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Jenni Marcho Is E C Honor Scholar
Adult Classes At Mountain View
Blue Ridge Elementary 2nd Period Honor Roll
Danielle Chianese Makes C.U. Dean's List
Deanne Sellitto Is State Finalist
Susky Elementary 2nd Period Honor Roll
Joanna Wallace Makes D.C. Dean' List
Kerri Pratt On Academic Team
Laura Pistoia Makes C M Dean's List
Local Students Make M.U. Dean's List
Mt. View Elem. 2nd Period Honor Roll
Pride And Promise At Blue Ridge
Susky Elementary Reading Awards
Local Students Going To National Competition

Jenni Marcho Is E C Honor Scholar

Jenni Marcho, a marketing and science major has achieved Honor Scholar status at Elmira College. Jenni is the daughter of Richard and Donna Marcho of Susquehanna, PA.

Honor Scholars are members of the Class of 2004 or 2005, who after attending Elmira College for at least two terms hold a cumulative grade point average of 3.6.


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Adult Classes At Mountain View

The Mountain View School District will once again be offering adult education programs during the spring of 2003. The classes will be offered on different nights throughout each week, so that more people can participate in the programs.

Tuition will be charged for each class. However, if a resident of the district attends 80% of the classes he or she will have the tuition refunded. The tuition will not be refunded to non-district people who are participating in the program. A resident of the district who attends less than 80% of the classes will not receive a refund.

All expenses for materials in the classes will be borne by the participant. Classes may not be held for fewer than nine participants in each course.

To register for one or more classes call Mrs. Joy Marcy at 434-2180, ext. 413 on any school day, between the hours of 7:45 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Registration must take place before attending any class. Following are the classes offered: Adult Recreation –Volleyball/Badminton; Adult Recreation – Basketball/Volleyball, Watercolor Painting; Introduction to the Personal Computer; Basketry/Chair Caning; Introduction to Cake Decorating.

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Blue Ridge Elementary 2nd Period Honor Roll

Following is the Blue Ridge Elementary School Honor Roll for the second marking period of the 2002-03 school year.


Mrs. Buffington: Samantha Smith, Kasandra Whitney, Megan Winnie.

Mrs. Chamberlain: Kelsie Arthofer, Jon Banko, William Fisher, Caleb Park, Michael Romano.

Mr. Mazikewich: Christopher Brown, Meghan Ragard.

Mrs. Wolfe: Taylor Guinan.

Mrs. Zelkowitz: Debra Barton, Jessica Kovitch, Kenny Seamans.


Mrs. Buffington: Ashley Canfield, Dillon Havner, Shayna Hettinger, Danielle VanGorden, Alexandrea White, Tyler White, Maggie McCarey.

Mrs. Chamberlain: Scott Boman, Katie Brizzolara, Kaitchen Dearborn, Benjamin House, Tony Liddle, Kyle Pedro, Michael Schell, Alexander Stanton, Katie Whitney.

Mr. Mazikewich: Cheyenne Childress, Matt Empett, Danay Holbrook, Brittany Schneider.

Mrs. Wolfe: Carissa Carpenter, Mindy Corbin, Joe Edwards, Shani Fancher, Victoria Hartt, Michael Pipitone, Mark Rowe, Tony Tompkins.

Mrs. Zelkowitz: Andrew Bovenkamp, Alex Burkett, John Colton, Scott Sienko, Arianna Smith, Timothy Sullivan, Daniel Welch.

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Danielle Chianese Makes C. U. Dean’s List

Danielle R. Chianese, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Chianese, RR 2, Susquehanna, a junior Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science major was named to the Dean’s List for the fall 2002 semester at Clarkson University. Dean’s List students must achieve a minimum 3.25 GPA and carry at least 14 credit hours.

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Deanne Sellitto Is State Finalist

Miss Deanne Sellitto, daughter of James and Debra Sellitto, Susquehanna, has been selected as a State Finalist in the Miss Cheerleader of America Selection, to be held February 22 and 23 in Cherry Hill, NJ. Deanne is a senior at Susquehanna Community High School and as a state finalist, will be competing for cash scholarships and awards which she will be able to use at a private or public college, university or trade school of her choice.

The program is offered to female high school cheerleaders, grades nine through twelve. The competition includes short interviews with qualified judges. The competition also includes an elegant pageant-styled evening gown selection, which makes each participant feel like a queen.

The winner will be crowned her state’s Miss Cheerleader of America and receive a beautiful tiara, plaque and official sash at the Selection. Each high school will receive the cheerleader’s name and photo on a plaque for placement in the spots trophy case. Each participant receives a personalized school sash, tiara, certificate, and Miss Cheerleader of America souvenir gifts to treasure for a lifetime. Scholarship money is handed out on a state level; there is no national pageant.

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Susky Elementary 2nd Period Honor Roll

Mr. Robert Keyes, Principal of Susquehanna Community Elementary School, announces the following students who made the Honor or High Honor Roll for the second marking period of the 2002-03 school year.


GRADE 4: Zachary Baker, Sean Leonard, Nicholas Marco, Nicholas Vales, Theresa Whitehead, Shane Wolf.

GRADE 5: Nicholas Felter, T.J. Kelly, Kyla Kemmerer, Shawn Norton, Brandon Stone, Jami Towner, Andrea Walker.

GRADE 6: Christy Glidden, Angela Leonard, Hannah Price, Lacey Sholtiss, Aaron Soden, Bradley Stone, Leann Terpstra.


GRADE 4: Kimberly Aldrich, Kelly Burke, Kevin Cavanaugh, Dylan Dubanowitz, Susan Greene, Sharon James, Alex Price, Bobby Skiba, Sinon Smith, Randy Stone, Kristen Wentzell, Derek Williams, David Winn, Melissa Zawisky.

GRADE 5: Philip Barnes, Maria Elena Canzoneri, Benjamin Case, Kelly Conklin, Garrett Cuevas, Jakilyn DeCicco, Melissa Elliott, Dominic Gerhardt, John Herbert, Maggie Lawrenson, Matthew Leet, Sonal Patel, Christopher Repa, Andrea Sheldon, William Silfies, Ashley Tanzini, Tylor Thomas, Stefan Watson.

GRADE 6: Ashley Aldrich, Stephen Andujar, Dylon Beamer, Christine Biegert, Daniel Boughton, Connor Freitag, Timothy Gall, Diana Greene, Brittany Heller, Jessica Hubal, TyKim Johnson, Lindsay Lawrenson, Justin Lee, Michael Lloyd, Ellen Matis, Carrie Phetmoungkhoune, Cody Scepaniak, Frank Schmidt, Kelly Sheriff, Kierstyn Slocum, Edward Stone, Anthony Wayman, Justin Westbrook, Jeffrey Williams.

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Joanna Wallace Makes D. C. Dean’s List

Joanna H. Wallace, a freshman at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA, has been named to the Dean’s List for the fall 2002 semester. A graduate of Blue Ridge High School, this Dickinson student is the daughter of Gerard Wallace of Pacifica, CA and Lorraine Wallace of New Milford, PA. All students earning a position on the Dean’s List, a recognition of academic excellence, must have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.7 or above on a 4.0 GPA scale for the semester.

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Kerri Pratt On Academic Team

McLean, VA – USA TODAY named 20 students to its fourteenth annual All-USA College Academic Team, honoring them for outstanding intellectual achievement and leadership. The students will receive a $2,500 cash award.

Kerri A. Pratt, Kingsley, PA, a student at Pennsylvania State University was chosen as one of the 20.

The team of 20 was selected by a panel of judges from nearly 500 students nominated by colleges and universities across the United States. Judges considered grades, leadership, activities and, most importantly, how students extend their intellectual talents beyond the classroom.

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Laura Pistoia Makes C M Dean's List

Dallas, PA - Laura Pistoia of Hallstead recently earned Dean's List status from College Misericordia, Dallas, PA, for Fall 2002. According to Dr. Michael McGovern, vice president for Academic Affairs, Dean's List students must attain a grade point average of 3.55 on a 4.0 scale.

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Local Students Make M. U. Dean’s List

Mansfield, PA – A total of 677 Mansfield University undergraduates have been named to the Fall 2002 Dean’s List and President’s List.

To be named to the Dean’s List, a student must be attending the university full-time and earn at least a 3.50. Of the students, 137 were also honored by inclusion on the President’s List. To receive this honor, a student must attain a perfect 4.0 average for the semester.

Following is the list of local students, with an asterisk noting President’s List students.

Elizabeth Bisel*, Dimock; Rebekah Fisk, Susquehanna; Mary Gesford*, Montrose; Bridgett Gleason*, Little Meadows; Amy Proof*, Montrose; Mary Reynolds, Susquehanna; Stacy Rezykowski, Dimock; Misty Sampson, Thompson; Kristina Shelly, Thompson; Katherine Shuren, Montrose; Melissa Sible*, Laceyville; Ashley Tierney, Hallstead; Patricia Tierney, Hallstead; Rebecca Titus-Shaver, Brackney.

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Mt. View Elem. 2nd Period Honor Roll

Following is the Mountain View Elementary School second marking period honor roll for the 2002-03 school year.

GRADE 4: Gregory Adams, Devan Alvord, Andrea Beeman, Barbara Bennett, Alaney Berish, Taylor Brainard, Adam Conklin, Ashley Conklin, Kelly Davidson, Paul Fontana, Lindsey Harvey, Chris Herman, Devin Hollenbeck, Carly Jesse, James Johnson, Megan Karhnak, Bethany Kavka, Michael Keogh, Samantha Knowlton, Jessica Lotterman, Alexandria Lynn, Logan Mack, Andrea Mason, Michael Mikloiche, Anthony Miller, Brian Miller, Christopher Powers, Michael Purdy, Brittany Resseguie, Nathan Robbins, Cheyenne Scheer, Mary Skurnowicz, Joseph Valentine, Kenny VanGorder, Mary Walker, Karsten Wallis, Ryan Walsh, Robert Weiler, Breann Wilkins, Kalena Williams.

GRADE 5: Alena Beeman, Jessica Bodt, Adam Christina, Shawn Colwell, Brian Davis, Kristina Fallon, Ravi Figgles, Duane Galambos, Sara Garavuso, Maggie Gething, David Griffiths, Stephanie Grushinski, Peter Hartman, Cody Horrocks, Codie Jones, Sharon Jones, Jacqueline Kochmer, Cory Landes, Jonathan McBride, Mark Miller, Kelly Morgan, Robert Novak, Jeffrey Salak, Johnny Salinkas, Troy Schmerhorn, Luke Walker, Katherine Webster, Kelsey Whitaker, Sean Whitaker, Kyle Wilkins.

GRADE 6: Michael Aherne, Elaine Arsenault, Shawnna Benedict, Darlene Bloxham, Sarah Bradley, Calla Bufford, Justin Cerra, Michael Conklin, David Corbin, Ethan Demi, Bryce Edwards, Carrie Gardoski, James Gething, Jessie Green, Nicholas Hancock, Tim Harmer, Joey Harvey, Jordan Harvey, Ricky Keogh, Jaimie Kiefer, Briana Kozlowski, David Krizauskas, Michele Lahnemann, Alexandra Laske, Erika Lewis, Macy Matthews, Daisy Matulevich, Brittany McGraw, Chase McLaud, Brandon Miller, Victoria Novajosky, Michael Oakley, Billy Owens, Alex Paschuk, Stephanie Peterka, Felicia Prehn, Craig Randall, Kenneth Robbins, Brian Robinson, Amanda Schmidt, Ashley Shipsky, Suzanne Skurnowicz, Shelbey Twining, Ashly Vieira, Eileen Walker, Sarah Walker, Jacqueline Wayman, Stewart Wenhold, Colleen Whitaker, Mariah White.

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Pride And Promise At Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge School Board in conjunction with the Pennsylvania School Board Association is sponsoring a program known as "Pride and Promise." This program is intended to recognize individuals and groups who have contributed to the betterment of our schools, our students, and/or our community. The school board will accept nominations for this award prior to each business meeting. Nomination forms for the "Pride and Promise" program will be available at all district school buildings, the district office, and the Pratt Memorial and Hallstead Public Libraries. If you know an individual or group who might qualify for this award, please obtain a nomination form and submit it to the Blue Ridge Elementary School, Pride and Promise Program, RR 3 Box 220, New Milford, PA 18834.

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Susky Elementary Reading Awards

The following is a list of the Elementary students who received a Reading Achievement Award for the second marking period of the 2002-03 school year. A student must maintain an A average (93-100) for the entire marking period in order to receive this award.

Mrs. Tingley - 1-1: Kaitlyn Bray, Ricky Brower, Joseph DeLaPlaine, Amber Dubanowitz, Jon Felter, Steven Frye, Nicholas Hall, Alyssa Jacobs, Lauren Marco, Brett Meixner, Katelyn Sherman.

Mrs. Rowe - 1-2: Chelsea Ayres, Jack DeLaPlaine, Mashawna Hargett, Kaelin Payne, Ciera Scepaniak, Brandy Spalik, Ronald Welch, Michael Yi, Mark Zappe.

Mrs. Davis - 1-3: Lindsey Burdick, Chaz Comstock, Rachel Hubal, Kyle MacDonald, Brieanne McCormick, Micaela Rhone, Brandon Soden, Emily Staros, Victoria Trynoski, Anja Whitehead.

Mrs. Fancher - 1-4: Nicholas Acosta, Ashley Miller, Sal Pelicci, Nolan Reddon.

Mrs. Brieden - LS-1: James Ballard, Richard Delaney.

Mrs. Hilling - 2-1: Daniel Cordner, Lindsey Glidden, Amanda Marco, Marah Rhone, Austin Smith, Ashley Sweeney.

Mrs. Chervanka - 2-2: Brett Archambault, Justin Collemacine, Brandon DeRose, Kyleigh Fiske, Caitlynn O'Dell, Patricia Pauswinski, Ryan Swanson, Amberly Warner.

Mrs. Houghton - 2-3: Brianne Bianco, Derek Case, Melissa Kukowski, Andrzej Tomczyk, Casey Williams.

Mrs. Mazikewich - 2-4: Danielle Barnes, Megan Canfield, Britney Glover, Chelsea Matta, Callie Truex.

Mrs. Burdick - LS-2: Douglas Bishop, Jeffrey Conroy, Cody Dibble, Tiffany Ganow, Tyler Reed, Lucas Wentzell.

Mrs. Lubaszewski - 3-1: Brandon Deakin, Brian Yi.

Mrs. Keller - 3-2: Anthony Ballard, Jamie Boerner, Emily Conroy, Jesse Henderson, Vincent Matta, Amanda Tanzini.

Mrs. Heath - 3-3: Austin Cowperthwait, Mary Kemmerer, Alisha Russo.

Mrs. Soden - 3-4: Courtney Arthur, Matthew Hilling, Morgan Ofsharick, Zachary Stanford, Jeffrey Wayman.

Mrs. Rockwell - LS-3: Vincent DeCicco, Brenda Kochmer, Christopher Snyder.

Mrs. Hinkley - 4-1: Alex Price.

Mrs. Fuller - 4-2: Kimberly Aldrich, Nicholas Marco, Sinon Smith, Derek Williams.

Mrs. Stanley - 4-3: Zachary Baker, Kelly Burke, Susan Greene, Sean Leonard, David Winn.

Mrs. Homer - 4-4: Kevin Cavanaugh, Nicholas Vales, Kristen Wentzell, Theresa Whitehead, Shane Wolf.

Mrs. Dubas - LS-4: Gary Hornish.

Mr. Hall - 5-1: Mindy Batson, Kyla Kemmerer.

Mrs. Dooley - 5-2: Maggie Lawrenson, Andrea Sheldon, Joey Silfies.

Mr. Presley - 5-3: Maria Elena Canzoneri, Thomas Kelly, Shawn Norton, Brandon Stone, Andrea Walker.

Mrs. Steele - 5-4: Garrett Cuevas, Nicholas Felter, John Herbert, Jami Towner.

Mr. Rezykowski - 6-1: Timothy Gall, Michael Lloyd, Ellen Matis, Hannah Price, Cody Scepaniak, Leann Terpstra, Jeffrey Williams.

Mr. Escandel - 6-2: Christine Biegert, Connor Freitag, Christy Glidden, Bradley Stone.

Mrs. Stone - 6-3: Chad Ainey, David Jackson, Angela Leonard, Kierstyn Slocum, Aaron Soden, Misha Weldy.

Mrs. Glidden - 6-4: Kayshia Kruger, Lacey Sholtiss.

Mrs. Vauter - LS-6: Kya Wade.

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Local Students Going To National Competition

Patrick Bayer, a home-schooled eighth grade student from Forest Lake will be traveling to Houston Texas in April with his robotics team to compete in the F.I.R.S.T. (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) National Competition at the Reliant Center. Patrick's team is named the Urban Constructors. The team is participating in FIRST Lego League, a national organization to promote science and technology for kids ages 9-14.

The requirements of the competition involve designing, constructing, programming, and operating a robot in a simulated small scale urban environment. The robot must perform a series of tasks such as repairing a bridge, removing toxic waste, activating a windmill, and harvesting and delivering food to a marketplace. A total of nine missions must be accomplished within a two and a half minute time frame. Each mission successfully accomplished gains team points. In addition, the team must conduct research on a major urban problem and propose a solution using robotic technology. The Urban Constructors tackled New York City's solid waste disposal problem. The team developed and delivered a presentation on this topic and answered questions posed by a panel of judges. The team was also required to present and explain the technical and programming features of their robot to another panel of judges.

The Urban Constructors are made up of seven members: Patrick Bayer, Julian Fassett , Gabe Obermayer, Meg Obermayer, Benjamin Pochily, Dana Schnabel and Will Scull. Their coaches, Joe Bayer and Dave Pochily, have provided supervision and guidance throughout the season. The team has met at the Holy Name of Mary Parish Center in Montrose for 4-8 hours a week since September perfecting their robot design and presentation. All their work has paid off. In their first competition in November, in Lansdale, PA, they came in fifth place out of 38 teams in the robot operation category and won an award for teamwork.

They finished sixth at a state competition at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia out of 48 teams including first place in the Research and Presentation category.

In the Massachusetts state competition held at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester MA in December, they came in fifth out of 38 teams for robot performance and won the Director's Award. The Director's Award is the highest award for excellence in robot design and performance, research presentation, and teamwork. Due to winning the Director's Award, they hold the title of the Massachusetts State Champions. As a result of their performance, they have been invited to the nationwide championships in Houston, Texas in April. This is quite an honor and recognition as only 25 out of 2,500 teams in the nation were invited.

In order to make this opportunity to participate in the National Competition a reality, the team members and their families and friends are planning several fund-raisers and are seeking requests for sponsorship. For more information on FIRST or to make a donation you can contact Joe Bayer at 553-2259.

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