca House, I was introduced to Charles M. Decker, a new employee on the railroad.

It was our job to train Mr. Decker in the operation of the equipment, the railroad "jargon" and normal train movements. In other words, make a railroader out of him. Let me tell you, Charlie took to it like a duck to water! He thrived on the job and not too long after was promoted to Train Dispatcher in Hornell where he was one of the best! With Charlie on the job, the crews knew that they were in good hands. Later, Charlie went back to work at "BD" Tower in Great Bend, I think mainly to be close to his large family. Many a time Charlie (his nickname was "The Woodchuck") would be at my home for dinner of just coffee as quite often we worked the same shift. You could not, ever, meet a nicer man! Which brings me to the point of this letter.

The nursing home patient who open-hand slapped another nursing home patient was not Charlie. This was just the shell of what was once a marvelous human being wasted away by Alzheimer’s Disease! You have caused great sorrow where it was not called for! You have caused the family of Mr. Decker to forever remember him "as being in the Transcript," when the story should have been squashed if only you had used your God given talents, thought about the circumstances, checked out the story and got the facts! I am really surprised that the citizens of Great Bend have not marched to Exchange Street, en masse, and demanded an apology!

And please, don’t hide behind "we take these Police reports, as they are written, blah, blah, blah!" Are you newspapermen or not? Who, what where, when, why! This is your creed... follow it!


Eugene P. Baker

Hornell, NY

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dear Eugene, you must have relocated to another planet, if you really think we are able to research "every" police report in the Transcript. Shame, on you, for committing such a feeble attempt to smear us, while all you accomplish is to smear the ink in your Baker blood. Take the time to add all the State Police reports we run in the Transcript each month, figure how much time it would take our staff to confirm the absolute validity of each and every one, then pop a few Valium and "chill out." We do not doubt, in the slightest that Mr. Decker was a kind and gentle man and have apologized for any inconvenience to his family. Drawing more attention to the regrettable instance seems more idiotic than helpful to me.

I, Too Have A Sick Feeling

This is about cats and kittens that have no place to live in our town (Susquehanna).

Someone had a pet and, for whatever reason let it go.

They’ve not been spayed or neutered, so they have kittens and survive the best they can. They eat out of dumpsters, drink dirty water; you get the picture.

When some caring people try to give them a dry place for the winter, some cruel person or persons tried to destroy the place where they could find some shelter. As a result, one of the kittens froze to death that January night that was 30° to 40° below zero.

I understand the problem this causes business owners, but we need to work together to solve this problem.

Please know the responsibility you have before getting any animal. They look to you, the human for their care, just as our children do.

This was written for a little kitten called Rascal, who just wanted to be loved.


Linda Barnes

Susquehanna, PA

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