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She Does What She Does

I have been reading the Transcript on-line for nearly two years. Thank you for making the Transcript available electronically.

In reading the Transcript lately, it seems there are always stories about the good things happening in town. I couldn’t help but notice the interest many of the townspeople are taking in making Susquehanna a better place to live. I wanted to make sure one of the treasures of the community doesn’t get overlooked at a time when we are recognizing all the good in Susquehanna.

Chris Davis is a person in the community who works tirelessly for the benefit of others. She is always the first to organize an event for those of us who have seen hard times, or been the victim of health or personal problems. Her efforts are too numerous to mention and her commitment to the community is immeasurable.

Chris should be recognized as one of the outstanding citizens of our community. She is a role model for the best a town has to offer. She is never too busy or too tired to take on a project and her projects are always successful. From raising funds for the Christmas decorations to raising funds for individuals who are in desperate need, Chris puts her heart and soul into each and every event.

Chris would never expect any recognition for what she does. In fact, she would probably be a little embarrassed. She does what she does, with honor and integrity and the community should be proud to call her a resident, neighbor and friend.


Kim Spoonhower

Albany, NY

Thank You And Farewell

On behalf of the officers and members of the Susquehanna Fire Department and Ambulance Service I wish to take this opportunity to say thank you to Mrs. Sara C. Iveson and the paramedics of Barnes Kasson Medic 301. For over a decade Mrs. Iveson and the very talented men and women who make up Medic 301 have served the people of the area, day in and day out. The ALS unit, known as Medic 301 responded with the local fire dept. ambulances to every type of emergency call imaginable. The dedication and devotion to duty shown by the paramedics of Medic 301 is unsurpassed. It will be hard to imagine not having those paramedics responding with us. We have created a smooth working emergency heath care delivery system with the fire dept. and Medic 301, one that will be very hard to replace. We know that if there were anyway that Mrs. Iveson could have saved the ALS system at Barnes Kasson Hospital she would have, and Medic 301 would continue into the New Year. It is very unfortunate that the economics of the emergency health care system in this state and country has deteriorated to the point as to cause the loss of such a valuable service. I want to assure our residents that the fire department ambulance will continue to respond to every call possible, to insure the area is covered with ambulance service.

The members of the Susquehanna Fire Department want to say well done, thank you and farewell to Medic 301.


David J. Scales, Sr.

Captain, Susquehanna Fire Dept. Ambulance

Why Can’t We Get It?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Following is a letter, written to Adams Cable TV Service which we were asked to share with our readers:

I received your call regarding the unavailability of Fox News Channel in our area, as I hoped I would.

Why can’t we have it here? We are, in effect, paying for this service, as it gives a much fairer and unbiased perception of what is happening in the country than does CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN.

Having just returned from Florida and having Fox News available there, they certainly have a leg-up on your service. I understand that you provide Fox News to other areas which you service.

Not only do I have this complaint, but we have had several verbal and at least one written complaint(s) at the township meetings. Mr. Tourje does service a portion of our township with his telephone service.

Let’s get with the program. If you can add a golf channel, and a Yankee baseball channel, you can certainly add a credible news channel.


Robert M. Squier

Hallstead, PA

Know We Appreciate You

Seasons Greetings from the Blue Ridge Senior Center, Great Bend.

We want to thank everyone who has helped us in so many different ways this year. Many people provided entertainment for us, or supported us by buying raffle tickets. The local business people that donated food for us are special friends as well.

To our volunteers, please know how much we appreciate all your help!


Blue Ridge Senior Center

Christmas Flags A Hit

The Thompson Borough Mayor would like to thank all of the businesses, who purchased Christmas flags throughout the borough. If anyone else is interested, please contact Mayor Delaney, at 727-2900, by February 15, 2003 to be on the list for next year.


Mayor Delaney

Thompson Borough

Combine The Two

It seems a shame that the two different get togethers planned for this summer, (the high school class reunions, and the Sesquicentennial, are both scheduled for different times during the summer. We (Mary and I) live in Las Vegas and would like to get back home this summer. We are tentatively planning to get there for the Sesquicentennial, since it sounds like a grand time. We would also like to attend the high school class reunion as it will be our 50th year since we graduated from Laurel Hill Academy in 1953. That, if you remember, was the centennial celebration of the town.

We can't get back for both of them and we already have made plans for the beginning of June. If there is any way they could be combined, as suggested by "Izzy" Benson a couple of weeks ago in his letter to the Transcript, it would be great.

I know there are other "out-of-towners" who would also like to attend both events, but distance prevents many people from making a long trip like that twice within about a month. Perhaps the planners of the high school reunions would reconsider and reschedule so that both of the events could occur in July.

We still get the Transcript out here and enjoy reading about the area and its' happenings.


Jim and Mary (Casey) Bradstreet

Las Vegas, NV

Found It In Your Hearts

The NE PA Unit of the Arthritis Foundation has had a very challenging year in 2002. As we wind down our year, we would like to thank the many donors who, while experiencing their own financial shortfalls, still found it in their hearts to support our mission: to improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis.

This year more than ever, the Arthritis Foundation relied on our loyal supporters to help us provide the much-needed services for our community. Once again, the Valley With A Heart didn’t let us, or the people we serve, down.

The latest statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show that one in three individuals have arthritis and that arthritis costs the economy over $82 billion yearly in lost wages and medical expenses. Arthritis has become an epidemic in the United States and certainly a public health problem. The Arthritis Foundation is presently working on a plan to address the burden of arthritis on the economy in the state of Pennsylvania. Information regarding this endeavor will be forthcoming in the near future.

As we look forward to 2003, we at the Arthritis Foundation will strive to bring our community, and those people affected by arthritis, the information, programs and services that they require to live with this debilitating disease. On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff of the NE PA Unit, thank you for allowing us to serve you and your loved ones for the past fifty-three years.


Robert Silvi, Chairperson

An Open Letter To The Citizens Of Lanesboro

You may have already read or heard that the Borough of Lanesboro is attempting to sell Luciana Park by the way of sealed bids. Based on the number of phone calls and questions raised, this letter is written to inform you of the details of the sale of the park and hopefully clarify any questions you have regarding this.

We would like to begin with some history of what led Lanesboro to consider selling the park. A few years ago, Lanesboro received grant money from the State of Pennsylvania and Susquehanna County. This money was used to purchase and begin renovating the old Smith & Cleveland dealership showroom into a community center. When finished, the center will be available to the citizens of Lanesboro for use in holding meetings, gatherings, etc. The council and mayor of Lanesboro felt it appropriate to consider building a small park behind the community center.

Peter and Bea Luciana donated land (in another area), which became Luciana Park to Lanesboro, many years ago. The intent of the donation was to provide a gathering place for the citizens and to provide a spot for tourists visiting the area to relax. It appeared, as the years have gone by, that fewer residents used the park. What is the reason for this? We can’t say for sure, but residents have mentioned location and no activities for children.

The combination of the lack of use, maintenance costs, and liability related issues brought forth an idea. Someone suggested the park be advertised for sale, with the money generated from the sale going to purchase playground equipment and build a small park behind the community center. The idea had its merits, as the "new" park would be closer to the center of town and located adjacent to the community center. This could make the community center more inviting and potentially increase its use.

After discussion (over several meetings), the issue came to a head. A motion was made to advertise for bid the sale of Luciana Park. The motion was made that all money generated by this sale would be used "only" for the purchase of playground equipment to be located behind the community center. Furthermore, the Luciana Park sign would be relocated to the new park as a symbol of the donation Peter and Bea Luciana made years ago. It should also be noted that this potential transaction has a blessing from all of the living relatives of Peter and Bea Luciana. For rail fan enthusiasts, it should be noted that Rails-to-Trails has been informed of the potential sale.

Furthermore, a motion was made and passed that the sale of the property would be eliminated if approximately $10,000.00 can be raised through donations. If not enough money is raised, the donations will be refunded.

Hopefully this clears up any questions you may have. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a council member or attend a council meeting.


The Mayor and Council of Lanesboro

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