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Lights On, Please

We have another new state law in effect in construction areas. You must have your car lights on while driving through a construction area. Whatever happened to the "state law" that vehicle lights must be on while driving, when it is raining. I have seen a considerable amount of cars, trucks, and other vehicles driving without lights on during the rain and snowy weather. Drivers in vehicles don’t make any attempt to even use their turn signals!

What is so hard about turning lights on and using turn signals? They sure can crank up those radios in the vehicle, loud enough so they would not be able to hear an emergency vehicle if it stood right in front of them.

I walk downtown from my apartment to pay bills, grocery shop, get things at the pharmacy. In the winter time, it is bad because sidewalks are not taken care of. So that only gives the pedestrian one place to walk. I have carried a flashlight with me, when I know that I will be approaching home after it starts to get dark outside. I have had that flashlight on when walking and have had obscenities shouted at me because I shine the flashlight where the vehicle driver can see me, and the light.

When you don’t have any choice but to walk alongside the road, sometimes the drivers will not slow down. They drive as if they are in a hurry to go and make sure that no one takes their parking spot, or to the gas station as if that was the only gas left.

What is going to happen to the person(s) that are walking up and down the roadway with a stroller? Is the driver going to have consideration for them?

We all have to live in this world together, so let’s act like a family. Do we want to see anything happen to our children or neighbors? Let’s take pride in ourselves, and have consideration for the next person.


Alex Welsch

Susquehanna, PA

Consider Yourself Invited

The 150th anniversary of the Borough of Susquehanna Depot will begin with the actual incorporation date of April 19. To mark the occasion, a 10 a.m. program has been scheduled at the new boro building on Erie Blvd. It will include a flag ceremony, an opening prayer and opening remarks. There will be a presentation of a plaque by the Pennsylvania Borough Association, a presentation of a time capsule, a performance by the "Yesterday" barbershop quartet, and recognition of our boro’s eldest citizen. Refreshments to follow.

The celebration will continue July 12 through July 19. The week-long event will kick off with a "Celebrating Susquehanna/Now and Then Ball." Then on Sunday, a "Kids Day" program, a foot-race, and a program by the "Sesquicentennial Chorus." Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be "Merchants Days," to include decorated windows, sales and giveaways. Then on Thursday there will be a "Home Pride" historical decorating contest, a DJ, and a block party. On Friday, a block party, with entertainment by the "Poets" band.

To finish out the week, on Saturday, a block party, (possible) dance recital, craft festival, arts exhibit, barbecue, parade, barbershop quartet "Yesterday," also music by the band "Night Sounds," with a fireworks grand finale! (Although our schedule is in place, there may be a few adjustments in the near future.)

Also, we have put together an informative and fun book to commemorate our 150th anniversary, which will be made available for purchase after the April 19 date.

Participants in this event include many volunteers, merchants and businesses, churches and organizations, not only in but also outside our area. Thank you to all.

Consider yourself invited! Mark your calendar as we look forward to welcoming you to our sesquicentennial celebration. As our motto states, "150 Years We Worked Together... Not Alone!"


Mary Jo Glover


Susquehanna Sesquicentennial Committee

Our Hearts Are Heavy

I was just getting started in my nursing career, when I first met the doctor. I felt somewhat intimidated because he talked loudly, until I found out most of his patients were hard of hearing. After working for him for many years, I so admired him. My respect grew for him, because of the way he cared for his patients. He talked to them slowly and in words they could understand. He listened to them with respect and allowed them to take part in their own care. If he couldn’t find out what was wrong with you, he didn’t hesitate to send you to someone who could. Treating medical conditions was only part of his care. He treated mental, social, socioeconomic, and quality of life issues. There are words that come to mind when I think of the doctor; photographic memory, dedication, and honesty.

Photographic memory and incredible knowledge was evident by his brilliance as a physician and diagnostician. I remember patients he hadn’t seen in months, and without looking at the chart he could remember the medications they were taking, their phone number, and the phone number of their vacation home.

Dedication was what the doctor was all about. I worked different shifts and it never failed, the doctor would show up on all of them. The coffeepot was his lifeline. If his patients needed him, he was there. He was dedicated to seeing that the nurses took good care of his patients, also and if they had, he commended them for it. He would also go to bat and fight for his patients as an advocate against the insurance companies.

Honesty is sometimes very difficult, when you have to tell a family their loved one isn’t going to make it. Although most of the doctor’s patients were elderly, he also saw children. I remember a three-year old boy who came to see the doctor. His mother brought him in, she was five months pregnant and overwhelmingly concerned. After examining the child, and ordering some tests, the results came back and the doctor had to tell the mother the child was terminally ill. The doctor showed great professionalism, courage and compassion. He then made arrangements for transfer, got all of his results, and the family was on their way. Unfortunately, the child died, but the family knew that the doctor had done everything possible for this little boy to have the best chance.

This little boy was my son, and the doctor I have been telling you about is Dr. Saran. Dr. Saran is leaving Susquehanna, and I speak for many of his patients. Our hearts are heavy. Our community has been so blessed to have had Dr. Saran as our physician. He cannot be replaced, and we can only envy how lucky his new patients will be to have him. We will never forget Dr. Saran and we wish him and his wife, Sheila much happiness and health in the future.


Charlotte Stone, RN

Ararat, PA

Legislation Allows It

The answer to one of Mr. Jennings questions which P. Jay Amadio referred to in his column last week is in that same piece of legislation, the "County Pension Plan," Act 96 of 1971. That legislation allows for the county to provide benefits as may be given to other county employees.

I appreciate the opportunity to help answer questions and to work toward informing the public and improving county policies and services.


Cathy Benedict,

Susquehanna County Treasurer

Tax Claim Bureau Director

Have You Created A Better Community?

I, too was at the Susquehanna Boro Council meeting held February 25. My husband and I are fortunate to have a makeshift parking spot on West Main St., but I must admit that I was extremely upset by the manner with which our council abolished parking for our neighborhood. I would like to challenge each of those four members, who so thoughtlessly and quickly voted to ban parking on West Main St., to actually try parking on Second, Third, Fifth or Sixth Avenues and carry perhaps four or five bags of groceries to one of the homes affected by this ordinance. While you are at it, do your walking in the ice and snow. Then, maybe try guiding your great-aunt and uncle or your father-in-law or grandmother down one of these steep streets, or perhaps carry the bags of groceries along with two toddlers. What a ridiculous ban you have imposed on the residents of this part of our community. While I am issuing these challenges, it would be nice if each council member parked their cars at some of the areas they deem "available" for parking and then try backing their cars (safely) up or down the steep embankments, into the street from the parking they want residents to create.

I have lived in this town and on this street for nearly 30 years. Parking and driving here require consideration and following laws, as with anywhere. This town was built on the side of a mountain, nearly 150 years ago when there were no cars to consider. Life has changed and nearly all of us now require more than one vehicle in our lives. Even though our council has stated it is not their responsibility to provide parking, maybe it should be their responsibility not to take it away.

The town is here, people are here and consequently, cars are here. Many of our streets are difficult to maneuver, especially with the weather we have experienced this year. We manage to get where we are going, even though we may sometimes be required to wait a minute for another car to pass so that we can also. One of the alternatives, perhaps is to encourage people not to live here. Great idea, less people, less cars! By George, Susquehanna Boro Council may be onto something!

We consider ourselves fortunate to have had a large family, with many relatives and friends. Over the many years we have enjoyed many wonderful get-togethers. We, as well as our friends and relatives have all gotten older, some becoming handicapped, but we still have been able to enjoy visiting at our homes. Without our ability to park cars close to our homes, that privilege will (now) be ending.

Will the senior citizens who deliver meals to elderly residents, who now have to park several blocks away on steeply inclined side streets, still be able to safely volunteer their services? You have adversely affected anyone who has reason to visit anyone on this street, not to mention anyone who intended to come to my home to pay their property and occupation taxes.

This council seems to have brainwashed itself into imagining that West Main Street is the Vestal Parkway and there was some major problem that needed to be fixed here. It almost sounds like they just wanted to flex authority. Perhaps they needed to spend some time up here, counting the cars backed up by the traffic congestion caused by parked cars. Granted, traffic may have to wait up to ten seconds, possibly up to 30 seconds now and then for another vehicle to pass by. But, ask any resident of our street; we have always welcomed the parked cars. An excellent alternative might be installing speed bumps, because they effectively remind drivers that the speed limit here is only 25 miles per hour to start with. But for most of every day, there just is not any traffic being affected by parked cars.

Now, because of your decision, residents of this neighborhood will be inconvenienced, 24 hours a day. You have created hardships for our residents, definitely changed lifestyles, and surely reduced the property values of homes because no one will be interested in purchasing a home from which you will have no access to your transportation, or be able to have visitors.

And, in the end, have you created a better community by creating a parking ban? I don’t think so.


Linda Schell

Susquehanna, PA

Are They Really That Stupid?

The recent Parking Ban makes it twice, within a matter of months, that the Susquehanna Council ignored the citizens and passed an Ordinance irregardless of what the citizens had to say.

The Susquehanna Council must think they are more important than they really are. Their actions seem to reflect it.

Mr. Francis and Mr. Whitehead (from West Main Street) both made sense; more than I can say for the Susquehanna Council.

Mr. (Todd) Glover states that the Council and Mayor are working with the police in an attempt to get them to do their job and if they don't they will be terminated.

Please, don't make me laugh.

I have heard this for the past five years now and the Mayor still cannot handle the police department.

The Susquehanna Council has shown that they take the path of least resistance. Again, they are thinking only of themselves.

I thought Council’s purpose was to serve the citizens of the borough.

Is there at least one person on the Council, other than John Bronchella, that is capable of listening to reason? It seems as though there isn't.

What is the hurry in passing the Parking Ban?

Council obviously hasn't looked at all of the options.

Any person of limited ability can say no, but a person with the ability to reason will look at all of the possible solutions.

You (council) have made it next to impossible for any of the property owners on West Main Street (from Fourth Ave. to the Borough limit) to live a normal life, to have people conveniently visit them, to have repair technicians come to their house, or eventually sell their house.

But then again, none of you live on West Main Street.

You must be very proud of yourselves!

I shudder at the thought of what the next lame brain decision will be that the Susquehanna Council will vote on.

It really is scary!


Richard A. Fabrizi, Sr.

Susquehanna, PA

Thanks For Your Help

The fifth and sixth grade boys basketball would like to thank everyone for their donations that enabled them to compete in the Endless Mountain Bitty Basketball tournament.

This program is not school funded. The coaches, Mike Beamer and Donnie Haynes, volunteer their time and talent. They work hard to teach these boys the basics of basketball, how to be a team player, and the love of the game.

It's good for our district to have boys entering into high school already having a couple of years experience under their belts. The donations from the community and the coaches are greatly appreciated.


Theresa Felter

Susquehanna, PA

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