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Babies & Books Receives Grant
Grandparent Program Offers Help, Hope
4-H News
SAL Donates To Easter Egg Hunt
It's A Girl!
Local Marine Corps Veterans Honored
It's A Girl!

Babies & Books Receives Grant

Susquehanna County - Katie Randall announced that a grant was given from the Jonathan Randall Memorial Fund to the Susquehanna County Library Association’s "Babies & Books" program. Making grants from the fund ensures the memory of Jonathan Randall lives on our hearts and minds, and it guarantees the good will Jonathan spread during his lifetime continues. Jonathan Randall was a victim of the World Trade Center attacks of September 11.

The Babies & Books program helps children become familiar with the world of books early in life helping to make a lifelong habit of reading. According to Sue Stone from the library, "This program stresses to parents it’s never too early to read to your children." Stone went on to say the program introduces the children to the local library and sets them up with a bag full of free goodies and encourages the parents to get a library card early on. This allows for regular visits to the library, encouraging kids to develop healthy reading habits early on.

Katie Randall, Jonathan’s surviving daughter, has been spearheading the distributions from the fund since its inception. Katie, like her father, cares about community service and Susquehanna County, where Jonathan’s parents, Hedi and Charles Randall reside. The Jonathan Randall Memorial Fund is a component fund of the Community Foundation of Susquehanna County. Tax-deductible donations can be made to the fund by sending checks made payable to: The Jonathan Randall Memorial Fund, 36 Lake Avenue, Montrose, PA 18801. For more information call 278-3800.

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Grandparent Program Offers Help, Hope

The vote is in. It’s unanimous at schools and day care centers throughout Susquehanna County. The vote is a resounding "Yes!" from children, teachers, and principals at these locations. Places like Blue Ridge School, Head Start in New Milford, Susquehanna Community School, Mountain View School. What’s this vote all about? It’s about this question: "What do you have to say about the Foster Grandparent Program?"

Teachers and principals at day care and school sites throughout the county are saying things like "It’s fantastic." "It works well with our program." "It’s absolutely great." "I love your program."

What is the Foster Grandparent Program? More than just a program, it’s a lifeline of help and hope to children with exceptional needs. Foster Grandparents offer these children emotional support and tutoring in core subjects. They serve as caring mentors, offering one-to-one attention.

The Foster Grandparent Program values the experiences, talents, and time of individuals age 60 and older. Foster Grandmas and Grandpas work with the children in a variety of locations – at day care settings, Head Start programs, at school, at home. Some of these children may not have grandparents nearby and they benefit from the emotional support and care of the Foster Grandparents.

Foster Grandmas and Grandpas meet certain income criteria and receive special orientation and training to support them in their work. These special people receive a tax-free stipend for their time, usually 15 or more hours a week. They also receive paid holidays, travel reimbursement, meals, and other benefits.

Who are these Foster Grandparents?

They are your neighbors and friends who have an interest in making a difference in the lives of the children they work with. They are just like "Grandmas and Grandpas" to these children and their classmates as well, because they are always ready to offer a word of support or a helping hand to all the children.

They are people like Erma Travis (pictured) who works with a fifth grade student at the Susquehanna Community School, who says, "This gives me a reason to get up in the morning. If you love children, this is the best thing you can do."

"Grandma helps us," says a kindergartner at the Susquehanna Community School. He’s talking about the caring attention of Foster Grandmother, Juanita Simcox. Teachers at the school say that both Erma and Juanita do a wonderful job with the children.

On any given morning at the Blue Ridge Elementary School, Betty Richardson, of Hallstead can be seen surrounded by kindergartners helping them with their reading. Betty has been working with one little boy who at first showed no interest in learning his letters and numbers. He now is printing his name and counting to 20. Mrs. Rhone, kindergarten teacher, talks about "Grandma" Betty, "She’s doing a great job. All the kids love her...she’s a grandma to all of them. They love to eat with her."

Foster Grandmother, Carol Ainey is enthusiastic about working with the pre-school children in the New Milford Head Start Program and says, "I love being with the kids. Even when I’m home, I’m always thinking about them." Jennie Mitchell, Foster Grandmother also helps with the children at New Milford Head Start. Terry Frailey, Head Start Director says, "I love the Foster Grandparent Program – it’s wonderful. It works well with our program. I always want Foster Grandparents here."

Bonnie Love, teacher at the Early Intervention Program of the Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit in New Milford has nothing but praise for the Foster Grandparent Program. She and Foster Grandmother, Betty Walker have developed a good team-working relationship. Betty gives extra attention to several children who need one on one help. She says that the Foster Grandparent Program gives her a reason to get up in the morning and has changed her life for the better.

Cindy Reynolds, Faculty Coordinator at the Mountain View Elementary School says that she and the other staff at the school are very pleased and grateful to have five Foster Grandparents working with the children at their school and that their services are invaluable.

These Foster Grandparents, Emma Rauschenberger, Margaret Hansen, Gladys Coon, Florence Cottrell, and Dorothy Gates have all made a difference in the lives of these children.

Foster Grandparent, Edith Sherman does a wonderful job at Elk Lake Elementary School, as reported by Tina Kielceski, Volunteer Coordinator at the school. Teachers are saying that major breakthroughs have been accomplished with some of the children Edith has been working with.

Foster Grandmother, Nilva Allen, who works at the Choconut Elementary School says, "This program is just wonderful. I am Grandma to all the staff and the children. They miss me when I am off and give me lots of hugs each day."

The Area Agency On Aging for the Counties of Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna, and Tioga County will honor Foster Grandparents at a special dinner in May, which is Older Americans Month.

Individuals interested in learning more about the Foster Grandparent Program are encouraged to call Bonnie Austin, Foster Grandparent Program Director at 1-800-982-4346.

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4-H News

Paws & Tails

The Paws & Tails 4-H club of Susquehanna County held its meeting on April 21. This meeting focused on the "official" aspects of the club's affairs. We voted on dues (25 cents per member per meeting). We also assigned members to several committees (such as the activities committee, which will organize field trips and fund raisers). The highlight of the meeting was the election of officers.

The officers are as follows: President - Heather Clarke; Vice President - Monica Turner; Secretary - Courtney Griffiths; Treasurer - Jennifer Young; News Reporters - Hilary Clarke and Monica Turner.

The entire club would like to thank Ann Vitale for her exceptional leadership and selfless donation of her time, money, knowledge, and home.

This club could never have approached its current state without her caring mentorship and leadership.

News Reporters: Hilary Clarke and Monica Turner

D.E.S. Dairy

The D.E.S. Dairy Club held their re-organizational meeting on April 11, at the Elk Lake Fire Hall. Nick Pease called the meeting to order. Pledges were led by Jenna Sprout and Amanda Minor. New members were welcomed. Officers were elected as follows: Nick Pease-President, Andy Minor-Vice President, Alyssa Sprout-Secretary, Amanda Minor-Treasurer, Jenna Sprout-News Reporter.

Gavin Chilson, Renee Chilson, and Austin Graham were welcomed. It was decided that Kenny Kiefer, Allison Kiefer, Andy Minor, and Jenna Sprout would do their demonstrations at the next meeting. Discussions about the walk-a-thon, club day camp, 4-H One Day Trip, and County Council were held. Lou Ann Kiefer talked about the Clover buds.

The next meeting will be held on May 10 at the Elk Lake Fire Hall. The Minor family will be providing refreshments.

Jenna Sprout-News Reporter

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SAL Donates To Easter Egg Hunt

The Sons of the American Legion - Squadron 86, Susquehanna, recently presented a $100.00 check to Yearbook staff members at the Susquehanna Community High School for their Community

Children's Easter Egg Hunt. Pictured (l-r) are: Brinton Cresse, Adjutant for Squadron 86 and State SAL Historian; Carrie DeWitt, Erica Briar.

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It's A Girl!

Hannah Alexis Knifer was born in Barnes-Kasson Hospital on March 6, 2003 to Christina Knapp, of Herrick Center and Erik Knifer, of Great Bend. She weighed 7 pounds and was 19 1/4" long.

Maternal grandparents are Ken and Ruthann Knapp, of Herrick Center.

Paternal grandparents are Jean Knifer of Great Bend and the late Richard Knifer.

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Local Marine Corps Veterans Honored

Jackson Postmaster, Diane Stanley, recently honored veterans of the Endless Mts. Det. 880 of the Marine Corps League with a framed Old Glory Prestige Booklet.

The United States Postal Service proudly honors the distinguished role the flag has played in American cultural expression. The 28-page prestige booklet gives a fascinating look at more than 200 years of flag history, along with 20 new commemorative stamps.

Pictured (l-r) are: first row – Angie Kingston, Postmaster Relief; Commandant Frank Kwader; Diane Stanley, Postmaster; back row – John Benson; Park Stanley; Fred Boerner; George Dutcher; Ellis Hobart.

The Marine Corps League provides scholarships for dependent children and grandchildren of Marine Corps veterans. The League provides military service at funerals, participates in civic functions, parades and dedications, including a rifle salute at the Thompson Memorial Day Service.

Any honorably discharged Marine Corps veteran, interested in becoming a member of the League, should contact Commandant Frank Kwader at (570) 278-2030.

The US Postal Service honors all veterans who have served and defended our country and flag.

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It's A Girl!

A daughter, Bristen Lynn Phillips was born to Jamie Oakley and Brien Phillips April 17, 2003 at Mercy Hospital, Scranton.

Bristen weighed eight pounds, five ounces and was twenty inches at birth.

Grandparents are Linda and Jim Oakley, Mildred Cooper, Donna and Ed Corbin, Micheil Phillips.

Great-grandparents are Betty and Bill Phillips, Donna Reese, Jean McMahon.

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