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An International Visit

Recently, John Shobat, of New Milford, welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed a visit from international cousins. The house guests were a couple in their forties, from Poland, as well as his sisters Anna Plevinsky, New Milford; Julia Baglino, Hallstead; Pauline Craft, New Milford; and Eleanor LoVuolo, Great Bend. This was no simple task.

The process for this visit began last January. John was required to gather a multitude of personal records, from the Courthouse in Montrose to the Civic Association in Binghamton, NY. After all were notarized, he sent them to the cousins. Then they made a five-hour trip to present all the paperwork to the counsel in Warsaw, Poland, who makes the final decision, only to be rejected two different times. On the third occasion, they were accepted. (Some people never get this privilege.)

Residents of Poland cannot simply purchase a ticket to go anywhere outside their country, without a formal invitation from their final destination, which entails the procedure that John had to go through.

When they arrived, it was test time – to converse fluently. What was once considered the primary language spoken in our home had become dormant for the past 35 or 40 years, since our parents passed on, but all went well!

Living in this area has become common to us. But these people fell in love with the landscape, namely the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, as well as John’s neatly manicured property.

They live in the same small village where our mother lived as a young girls, in the southeast corner of Poland, 60 miles from the Russian border.

I must agree, a good part of Poland is monotonously level, but the visit from our cousins was not!


Eleanor LoVuolo

Great Bend, PA

Surgeons Stop Operating

Many surgeons have stopped operating in Scranton because there is no subspecialty back up. This means there are no other surgeons to call if there is an emergency, like a stroke or heart attack while a patient is on the table.

What are our Legislators doing about this? What will we do if our Emergency Rooms close because of lack of doctors? Are their heads in the sand?

Marion Dabulas

Susquehanna, PA

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